Time And Space

The following is the experience of an Australian devotee, whom Baba sent home from His interview room itself. A beautiful experience, this teaches us that time and space are no barriers for God.


A group of six devotees had come to have Baba's darshan from Australia. Baba called them for a private interview.

During the normal course of the talk, Baba looked at one of the devotees and asked, "Why did you come now? Your mother is not well. She needs you there, back in Australia.” He replied saying, "Yes, Baba. I called home last night and this news was conveyed to me. I pray for her early recovery." Baba replied, "Go home soon. She is asking for you. In fact, go home now."

So saying, Baba created a map of the world with the wave of the hand. He spread it on the wall and the following conversation took place:

Baba: "Where is Australia in this map?"

Devotee: "Here, Baba." (Pointing to the map)

Baba touched it and the world map changed into an Australian map.

Baba: "Where in Australia, do you say?"

Devotee: "New South Wales, Baba." (Pointing to the map)

Baba touched it and the Australian map changed into the map of New South Wales.

Baba: "Where in New South Wales, do you say?"

When the devotee mentioned the place, Baba touched it and the chart changed to show all the apartments in the area. Then, Baba touched the house, in which the man was staying and lo, the wall of the interview room became the door of the devotee’s home! Baba opened the door and showed the man his mother, sleeping on the sofa. Baba called the man and asked him to go in, and closed the door. He rubbed his hands on the door and the door became the wall of the interview room again!

Later, when the Australians came out of the interview room, only five came out, instead of the six who went in. The students of Prasanthi Nilayam campus saw this. They called back the man, who was sent to Australia, only an hour later, who confirmed his "safe arrival".

Baba said that, "Time and space exist only in the worldly plane. In the divine plane, there is no time and space. I can easily cross time and space, as and when I want to. That experience of the Australian, crossing space to reach Australia from the interview room, was My leela to show you that it is possible for Me to do that, if necessary. Time and space hold no barrier for GOD."

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