Amma's New Year Message, 2014

Om Sakthi! By the grace of the Divine Mother, Annai Adi Parasakthi, Sri Arulthiru Bangaaru Adigalaar, our beloved Amma, Angel Grove Studio is proud to bring you Amma's New Year Message for the year 2014. Please find the video and its corresponding English translation below. This video has been brought to you courtesy omsakthi YouTube channel. In the video, Thirumathi Amma is conveying Amma's Oracle in the Tamil language. Please let us know, if you are facing any difficulties, by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our best wishes to all of you at the beginning of this New Year celebration. I am glad to share some of the facts that Amma has revealed through Her Divine Revelations. According to this, the New Year will be better than the last year. Yet, there may be bad experiences as well. We will get ample rain. This may cause damage, too. There may not be peace. Whether there is rain or no rain, man must have peace. It will be very difficult to remain peaceful. Peace is something that we need to develop ourselves. No one else can help one in this attempt. In order to remain peaceful, we have to control our mind. When a tree blossoms, the flowers that fall from the tree do not become fruits. Only when there is wind, there will be waves. Hence, we may not feel that we shall experience only good things. Life is a mixture of good and bad experiences.

Next, we can see waves only when there is wind. The way science progresses may lead to ruin. Amma has said this before, several times. Once again, as we have done in olden times, we shall have to drink gruel. Nowadays, we are being advised to eat gruel made of ragi, or corn and eat less rice. The reason is that there are chances of more and more people suffering from diabetes. Hence, if we eat gruel, we can remain healthy. People will have problems. They will have to face difficulties. Diabetes and heart diseases will increase. Money will be considered most important. A section of society will be respected and another will not. People use God's name for their own selfishness. It is indeed better not to talk unnecessarily and also, without thinking. We shall have to face the consequences, if we talk thoughtlessly.

Do not eat old food. That may lead to several diseases. Some of us have a habit of re-heating the food kept in the fridge. This is indeed not a good habit. More and more people become addicted to tobacco and liquor. These are bad habits and injurious to health. We often see on television that liquor and tobacco are injurious to health and while such scenes are shown on the television, we also see someone smoking or drinking. It is better that people give up drinking and smoking. Only a mature seed can develop into a plant. Only if your mind is pure, your country, women, and truth will be respected. Time does run fast. The ocean may become furious. Man will continue building skyscrapers, but they can be destroyed by fire and electricity. Man's power cannot match that of God.

A tree that bears flowers and fruits has more attachment. It means that those, who have children, have more attachment. Life force is Atma. Even though this has been repeated several times, we have to keep this in mind. There are traps both in the desert and in the rivers. We need to do dharma. If we do not do dharma, it may lead our life itself to ruin. Every idol has power. It differs from idol to idol, yet all of them have power. Even if we go to temples, the sins we have done won't leave us alone. Saying that, "Sakthi is there, Sakthi is here," if we go on a picnic, both the life and the enthusiasm will be lost. We need to go to a temple with good faith, fear, and respect. We may go on a picnic after coming back home. You may not mix devotion with excursion. Otherwise, it may give a chance to others to say that, the people, who went on a pilgrimage, met with death. This may give in turn, a chance for the atheists to say, "Look! They went on pilgrimage to see God. All of them lost their lives!" Hence, when you go to a particular temple, worship and pray to the God with full faith and devotion; do whatever you have to perform to ward off miseries and then, come back straight home. Afterwards, you may go on excursion or sight-seeing. This is what Amma says.

A bird, when it is with its mother, has a lot of protection. When it begins to fly, it may face dangers. As long as it is with its mother, it doesn't have to fear. When another bird tries to harm the chick, the mother bird will fight with it and chase it away. Similarly, all of us are living under the protection of a mother bird, Adi Parasakthi, at Mel Maruvathur. Hence, as long as you are with the Divine Mother, you don't have to worry at all. All of us need to remember this fact. An atom bomb works only if it is made to work at once. If someone joins the company of drunkards, he, too, will develop the habit of drinking. Spirituality grows only where it does. The Divine Mother Adi Parasakthi at Mel Maruvathur is indeed unique. Do you understand? When there are so many places in Tamil Nadu, the Divine Mother has chosen a small place, Mel Maruvathur. Here, the Divine Mother lives in the soul of our Adigalaar and has been helping spirituality grow among us, for almost forty years. This indeed shows that, it is destined that spirituality should grow in this place and expand.

Fish, birds, and animals can detect the approach of earthquake, tsunami, and cyclone. When they sense the approach of these calamities, they leave the place, where they had been living so far. Even the fish in the waters move to a safer place. The birds fly to places far away. Animals leave such areas, well in advance and go to a safe place. Although man has enough intelligence, he isn't able to protect himself. He can't control even his mind. The time that is yet to come isn't good. It is full of dangers. There will be a tendency in human beings to harm others and make them suffer. Hence, what you need to do is try to live with care. All of you, in this world, may live safe with the grace and blessings of Amma. This is my prayer to the Divine Mother Adi Parasakthi. Seeking Amma's blessings, I take leave of all of you. Om Sakthi, Parasakthi!


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