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Real Meditation

God explains real meditation.


The Process Of Meditation

The first step is dharana. Twelve dharana amount to one dhyana. Twelve dhyana is equal to one samadhi.

Dharana is steady, concentrated viewing of any object for twelve seconds. You have to look at any object, a flame, a picture, or an idol for twelve seconds only, with total concentration, without winking the eyelids. This is dharana. Practising dharana is preparation for dhyana.

The duration of dhyana is twelve dharana. This means dhyana should last 12x12=144 seconds, that is 2 minutes and 24 seconds. Dhyana does not call for sitting in meditation for hours. Proper dhyana need not last more than two minutes and twenty four seconds. It is only after dharana has been practised well that one can do dhyana well.

Twelve dhyana is equal to one samadhi. This means 144x12 seconds, that is 28 minutes and 48 seconds - very much less than an hour. If samadhi is prolonged, it may prove to be fatal.



The Process Of Pranayama

  • Two seconds long Purakam (inhaling).
  • Four seconds long Rechakam (exhaling).
  • Eight seconds long Kumbhakam (holding the breath).

Pranayama has to be practised carefully for three months. Later, the duration of Purakam, Rechakam, and Kumbhakam can be doubled. When six months are spent in this steady practice, the activities of the senses are laid low. If practised with faith and feeling, Pranayama will tame the agitations of the mind. Otherwise, it becomes mere physical exercise, improving just physical health. Pure food, Brahmacharya, living in solitude, moderate speech - these conditions too have to be strictly observed.