Who Is God?

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba teaches us how to identify God. Who is God? We search for God everyday. We search for a great teacher, a Sadguru, who will show us the way to liberation, moksha. Before we surrender to a teacher, it is our duty to test him/her and find out whether he/she is truly qualified to impart spiritual wisdom. How do we do this? What criteria do we apply, while judging a Sadguru? As Bhagawan Baba says, "A small fish swimming in the ocean cannot judge the ocean itself." (A paraphrase) God provides the answer.


Who deserves to be called God?

Utpattincha Vinashamcha
Bhutanam Agatim Gatim
Vetthi Vidyam Avidyamcha
Sa Vachya Bhagawan iti

“He, who knows the mystery of the origin and dissolution of created beings, the mystery of their doom and their redemption, and of their ignorance and wisdom, is alone to be spoken of as Bhagawan.”

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