Amma's New Year Message, 2013

Om Sakthi! By the grace of the Divine Mother, Annai Adi Parasakthi, Sri Arulthiru Bangaaru Adigalaar, our beloved Amma, Angel Grove Studio is proud to bring you Amma's New Year Message for the year 2013. Please find the video and its corresponding English translation below. This video has been brought to you courtesy omsakthi YouTube channel. In the video, Thirumathi Amma is conveying Amma's Oracle in the Tamil language. During the discourse, explanations and examples offered by Thirumathi Amma, Amma's wife, have been italicised. Please let us know, if you are facing any difficulties, by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Are you all doing well? Happy New Year! Let us all put our hands together and say, “Happy New Year!” With a prayer to Annai Adi Parasakthi to make this New Year good for all of us, I wish you all a very happy New Year. This morning, Amma woke up at about 2’o’clock, came to the Temple, and circumambulated it. I feel very glad to share with you what Amma said this morning, about the New Year and how it is going to affect us.

First of all, Amma never talks about the day, month, or a particular year. These aren’t created by God. It is only man’s assumption. We dump all the waste materials in the ocean and cause destruction to the marine life. Hence, when we say that the world is getting destroyed, the destruction is caused by the cruel and thoughtless deeds of people. Nature always wants to help the human beings, but they destroy Nature.

This year, we shall get more rain than we did last year. The rains will cause destruction in two ways. On one side, there will be flood and in other places, there will be drought. Next is, fog and hail will cause destruction to airplanes and human beings. In science, by thinking always what we do next, we are trying to control Nature and the scientific attempts are resulting in the destruction of Nature. There are small as well as big birds that fly in the sky. The small birds can fly for a longer while than the big birds. Similarly, there are differences among the human beings by birth. Mainly, we need to give importance to the mother. Amma has always been saying that, we need to give importance to our mother. But, nowadays, children do not respect their mother. Man is destroying the human race. This year is going to be worse than the last year. Hearing this, we feel sad, but as Amma says so, we need to be careful. As Amma has said that the current year is going to be very bad, each one of us needs to take each of our steps very carefully.

Righteousness and faith in God will give us peace. Righteousness may not become unrighteousness. Even if we amass large wealth, we won’t be satisfied. Food and hard work is always respected. Amma always says that, even if we give a lot of money to a person, he will not be satisfied, but we say we are happy and satisfied when we have had enough food. It is only when our stomach is full that we feel satisfied. We say, “The food was good and I am satisfied.” Hence, we may not give more importance to money.

What will happen if a bird builds its nest on a mango tree? When insecticides are sprayed, the nest will get destroyed. Hence, man needs to do a work carefully. Destruction can be caused in any form. The companion himself will cause trouble. Those, who act as our friends, will cheat us. A servant may trust his master, but the master may cheat him in the matter of money.

Nature itself is God. Our thoughts may destroy us. Nature is God. Worshipping Mother Nature led to worshipping the Divine Mother Adi Parasakthi, which in turn makes us aware that we need to love and worship our mother. History clearly tells this fact. Man worshipped Nature at first. In course of time, man began to worship God. The first and foremost Divine Form that he worshipped is the Divine Mother Adi Parasakthi. Everything comes from Nature. Many things are produced with the help of the soil and later on, all things go back to the soil. When the mind thinks all the time, “How?” and “Why?” repeatedly, it leads to several mental diseases.

The mind must always remain pure. Man ruins himself with jealousy. Love has become simply pretense. If there is jealousy in the mind, that fire will burn him. Even if we go by two-wheelers or walk on the pavement, there will be danger. We need to be very careful. Motorists are not obeying the traffic rules. They drive the vehicle as they wish. As a result, there are accidents.

There will be heavy rain in certain places. There won’t be ample rain in certain other places. As a result, the crops will be affected. In agriculture, the farmers will begin to think about what they can cultivate in 3 months, what they can in 2 months, and what they can in a month. Such a situation will arise. We need to take care of Nature. Only then will Nature do good to us.

Because of increase in sugar in the body, all nutrients will become less. We need to live with a limit for everything. We need to give up desires and passions. A stone in Nature may become the Idol of Lord Shiva or Shakti. Similarly, man can become God. Look! What a beautiful statement. A simple stone in Nature becomes an idol or a statue, if it has good luck. Similarly, among the millions of people, there may be some, who can become God. Hence, we need to live like a human being. Human beings need to remain human. We may not create problems by forming groups.

Some children study well. Some do not. Some children make us wonder how they get such high marks. Some may get even 199/200 marks, 198/200 marks. Some others very carefully score only 30% and pass. Children may be different. It isn’t ideal. The ideal education is what the children gain at home from father and mother. Amma has said this in Her Oracle.

If we keep a dog at home, it loves us. If we keep a snake, it will only bite us. We need to be careful in all respects. As time passes, the Soul goes in search of ruin. New inventions in science end up in ruin. Petrol and diesel will cause destruction. The vegetables produced artificially will cause ruin. While doing business in one’s own language, man does all kinds of cruel deeds. The Soul is not pure. One’s words aren’t sincere. There are two kinds of anger: one is good, the other bad. One should control his anger.

The poojas that we do on Tuesdays, Full Moon days, and New Moon days are done for the sake of people. Actually, Amma has been working for forty three years, in spirituality. Amma’s age is 72 years. It is the Soul that is working. Amma’s Soul is totally influenced by the Divine Mother Adi Parasakthi, Who does everything to bring up the illiterate and the downtrodden. In all temples, there is devotion, spiritual power, and God, but what makes Mel Maruvathur most important is the fact, that it attracts the poor and illiterate people. This cannot be seen elsewhere.

There are ways for calm and peace. Nothing can be done, if the hand does not work. Similarly, if we don’t do charity, there is no fruit in spirituality. We need to make use of God in the right way. The youth keep in memory all that happens while they are awake and also, when they are asleep. The river gathers sand and collects water, when it rains. Water has changed into money. How does a river collect water? When it rains, the water falls onto the sand. The sand sends this water deep into the earth. This is the reason it is said that, we may not remove sand from the riverbed.

Water has changed into money. We are buying water in bottles to drink. In olden days, we could drink water from wherever it was available, because the water was pure. We could drink water from the rivers as well. Now, we cannot drink any other water than that available in bottles. Women have great importance. Amma has been saying that women need to be given importance in spirituality. Whatever we say, Nature is Nature! Artificial is artificial! Even if we have all facilities, they can never equal Nature.

If we can control our mind, the Soul will be under control. When we suffer in life, the sins that we have done come out. Only when we eat different food can we know what taste is. Only then can we know what sweet, sour, and bitter are. In the same way, if we concentrate on God, we can become aware of Him. We shall have peace only if we work hard and do charity. I wish you all and your families a happy and peaceful life. I take leave of you. Thank you.


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