Amma's Pongal Message, 2013

Om Sakthi! By the grace of the Divine Mother, Annai Adi Parasakthi, Sri Arulthiru Bangaaru Adigalaar, our beloved Amma, Angel Grove Studio is proud to bring you Amma's Pongal Message for the year 2013. Please find the video and its corresponding English translation below. This video has been brought to you courtesy omsakthi YouTube channel. Please let us know, if you are facing any difficulties, by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Om Sakthi! Adi Parasakthi! This is Pongal and the beginning of a new year. Best wishes to all of you. May you have the grace and blessings of Amma! Pongal is a festival for humans, animals, birds, and our neighbours. The next day is celebrated as ‘Mattu Pongal’. It is related to agriculture and cattle. A cow has its own good qualities. We worship cows and bullocks. Pongal is celebrated every year. During this festival, parents, children, elders in the family, and relatives, who live far away, get together and celebrate Pongal. It is an important festival, because all the family members join in this celebration. Pongal is also called Sankranti. Both are the same. We need to do good deeds and have good thoughts.

When man lived in forests, there was love for humanity among them. Leaving the forests, when man began to migrate, snakes and thorny bushes began to take their place (where humans had been living). Seeing this, the animals in the forests come to attack human beings. Seeing the animals, man became afraid that they would kill him. Why did man become a terrorist? He, too, is the child of a mother. That child also grew up, but what made him a terrorist? Why was his mind filled with thoughts of destruction? Children need to grow up happily!

The water that flows in a river finally merges into the ocean. It does good to the world. The ocean remains within its limit, but what happens when it becomes furious? It causes destruction. Similarly, we need to keep our mind calm. The waves of our thoughts must be kept within the limits. If it crosses the limit, it is dangerous to him as it ends up in his own destruction. He doesn’t know what he may do and what he may not. When it rains, we get water from Nature. Nature gives us water without keeping it for itself and without putting it off for the next day. When good thoughts occur in our mind, we need to act according to that.

When man had been living in the woods along with animals, he lived with unity. When he began to indulge in scientific experiments, what could he find? One fourth of them were beneficial, but three fourths were destructive. We need science indeed to an extent, but too much of advancement leads to ruin. Our mind becomes filled with desires; we work hard to reach our goal; when we succeed, we feel happy about it. Success makes him arrogant and it leads to his own destruction. Like that, in the field of science, when experiments are conducted, new inventions are made, there may be adverse effects as well. While finding medicines for various diseases, when a person performs scientific experiments with human values and spirituality, he succeeds in them with the grace of God.

From Nature, we learn that we need to do our duty. Whether we do it or not depends on whether we listen to the voice of our Soul. It is Nature that influences us in doing our duty. Yoga, Jnana, and Dhyana are advocated by Nature. When we perform these, we need to do it with full concentration and devotion.

Festivals occur every year. When years change, human beings change, and his thoughts change, Nature doesn’t change at all. The fact that Nature doesn’t change is because of the five elements that do not change and live in harmony. When man’s mind, direction, and affection change, Nature begins to express its fury. At a time, when there should be rain, it is summer and at the time of summer, it rains. This affects cultivation. This isn’t done by Nature, by itself. It is the result of human beings losing their human qualities.

Man needs to have virtues. They guard him without giving him any sort of trouble, but when man causes them trouble, they warn him. When you worship Nature, it protects you. Even your life is a gift from Nature. When was a person born? How long did he live? Keep aside books that teach us about dharma, the books that talk about qualities, and those that teach us how to live, do your work in the right manner, and live a virtuous life. ‘Kalan (Yama)’ is the God of Death. As science progresses rapidly, it ends up in ruin. When the sea is sometimes calm and the waters recede, it signals destruction. When a leopard moves backwards, it is certain that it is going to leap.

Pongal is celebrated every year. When we taste different kinds of food, we can differentiate them. We say, “These are grapes, these are apples, this is sweet, this is sugarcane, this is bitter, these are Neem leaves,” and so on. We feel the taste only when the food is in our mouth. When it goes inside, we cannot taste it anymore. When we eat food, we enjoy its taste. This is because it is the mouth that helps us feel the taste. The good things that you have done, as well as the bad ones follow you. They trouble your bones, nerves, organs, and mind.

The coming year is very bad. Before each action that you perform, you need to think very carefully and thoughtfully. You need to have patience. Listen to what others tell you. Decide yourself what is good for you and what is bad. Even when you do not like what someone else has said to you, act as if you will follow what he said. When we make a sincere attempt, we can change a person from bad to good. Sometimes, we may not like the way he talks, but listen to him.

It is the Pongal festival today. There will be New Moons and eclipses. Such things are already written by the elders thousands of years ago. We need to consider them and obey them carefully. Where have we come from? Where are we? Where are we going to go? The Soul of every being is the same. We see people, who are blind and those, who are deaf. We wonder why they are born thus. What do you do with your eyes and ears? When these organs are used to help someone else, it fulfils the purpose of being blessed with them. The Soul of all is the same. When you help others, your Soul helps that of the other person. This results in mutual benefit. Both become happy.

You experience the results of what you have done in your previous birth. You are aware of this fact. Hence, try to do good deeds in this birth. It isn’t enough if you talk about it on the stage. You need to act accordingly. Only then can you become happy. Just as there are waves in the ocean, the human mind is filled with thoughts. The sea remains calm, but when Nature becomes furious, it is seen in the ocean waters, too. Waves, wind, and fire can cause great destruction. In recent years, we experience sandstorm and icy winds. Electricity was discovered by science. When there is fog, it affects electricity. The trains and cars, which were discovered by science, are compelled to stop when there is fog. Nature is God. Nature can stop other things.

When you talk, talk with affection. When others talk, listen to them carefully, with humility. You will be able to understand what others tell you, in this way. When you speak to others, it should not be with an intention to get their applause, or be praised by them. We need to think that our motherland must be happy, our family members must be happy, our generations must be happy, and there should be peace. This is the festival of Pongal. Try to fill the mind with good thoughts and good memories. Give importance to good human qualities and good thoughts. You may wear new clothes or other good clothes. Avoid using obscene language. Don’t use alcoholic drinks. Abstain from watching vulgar sights. These things can only ruin you. Try to be calm as far as you can. Be calm, be calm, be calm.

Respect your parents. Be good to your neighbours. Nurture brotherhood. Although there may be differences among the people, they are all the same. All organs are the same. Eyes, ears, nose are all the same. Water is the same everywhere. Sometimes, the taste only differs. We taste food with our tongue. It is the mind, which decides whether it is good or bad after digestion. The good things that you do bring good not only to you, but also to the coming generations. Om Sakthi! Parasakthi!


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