Meditation On Light



  • First, set up a candle in front of you and make sure that its flame is steady, not flickering.

  • Sit comfortably, but wtih spine erect.

  • Insulate yourself from the ground by sitting on something made of wood or wool.

"To sit straight is important. Between the 9th and 12th vertebrae is the life-force. If the spine is injured at this point, paralysis occurs. If the body is in a straight position, as if it were wound around a straight pole, the life force may rise up through the straight body and give the quality of intense concentration to the mind. Moreover, just as a lightning rod attached to the roof of a building attracts ligthning, in like fashion, a perfectly straight body provides a conductor, so to speak, for divine power to enter the temple of your body and give you the strength to accomplish your trask and reach your goal.

As another example, the divine power is always here, just as radio signals are here. But, to hear the radio music, there must be an antenna. Further, if the tuning device is not properly adjusted, there will just be some sound, but no music. In like fashion, the divine power, which is always present, may flow into you if meditation is correct and the body straight." - from CONVERSATIONS WITH BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA, by Hislop, Page 187.

  • Remember to say a prayer to God, asking Him to be your Guide and Sustainer in this voyage towards Him. It is good to prepare yourself by reciting Psalms or prayers, by repeating the Name of God, or by thinking about sacred stories.

  • Take several deep breaths, without straining (your shoulders and chest should not rise and fall).

  • Without trying to influence the rhythm of your breathing, accompany it by mentally forming the syllable JE as you inhale and SUS as you exhale. You could also use SO, while inhaling, and HUM, while exhaling. As you listen to the mantra JE-SUS or SO-HUM, remain aware of its meaning. Continue this phase for 5 to 10 minutes.

"Sohum - He am I. He with the in-breath, I with the out-breath. Or Sai Ram. Or the name of your choice, said with the movement of the breath. Breath is form, thus the name and the form go together. Breath is life. Life is God. Breath is God. The name of God and the form of God. Breathe God. See God. Eat God. Love God. The name of God will illumine every step of your life and take you to Him. The name must be said with love. God is love. If breath is said with love, then life is love. There is no shakti (power) stronger than love. If it is said with love, the name of God, any name of God - Ram, Sai Ram, Krishna, Jesus, Sohum - that small name will open up and illuminate the whole of life. For the one, who desires to realise God, only the Name is needed. The ocean is vast, but a huge steamship is not needed to go on the ocean. Just a small tire will take one on the ocean." - BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA.


  • Now, softly recite 21 OMs. OM is a more ancient contraction of the Latin AMEN. It is the sacred syllable, which is the source and life of the Universe. The number 21 signifies the five external senses, the five internal senses, the five elements, the five bodily sheaths, and the individual Divine Spirit, the Soul.

"The sound of OM is AUM. 'A' starts softly from the throat. It is the earth. 'U' comes from the mouth and the the sound rises in volume. 'M' is sounded with the lips, with decreasing volume. Like a plane, heard distantly, increasing in sound as it approaches and fading with distance. 'A' is the world. 'U' is heaven. 'M' is divine, beyond all senses.

OM is in every place, mind, tongue, heart, etc. First sound OM on the tongue and then in the mind. The sounding of OM 21 times is important: five outer senses, five inner senses, five lives (the five elements), five sheaths (the koshas), and the Jiva, the individual soul." - BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA.

  • Continue to be a witness to the ebb and flow of your breath.


"Why a light? From the sand, if one takes, it will be depleted. From the water tank, if each one takes, the tank will go dry. But, a thousand people can take the flame of one candle to light their candles and the flame is in no way diminished. Light a lamp or a candle. Gaze straight ahead at the flame..." - BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA.

  • At this point, you can open your eyes and calmly and steadily gaze at the candle flame. The candle should be at eye-level.

  • After a few seconds of fixing your gaze on the light of the candle, close your eyes again. You will see a reflected image of the flame. If you do not see it, open your eyes and continue to focus on the flame.

  • Diffuse this light through the inside of your head. Make sure it touches every cell of your brain. Say to yourself mentally: My intellect is illuminated.

  • Slowly and gently draw the flame into the region of the heart and visulaise the light in the heart as in the petals of a lotus flower. At the center of the light, you can picture the Sacred Heart or your preferred image of God. Imagine the petals of the lotus opening one by one, illuminating the heart. Wash every thought, feeling, and emotion in that light, dissolving all shadows. There is no corner where darkness can hide. The light spreads ever more and becomes ever more intense: bad feelings cannot survive.

  • Now think: I feel that love embraces all things. I am Truth. I am Purity. I am Peace. I am Love. I am Non-violence. I am Compassion. I am Happiness. I am Tolerance. I am Forbearance. I am Forgiveness. I am Gentleness. I am Prudence. I am Justice. I am Strength. I am Equanimity. I am Patience. I am Beauty. Pause for a few seconds between each quality.

  • Now allow the light to permeate every part of your body. It does not matter in what order. The light reaches the navel and from there, it flows into the left thigh, leg, and foot, to the tips of the toes. Then, the same for the right side. Then say, "My feet carry me only where God wills."

  • The light rises through the body, inundating every organ and every space. Then, it pervades the left shoulder, arm, and hand, to the tips of the fingers; then the right shoulder, arm, and hand. Now, say, "My hands can only do good work. Now, no part of my body can undertake any activity that is evil, suspicious, or dark. Every part has become an instrument of light and love."

  • Let the light rise to the throat and then, to the head. Say, "All falsehood is disappearing from my words and thoughts."

  • The light reaches the eyes. Say, "I can see only good in everyone and everything."

  • It envelops the ears. Say, "I can hear only good words."

  • It floods the lips and tongue. Say, "My lips wish to express only the praise of God; my tongue speaks only of the good; my palate tastes only foods beneficial to the body and spirit."

  • The light rises to the nose. Say, "I can smell and experience only God."

  • Now, the light rises to the top of the head: the entire head is full of light and not a single bad thought remains in it. This light becomes a luminous crown that envelops and covers the head.

  • "I AM IN THE LIGHT." - (There is a sense of separation between my body and the Light.)

  • "THE LIGHT IS IN ME AND PERMEATES ALL MY BEING." - (The light becomes ever more intense - from the top of the head. It shines all around and spreads in ever-widening circles, diffusing in every direction. The light inside and the light outside are a single reality. The membrane of the body no longer separates me from everything else; the body, too, is all light.

  • "I AM THE LIGHT." - I am not merely a Soul: I am the Image and Likeness of God.

  • The Light includes everything and everyone. I am one with all the persons I love, relatives, friends, companions; I am one with all those, whom I think are not friendly towards me; one with all those, who seek to harm me; one with those, who govern me; one with my superiors, one with all humanity (the sick, the poor, the derelict, the dying, etc.). I am one with all animals, from the largest to the smallest, from the rhinoceros to the insect, from dolphins to mollusks. I am one with all vegetables, flowers, grass, meadows, forests. I am one also with the mineral kingdom, with crystals, rocks, mountains, lakes, seas, the planet, the solar system, the galaxy, the cosmos. Everything and everyone is permeated by the same Light. My Light is the same Light of all the Universe. All is Light. All is Love.

  • Now, try to visualise the form of God that is most dear to you, in the all-pervading Light. God is Light, Light is God. I and the Father are one. I am one with Jesus and with the Father. I am Divine. I am That. So-Hum... So-Hum... So-Hum... Ie-Su... Ie-Su... Ie-Su... Je-Sus... Je-Sus... Je-Sus...

  • At this point, you can formulate a prayer of praise, adoration, and gratitude to God. Lord, my strength, my defense, my refuge, my fortress, my bulwark... You, Lord, know me, you see me, you feel that my heart is with you... My grace, my fortitude, my refuge and my liberation, my shield in whom I trust... O God, my king, I want to exalt You and bless Your Name forever and always... O Lord, how glorious is Your Name throughout all the world.

  • Continue IE-SU or SO-HUM for a few minutes.

  • Savour the awareness or silence that fills your mind. Then bring the Light back into your heart, where you will guard it throughout the day and the night (in the form of Jesus or any other form that you have chosen).

  • Rest for a little while, lying down if possible, before moving. Then, gradually, open your eyes and bring the blessing that you have received into your activities.

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