A Devotee's Heart

The Spiritual Testament Of Don Mario Mazzoleni

Mario Mazzoleni was an ardent devotee of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Having left behind his material and religious life, he gave himself heart and soul, to our beloved Swami. His devotion was such that Swami agreed to his proposal for spiritual matrimony, wherein a devotee gives himself entirely to his Master, God. Mario Mazzoleni shed his mortal coil in Prashanti Nilayam. Posted below is his message to his family, friends, colleagues, and fellow devotees. It is an inspiring message that is a testament to the fruit of devotion to God and dedication to a life of spirituality. Source: from www.saibaba.ws

My life has been rich in dramatic high-spots, which is why I have often liked to say to my friends that in one sole existence, it has seemed to me that I have lived several lifetimes. During all the years, which have been marked by these experiences, I have always felt a deep urge to find an answer to the many whys. My thirst for knowledge was completely quenched by my meeting with Sri Sathya Sai Baba. I am positive that I had always sought Him, even since my infanthood, and even when I knew nothing of His Existence. In fact, the greatest regret of my life has been to have passed so many years without meeting Him. But, God's Grace comes, when one has earned it.

The Divine Presence of Sai Baba is, without a doubt, the most important occurrence in the cosmos, for thousands of years, and I am happy to have sacrificed my entire career, my reputation, and my life itself in this cause. This event induces me to express even more strongly the feeling of gratitude that I have towards my parents, whom now I am able to see once more and whom the Divine Compassion was pleased to spare the great pain of seeing their son, the priest, rejected and condemned by that same institution, which had welcomed him as its minister. What that human condemnation took away from me was infinitely less than what I gained, by knowing Sai Baba and by consecrating all my energies to Him. I am saddened by the thought that some people may have suffered, because of my faith, and I humbly beg forgiveness of all those, who may have been scandalised by my words or by my actions.

But, my dear brothers who are reading this - if you have not yet understood the immense value of That, Which is glittering before you, make haste to discover it, for the time of the Avatar is limited and once the chance is lost, it will be lost for all time.

My meeting with the Divine Personage of Sai Baba has signified for me the synthesis of all Truth, which is contained in all Holy Writings of all religions. Do not think that I have lost my faith in Jesus and my love of Him; right now, I love Him more than ever, as I love the Buddha, Krishna, Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi, and so many others, and naturally, above all, Sai Baba. Those, who have condemned me as faithless, have failed to understand that my life's work has not been to be faithful to one religion rather than to another, but to be faithful to the unique Force, Which is transmitted by all religions: the truth of Love.

If ever you wish to accord me a favour, you can still do so: be filled with joy as you salute my mortal remains, for your joy will accelerate my progress towards the Light. Mark this day as a celebration, not as a sad day, which you would like to forget as quickly as possible. If you send me your joy, I guarantee that in return for your emotion, you will experience an even more intense joy. Light increases as it passes through mirrors, while darkness veils the mirrors themselves. Accept all the Light that God sends you and be happy, as I was during my lifetime and as I am, even more so, now.

Your brother, Mario

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