Amma's Diwali Message, 2010

Om Sakthi! By the grace of the Divine Mother, Annai Adi Parasakthi, Sri Arulthiru Bangaaru Adigalaar, our beloved Amma, Angel Grove Studio is proud to bring you Amma's Diwali Message for the year 2010. Please find the video and its corresponding English translation below. Please let us know, if you are facing any difficulties, by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Om Sakthi, Parasakthi! Best wishes for a happy Diwali. Diwali is a festival that comes every year. Our ancestors taught us how to develop love for humanity, affection, non-violence and compassion through inscriptions on stones. Our ancestors sent their message through inscriptions, in order for us to live in peace and happiness. When our forefathers lived, there was peace and happiness in their lives. They wished that their future generations, too, should live in peace and harmony. They found that this could be achieved by celebrating festivals, giving respect to parents, living righteously, and worshipping cows, nature, sky, earth, etc. The inscriptions on stones reveal this message to us, so that we can lead a peaceful life. Diwali is a festival worshipping fire. Each religion has its own way of celebrating festivals. All of them have one goal - developing love and compassion among living beings.

When we sow a seed in the soil, it develops into a plant and grows into a big tree. Similarly, actions of dharma, righteousness, should always prevail on this Earth. This can be achieved by worshipping the five elements. Fire is one of them. During Diwali, we can see fire in the form of burning lamps, crackers, fireworks, and sweetmeats. When light emits from a lamp, a cracker, or a stove, it makes the surroundings bright. In the same manner, by celebrating Diwali, we should develop love and compassion in our hearts. Happy days were those, when people lived with love among themselves. The world has changed. We do not know what is going to happen tomorrow. The reason for this is the narrow-mindedness among the human beings. This leads to ruin.

Dried ginger and long-pepper are good for health. It is good to drink dried ginger coffee with jaggery. Jaggery is good for health. Nowadays, most people are using sugar. Sugar isn't good for health. We can see that 97% of the population, in this world, suffers from diabetes. Sugar contains chemicals. Jaggery doesn't. Jaggery obtained from a kind of palm, is also good for health. Nowadays, it is hard to get this. When we use jaggery to prepare dried ginger coffee, it doesn't affect our health. Our ancestors knew that, in course of time, the world would become a difficult place to live in. Hence, they chose a way of letting the future generation know, how to live in such a world. The inscriptions on stones reveal this. These tell us what we may do and may not. According to them, if we have love in our hearts, a readiness to love others, good thoughts, and we refrain from harming others, we can indeed lead a good life. People in the past chose another method to give us their message. This was writing on palm leaves. These writings never disappear. The Palmyra Palm and Coconut Palm are very useful to mankind. Each part of the tree comes to our use. In the same manner, we should be ready to help others. We may not remain selfish in this regard. We should help others without expecting anything in return. We must think about our neighbours. We must distribute sweets to all.

Nowadays, there are restrictions in bursting crackers. Why do such restrictions occur? Man is becoming a terrorist. People talk about terror most of the time. Why do they talk like that? Why do they indulge in terrorism? Nowadays, robbers rob people during the day! They don't rob at night! In a family, both husband and wife are working. The son goes to school, shop, or office. The thief comes, when there is no one at home. Dogs bark only at night; not during the day. At night, they bark only at us! During the day, they bark at visitors. They look at what the visitor is carrying in his hand. Even though day and night change one after the other, we need to remain always good in our attitude. We need to remember that we were born, we live, and we shall die. Our society should live in peace. We need to ensure that our parents live happily. Similarly, those, who are working abroad, will come back to their motherland. Wherever they have gone from the motherland, they need to return; just as a stone, which has been thrown, comes back to us.

We need to celebrate festivals. We must eat good food, drink good water, nurture good qualities, and live on money earned by hard work. We must give importance to our mother and father. We can study. Knowledge cannot be stolen by a robber. The knowledge we have acquired must be shared with others. The knowledge should be used for making others righteous. It should be used for the sake of the country. The nine cereals, fertile soil, and even infertile soil have their own importance. Certain crops are grown even in infertile soil. Hard work is very essential. Pretence is of no value. The mind should be filled with good thoughts. Children keep on seeing the same things and saying the same words. There have been kings, who have done many good things for the well-being of their subjects. We must have good food, good water, good health, good qualities, and good attitude. After spending a long time inside an air conditioned room, one cannot easily adjust himself to the outside environment. The air that we get from electric fans and AC are not healthy. Mothers must nurse their babies. We must do good to others. When there is a crowd, there are good people as well as bad ones among them. Good things as well as bad things happen there. An important person must always be accompanied by security. Why has such a situation been created? We need to be righteous. When we act in a righteous manner, it leads to peace everywhere. In such surroundings, trees grow very well. All can live happily. We can live remembering God. When we are celebrating Diwali, everyone around us is happy and cheerful.

When we are celebrating festivals, we must burst crackers, worship God, and eat sweets. We need to worship Nature and the Sun God. We must worship the elders as well. The golden age is gone by. We are living in a world full of confusion and chaos. There are so many restrictions; such as one may not do this, one may not give this, one may not say this, and one may not eat this. We may not eat more sweets. They say we must have control over our mind and food. All the water bodies, wherever they originate, have to reach the ocean at last. We are born, we are living, and we need to go back to Earth at last. When righteousness is on the decline, evil prevails. Gods become angry. The evil is always punished. Truthfulness, love, affection, etc. are good qualities, which each of us has to develop. Then, man will not be ruined. Righteousness will be preserved. Man can live peacefully. We should see good things, say good words, do good deeds, and fill our mind with good thoughts. This gives us peace of mind.

When we go somewhere and when we come back, we need to pay our respects to our parents and seek their blessings. In this age of science, inside a house, the father, mother, son, and daughter live away from one another. When people were living in joint families, there was happiness in the family. They had peace in the family. When man came from forests to the countryside, his way of life and attitude began to change. His culture and occupation changed. So far, man was in close proximity with the animals. Now, animals leave the forest and come to the towns. The animals in the town move towards the forest.

The human mind lacks in virtues. As a result of hatred, he always thinks about how to harm others. Man has become selfish. He is not concerned about others' well-being. We must try to cultivate good qualities in our children. Each person is only concerned about his happiness and well-being. The feeling of 'I' and 'My' needs to change into 'We' and 'Ours'. We all breathe the same air. All of us eat food to satisfy our hunger and drink water to quench our thirst. Yet, our actions differ. If we can control our desires, we can live happily. The mind should be pure. When we stand on a river bank, we can see only pure water. We drink that pure water. Care should be taken not to contaminate that pure water. When we drink this water, we need to remain calm. Needless questions may not arise in our minds, such as where this water has come from. We must have control over our mind, as well as the food we eat. Then, we can remain healthy, peaceful, and happy. In this way, we can make the surroundings happy and healthy.

By celebrating festivals such as Pongal, Diwali, New Moon, and Full Moon, we can lead a happy life and make others happy, too. Wherever we live, whether in the homeland or abroad, when Diwali approaches, we must try to celebrate the festival in the best way we can. Even if one is poor or has ill health, on this particular day, he should try to celebrate Diwali. If we do not have money, we may borrow money from someone, or borrow money on interest; so that we can buy new clothes, crackers, and sweetmeats. If we do not celebrate Diwali, it is a sign of being inactive. This makes him lazier. This leads to unrighteousness. There should always be love, affection, kindness, and compassion in our minds. Just as God's blessings, wealth, and peace are essential for mankind, we must possess love, affection, and respect for our parents. When we celebrate festivals, it becomes an opportunity to fill our heart and mind with virtues. This makes us willing to share whatever we have, with others.

Om Sakthi! Adi Parasakthi! During the occasion of Diwali, my best wishes to all Om Sakthi devotees and citizens.


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