Amma's Irumudi Message, 2007

Om Sakthi! By the grace of the Divine Mother, Annai Adi Parasakthi, Sri Arulthiru Bangaaru Adigalaar, our beloved Amma, Angel Grove Studio is proud to bring you Amma's Irumudi Message for the year 2007. Please find the video and its corresponding English translation below. Amma's discourse begins from 5:09 in the video. This video has been brought to you courtesy omsakthi YouTube channel. Please let us know, if you are facing any difficulties, by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Birth, growth, and death are natural. While we are thinking about these, we don’t think about Amma. Instead, it is enough, if we think ‘Amma’ in our mind, faithfully and surrender at Her Divine Feet. We need to think about our Soul. There is no need to conduct any experiment.

The life between twenty years to thirty years is full of problems. A man can accomplish several things in his life, between twenty and thirty years of age, but a woman can accomplish more than a man can. Yes, women have more strength than men. If they do good things for the sake of everyone, it becomes a success. Instead, if they use this power for one's own sake, the power is wasted. They can show the right path to others. Others can follow this path. It is often seen that, even when there are people to listen to good things, there isn’t a right person to direct them. When there are people to hear them, both the talker and the listener benefit from this. Some people with good knowledge do not share their knowledge with others, for fear that the listener would gain knowledge and bring it into practice.

Between the age of twenty and thirty, human beings can develop a lot of brotherhood among themselves. This, in turn, helps them to protect their country, take care of their parents, and treat everyone with love, affection, and culture. Such people are eager to do dharma. Their lives themselves become successful. Women can accomplish this more easily than men. The reason is that women have the qualities of a mother in-born, in them. Nowadays, even a good man becomes bad (a robber). A robber becomes a murderer. He can become good, if he really wants to be.

The younger generation can bring about this change, if they try. Hence, if the youth work sincerely, with full faith in Amma, they can indeed change the society; thus, bringing in discipline. These people can serve their motherland. They can stand on their own feet, without depending on others. This gives them the capability to help others. Under the shade of a tree, ten people can sit comfortably. If you look inwards, you can realise the importance of the soul. If you love your motherland, your mother, your father, and others, that quality compels each one of you to adjust yourselves in such a way, that even a hundred people can sit comfortably under the same shade. There is indeed an inner strength inherent in you, but this is often suppressed by outside influences. These qualities should be brought to light. You can certainly do all good things. If there is co-operation among people, this can easily be brougth into effect. You need to have self-confidence. We can stand with pride and move forward in life. Om Sakthi. Best wishes.


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