Amma's Pongal Message, 2011

Om Sakthi! By the grace of the Divine Mother, Annai Adi Parasakthi, Sri Arulthiru Bangaaru Adigalaar, our beloved Amma, Angel Grove Studio is proud to bring you Amma's Pongal Message for the year 2011. Please find the video posted below, along with the English translation for the same. In the video, Amma is speaking in the Tamil language. Please let us know, if you are facing any difficulties, by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Om Sakthi, Adi Parasakthi! Best wishes on the day of Pongal. Good news to all of you. Pongal O Pongal! This is said as a sign of giving importance to industries. It is a proverb that, when the month Thai comes, it brings light to the world, which helps us see the path ahead clearly. It brings along with it a way of solving all problems. Pongal comes after the Bhogi festival. It is followed by Mattu Pongal. It is an important festival. It is a festival of inviting prosperity. Much importance is given to industries and attempts are made to encourage the industrialists. During this festival, white-wash is done to houses to keep them clean and make them look new. All work is done with happiness and enthusiasm. When a child does this work, he gets a little money, chocolates, ice cream, and sweets. He, too, feels happy. When a festival approaches, we make the house look clean and do all the work with energy and enthusiasm. During the Bhogi festival, we buy new clothes. We dispose of old things and buy all things afresh. Old things are burnt and new things are bought. These include old food, clothes, industrial tools, non-veg food, etc.

In the same manner, we need to strive to remove all bad qualities from our mind. We must develop good qualities like love, affection, compassion, righteousness, enthusiasm, hard work, and good relationships with everyone. But, these days, people do not care about this. Human mind is filled with wickedness, jealousy, hatred, and aversion. The good old days are gone. The days yet to come will be filled with difficulties. People try to cheat others. Corruption can be seen in every field of life. The world itself is flying without aim.

The birds know where they have to come back, even after they fly a long distance. In olden days, pigeons were used to send messages. They would fly far away, deliver the message, and fly back to the right place. They could do this, whether they lived in a city, a house, a jungle, or an unknown place. The world can simply fly. It flies very high, but fails to return, because it cannot find the right path to come back. It loses its way and direction. It can neither fly above, nor come down. It can’t stay in the air. It doesn’t know how to stay alive and fears that it is going to perish in mid-air. Progress in science will certainly lead to destruction and ruin.

This year is not good. When we say that a year isn’t going to be a good year, this results from man giving up good qualities from his heart and filling them with vices. We don’t respect parents and elders. Specially, in the field of science, scientists don’t wait to make sure what they may do and what they may not. We spend much of our time doing things, which may not end up in doing good to the world. We are more interested in looking at things, which we may not and hearing things that we may not. When we work hard, with enthusiasm and interest, involving ourselves fully in doing the work, it brings about good results. This in turn gives us satisfaction and a new vigour.

During Bhogi, we discard old things and bring in new things. We need to remove vices from our mind and fill them with virtues. From the time of Siddhas itself, festivals have been celebrated. Diwali, Pongal, Birthday, New Year, etc. have been celebrated from very old times. At the end of every month, we are eager to get our salary. When a person works hard and gets his salary, it not only lasts for the following month, but also helps him save a little amount.

Industry is very important for all countries. We need to find out what industry is most important for a particular country and try to promote that industry. This is especially important for food and water. When we give importance to science, equal importance must be given to industries as well. When importance is given only to science, man doesn’t know what he really needs to do. But, when man takes good care of the industries, doing hard work himself, he gets good results and it makes him feel happy. When our thoughts and intentions are good, our actions lead to success. On the other hand, when thoughts aren’t good, that leads to several problems. When we work with unity and cooperation, a person is joined by a few people at first, which increases later on into hundreds, thousands, and crores.

We need to develop a readiness to concede, remain patient, develop tolerance, and give up ego. This attitude fills our mind with all good qualities. When we look at India, we feel proud and happy that people from different religions and castes live in unity. It is indeed remarkable! In the same manner, we need to celebrate Pongal with a feeling, that all of us are members of the same family.

Following Bhogi, comes Pongal. We cook food in a new pot. New materials are bought for our industry. From ancient times itself, much importance has been given to worshipping Nature. All people, whether they are literate or illiterate, scientists or workers, and people, who have made almanacs, need to know that it is important to worship Nature. We need to understand that we can live only with the help of Nature. We are controlled by Nature. Man thinks that Nature cannot control us. Hence, he decides to live the way he wants to. As a result, we see incessant rains in one place and drought in another. Due to heat, cultivation dries up. In other places, lack of rain spoils cultivation. Excessive rain also spoils crops.

With good thoughts in one's mind and hard work, when a person takes care of his industries, he gets good results. This, in turn, leads to success and growth in the field of science. Trade progresses and we can see prosperity in all fields of life. All these have equal importance. For prosperity in all fields, worship of Nature is very important. We need to remember the advice and directions, which our forefathers have given us, and work accordingly. This may lead to success in all fields of life.

We need to understand what we are doing. We need to do charity, knowing the importance of it. Then, it brings us good results. During Pongal, we use a new pot to cook food. We dig a pit and place stones above it, in order to use it as a stove. Using dry ‘Arukampul’, we light fire, keep the new pot above it, and pour milk into the pot. After a while, milk boils, rises to the brim of the vessel, and sometimes spills. There is indeed a force behind this, which makes the milk rise and overflow.

In the same manner, the soul, Atma, within us acts as a force. It is this force that makes us move, work, think, and do all the work that we are meant for. It is this force that helps us come up in life or meet with failures. No other force is capable of making life go on. Whatever happened in the past doesn’t count anymore. We live in the present. We don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. When we meet with success and come up in life, we need to know that it is the force within, which leads to our success. Hence, we must develop good thoughts and do good deeds.

We celebrate Pongal. From the paddy we bring home after the harvest, we cook raw rice. Using cow dung, we make a ‘Pillaiyar’ (Lord Vighneshwara / Lord Ganesha). We decorate this idol by placing ‘Arukampul’ (Bermudagrass) and ‘Thumbapoo’ (Leucas Aspera) above it. Nowadays, both of these are very rare to get. Using the products from our industries, we prepare sweetmeats and other items of food. When we do this with enthusiasm and total involvement, we get good results. After preparing Pongal, we invite our relatives and friends, sit together, and eat together. It is the feeling of affection within and the unity among us, which bring us together and make us celebrate the festival happily. This, itself, is called the celebration of Pongal. We say happily, “Pongal O Pongal!”

We see the Sun in the sky. The Sun is the God, who gives us light. We must be aware of this fact and hence, worship Nature. We must worship the Sun. Similarly, we must worship Mother Earth. We must touch the Earth and bow in front of Her. Just as we show a banana to a crying child, to pacify it, God encourages us to worship Nature by making us celebrate festivals. It is God’s wish that we celebrate Pongal, at least once a year. While celebrating this festival, we use earthenware pots and cook food, just as our ancestors did in the past. Here, we are worshipping Mother Earth. When we pour water in the pot, we are worshipping Water. Water and earth are two of the five elements. In this way, God makes us worship Nature.

The soul within us is indeed Divine. It is the soul that makes us do all activities. Care should be taken to keep the soul pure. A man, whose soul is pure, can predict when he will pass away. When the soul is pure, all organs of the body work with coordination. The mind remains pure and he possesses the ability to predict his death. He knows exactly on which day and at what time he will leave the Earth.

The Siddhas, who lived in the past, had been leading a pure life. In olden days, people followed the path of the Siddhas and led a good life. Later on, people began to change their attitude and chose a lifestyle that suited them. This led them to ruin. After several years, when man realized the truth, he was ready to follow the path of the Siddhas & their lifestyle. It is thus, that these festivals began to be celebrated once again.

Pongal is a typical example. The next one is Mattu Pongal. We worship the cow. The cow is useful to Nature, to the farmer, to man, to infants and children, and its own calves. Cow dung is used as manure. We drink milk, which is essential for our health. When we worship the cow, we become blessed, which in turn makes our life happy. We get peace of mind. We should remember that importance must be given to industries and trade. Then only a nation can progress.

Pongal O Pongal! Om Sakthi! Amma’s blessings to Raj TV, all the people, Om Sakthi devotees, and volunteers. May all of you live happily!

We should work with a pure mind and good thoughts. When the mind has a tendency to deceive others, it spreads within the body like cancer. It affects the nerves. When a person is affected by cancer, it cannot be cancelled. When the mind is pure and free of vices, there is no chance of getting cancer. When the mind is pure, we develop good qualities. We respect our parents. We love everyone and respect elders.

This life isn’t ever-lasting. It is certain that we shall meet with death. We needn’t worry about that. When a fish dies, it becomes dry. When a bird dies, only the bones are left. If we understand the truth and work accordingly, it is good to us. It is always better if we change ourselves, rather than wait until others change us. There is a limit for others to help us change. The desire to change has to come from within us. The mind should be filled with good thoughts. Our actions should be good. The influence of others doesn’t last long.

Good time is approaching! We must understand the truth. People should understand one another. Good qualities must be developed from childhood itself. When they grow up, children need to choose an occupation or a job, according to their aptitude. When a person does a job for getting wealth, fame, and comfort, it isn’t going to fetch him happiness in life.

Amma’s blessings to all of You! Divine Mother Adi Parasakthi is omnipresent. She is everywhere! Work with peace and patience. May no one starve on this Earth. Let everyone live a good life. May there be love and happiness everywhere! Om Sakthi, Adi Parasakthi!


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