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We love spirituality, fantasy, and science fiction. We are all about what is great about these three wonderful avenues that are available to human thought and endeavour. We welcome you and greet you from the heart. Have a wonderful time.

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We are working on releasing a series of Sakthi Olhi in English e-books, all across the world, via e-platforms.

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Since today's world is filled with rules and regulations regarding every little thing, e-commerce activities can be no different. In an effort to make it easy for everyone, Angel Grove Studio is listing all its e-commerce and customer related policies on this page, in a very simple way that everyone can read and understand. Ultimately, every establishment operates on the goodwill and respect of the people. So, let's keep it clean and play nice.

Angel Grove Studio is referred to by the acronym AGS. In these policy statements and in any content on this website, AGS refers to Angel Grove Studio only and not any other establishment or company. Angel Grove Studio (https://angelgrovestudio.biz) is registered under the Indian Shops and Establishments Act.

Privacy Policy

1. We do not collect any information about you, our customer, when you purchase a product from our store. This includes e-mails, addresses, and other information.

2. We use Google Analytics on our website. So, whatever Google collects via the browser, when you visit our website, is visible to us, such as your country, web browser, operating system, IP address, etc. We can only examine this data for better marketing and product development, nothing else. So, no worries there.

3. If you subscribe to our newsletter, or allow us to send you e-mail notifications (as and when this system is implemented by us), then we'll send you newsletters and e-mail notifications as and when we need to do so. We do not use your e-mail address for anything else, nor do we share them with any affiliates. If you don't want to receive any e-mail notifications or newsletters from us, drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll unsubscribe you right away.

4. Don't violate the laws of the land, country, planet, and universe and everything is peachy. Let's keep it clean and play nice. We don't share any information with anyone, unless there is a legal request to do so from an authorised government body or court of law.

5. Payments for any products that you purchase from us (https://angelgrovestudio.biz and any of our other domain extensions) is handled by Razorpay. Razorpay doesn't store your credit/debit card information on its servers. After the transaction has been completed, the information is forgotten/erased/not saved. On the technical side of things, Razorpay adheres to the PCI-DSS standards. Translated, they follow the rules that make sure that your online payment information and transaction are handled securely and safely.

6. We do have links to purchase products from or browse information on third-party affiliate websites, such as Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes, etc. Remember, these websites have their own terms and conditions and policies. Do go through them to be safe and knowledgeable. We do not have anything to do with these websites in the creation and management of their policies and systems. So, we can't help you, if you have a problem there.

7. The website uses cookies and cache systems to maintain your current browsing session. We don't do anything with it, or use it for anything. It can't tell us anything about you either.

8. If you are using this website, you agree that you are an adult, or a minor who is using this website under the strict supervision of an adult. That's law, kids, sorry. On the bright side, this is a family friendly website, so browse it with your moms and dads, children.

9. We can change our policies whenever we want to, but we will let you know in the news and updates section ('On The Menu' portion of the home page) of the website when we do. Frankly, we don't see it happening very often.

10. If you have any questions, e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Terms & Conditions

1. Put very simply, you agree that you have read the AGS policies and that you will follow and respect them, whether you buy anything from us or not, when you visit this website.

2. You can't buy anything from this website as a minor.

3. You agree that you don't have any problems or complaints with us using Razorpay or any other payment processors to process your payments. Basically, you are okay with shopping on this website and all that 'shopping' entails. You will not complain, if we charge you for a product, just like thousands of other businesses in daily life.

4. Please don't sell, redistribute, or duplicate the information, products, and anything else on this website. You agree that you will respect the intellectual property rights and copyrights of Angel Grove Studio and our affiliate partners. Be nice and responsible and everything's peachy.

5. When practising or using anything mentioned on this website, you will use your common sense and logic. Don't blindly believe in everything you see and depend on your experience to guide you. Basically, cross-check your information with other sources and be very careful.

6. We can change products and prices whenever we want. Again, this will happen rarely, something like once in a blue moon. We're generally pretty stable when it comes to pricing and our products. Point is, you won't raise a ruckus or complain when we have to do so. Our pricing policy is mentioned under the section 'Pricing Policy', later on in this page.

7. We can and probably will distribute, sell, and do whatever we like with our stuff, stuff being everything on this website and any products we sell. You agree that you don't mind.

8. In some rare cases, we may have to refuse your order, if it violates the law or if there is a government policy stopping us from shipping to your address. You agree that you won't mind, if this happens. We doubt this will ever happen, really, but may as well cross our t(s) and dot our i(s).

9. We will correct, modify, or change the content on this website and in our products at our discretion. If you feel there are any problems in that regard, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You agree not to raise a ruckus about it. Cheers.

10. We will moderate any user submissions, comments, posts, and contributions on this website as and how we deem fit. Remember to play nice and keep things clean. No trolling, baiting, swearing, fighting, etc. Be civilised folks; this isn't the neanderthal era.

11. We will resort to litigation and the force of law to resolve any major dispute, what is 'major' being decided by us. This applies to that 0.1% of the world population that wants to make trouble. Love all, serve all.

12. You agree that you're okay with the fact that we can and will, sometimes, prohibit users from accessing specific content or parts of the website, or from buying certain products. These are all for perfectly logical, good, and legal reasons. Don't worry. It's a rare thing.

13. You agree that we won't be involved in any dispute between you and a third-party, whoever they may be, affiliate or no. What happens between you and someone else stays between you and them. Best of luck!

14. We don't offer warranties and guarantees on anything. It's not necessary on the stuff we sell. You agree that you're okay with that.

15. You agree that if you violate these terms and conditions, or any of our other policies, we're not responsible for any harm or damage done to you or your purchases; we won't offer any support either.

You agree to accept these terms and conditions, unconditionally. If you have any questions about our policies, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Refund Policy

We don't offer refunds, simply put. You keep what you buy. If you want to gift products to someone, you keep what you buy, whether you're able to gift it or not. If you don't like what you have purchased, you still keep what you buy. We offer sufficient product information for you to make informed decisions; what is 'sufficient' is at our sole discretion, but honestly folks, the information provided on the product pages really is more than enough to know if you will like it, before purchasing it.

The reasons we don't offer refunds are two-fold. Primarily, the proceeds of sales from our 'spiritual' products are donated to a charity of our choice. This information is, of course, mentioned on the product page. The second reason is that we mainly sell digital products and ensure that they are in good condition and work well, before we sell them. So, you shouldn't have any problems, if you follow the instructions provided in the product page and/or use a bit of common sense, and prodigious use of man's best friend - Google.

Returns Policy

If any physical products are damaged, you agree to return them to us in the original packaging with photographic proof (send via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) of the damage, as seen at the time of opening the package. We will provide you with a replacement of the product, provided we can sufficiently satisfy ourselves that the product was damaged in transit or in our facilities. Honestly, it is rare that you'll get a damaged product. Our partners are very good at their jobs. Still, if the unfortunate occurs, drop us an e-mail and we'll do our best to help you out. We won't be compensating shipping charges for anything, however.

Digital products cannot be returned. We make sure the digital products work fine across a variety of platforms. Our affiliates are good at quality assurance and control, too. So, follow the instructions provided along with the product (if applicable) and any instructions provided by our third-party affiliates and retailers and you'll be fine.

Pricing Policy

We currently sell e-books, audio and video CDs and DVDs, and paperback and hardback books. The prices of these products are fixed in US Dollars (USD) and the corresponding exchange rate is applied, if you reside in and purchase it from another country. The price range begins from $1 (INR 66.94 on 9th August, 2016 at 1:52 P.M. IST) and ends at $15 (INR 1004.21 on 9th August, 2016 at 12:06 P.M. IST). The exchange rate will change on a day-to-day basis and extra charges may be levied by our third-party affiliates and retailers. Please read third-party and affiliate terms and conditions before purchasing from them, to make an informed decision and purchase.

Shipping is calculated separately, according to the region in which you stay, for physical products. There is a fixed rate charged for shipping any physical product, in addition to any extra charges levied as per distance and applicable laws and taxes.

We will update the prices at our discretion and duly inform you of the same, via the 'On The Menu' section of the home page of https://angelgrovestudio.biz. If you have any questions about our pricing policy, please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We've arrived at the end, people! Please ensure that you read the policies carefully and follow them. By using this website and our products and services, you agree to abide by these policies and terms and conditions. God bless!

In Developing A Spiritual Toolset

By practising the teachings of the Avatars, we are able to preserve and promote a spiritual toolset, which we know to be vital in life in any world.


For The Soul

The vedic prayers of the Avatars, written by Their divine guidance and blessings, are wonderful catalysts to connect with our true selves. They are essential steps and guides on our journey backwards.



Practise To Win

Chant, do, detach. The 'DO' is to be found in sadhana, also glibly called spiritual practice. The toughest step in the beginning, because rarely does one fancy doing, here are some nice ways to DO.



Look Into 'I'

And see the real 'I'. Question, evaluate, and transform. Be good, do good, see good, and all that wonderful, fluffy goodness. The final step in being divine, or as close as you can make it.