Amma's Pongal Message, 2014

Om Sakthi! By the grace of the Divine Mother, Annai Adi Parasakthi, Sri Arulthiru Bangaaru Adigalaar, our beloved Amma, Angel Grove Studio is proud to bring you Amma's Pongal Message for the year 2014. Please find the video and its corresponding English translation below. This video has been brought to you courtesy omsakthi YouTube channel. Please let us know, if you are facing any difficulties, by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Om Sakthi, Adi Parasakthi. Adi Parasakthi’s best wishes on the occasion of Pongal to all of you, the red dressed devotees, and everyone. Om Sakthi.

When we are born, we do not know the purpose of life. We live somehow, without understanding the purpose. Somehow, life goes on and finally, ends in death. When we are celebrating the festival of Pongal, we become enthusiastic. We gain energy to celebrate the festival. We develop love and culture in our hearts. This in turn, brings us well-being. Looking at others, we become happy.

(Taking Bermuda/Darbha grass from the plate in front of Her and showing it to us, Amma continues...)

Look here. This is Darbha grass. This should be kept in front of Lord Vinayaka. Most of us do not know the importance of this grass. This is used in medicines and by families, siddhas, and several living things in the mountains. The sugarcane you can see here is used as sugar and jaggery. They are sweet. At the same time, this becomes poison for a person suffering from diabetes.

From time immemorial, the siddhas have told us about what would happen in the future through writings on stone. Everything has been happening exactly the same way as they have said. We need to do only what they have said. The sun and its heat help in the formation of clouds (due to the evaporation of water). The clouds give us rain, which is essential for every living thing. Hence, Pongal is a festival through which we worship the Sun God by offering him food. On the occasion of Pongal, we do poojas. We pay respect to Mother Earth. With great reverence, we prepare a fireplace with three stones. Praying to the Lord, we keep a new earthenware pot on it. We light the fire. Then, we put a few blades of Darbha grass into it. Then, we pour milk into the pot. This milk, after a while, boils and slowly comes up. With great joy, we say, “Pongalo Pongalo Pongal.” In olden days, the pot was made of earth. The food that was offered to the Sun God would be prepared in that pot. Nowadays, we prepare the offerings with the help of gas. The gas may sometimes become a case (cause a problem). In olden days, importance was given to the soil (earth) and women. When the gas is used up, we shall have to go in search of firewood only. If we use firewood to prepare Pongal, it will be very good and sweet. If we prepare it using cooking gas, it won’t have that kind of taste. When there is no gas, it is only firewood that can help us.

Right from olden times, it has been said that, the wild animals would come to places inhabited by people. Today, we can see that such animals can be seen in several places and hence, we are compelled to drive them away. Why do they leave the forest? This is something that we need to think. When human beings enter the forest and disturb the animals’ habitat, the animals in turn, leave the forest. They enter the human habitat and trouble even good human beings. It is with the help of taproot that a tree lives. The tree is useful for several living things. When the taproot loses its strength, whatever we get from the tree cannot continue.

Seasons change. When seasons change, time also changes. Even when time changes, the god of death does not change. The meaning of ‘Kaalan’ is god of death. He never changes. During the Pongal festival, neighbours exchange sweetmeats with one another. We sometimes wonder why we are born, why we live, and why we have so many responsibilities. The answer is that we are born in order to love one another. When we think deeply, this thought becomes clear. We certainly come to know that festivals like Pongal are celebrated for this purpose only.

Our forefathers had said that, only the one who works hard can live. This has been said even a hundred years ago. They had also said that, those who worship God will live a good life. They had known the importance of cultivation, even in those days. Nowadays, people are rather confused, as they wonder whether science or spirituality is more important. By thinking in this manner, they are caught between the two. As a result, they become disappointed. There is knowledge in science. Spirituality also has knowledge. Too much of knowledge in science may ultimately lead to ruin. When one leads a spiritual life, it shows one the path of knowledge about affection, culture, love, and relationships.

Unlike ancient times, no god comes onto the Earth, except the god of clouds. No man descends from heaven onto the Earth. We talk about several things, saying that they can be seen here and there. None of these statements have any authority. People are more interested in talking about money. What is the meaning in talking like that? When the waters recede suddenly, it is a sign that a tidal wave is approaching. Scientists have not been able to predict the approach of a disaster, but ants and camels have the ability to know about such disasters beforehand. They very wisely move to a different place. They take care of themselves. Besides, they move to a distant place along with their families, for safety. A human being finds it difficult to move from one place to another, in times of disasters. He cannot take care of himself. For these reasons, he cannot escape from death.

Several years before, it has been said, “The time gone was golden. The future is going to be a time of suffering.” What we see today everywhere, are fighting and cheating. Even when you are asked to control your five senses, you don’t listen. You do only what you want to do. If your mind and heart are good, your actions will always be good. Because of the sins that you might have done in the past, they stop you from doing good deeds. You do whatever you like. This in turn, increases your sins. Nature has given us water. Because of your thoughtless actions, you turn it impure. As a result, you suffer from diseases.

The good deeds that you do will ever be remembered. Nothing can wipe them out. Righteousness can wipe away unrighteousness. We say, “Pongalo Pongal,” during the celebrations. The next day is known as Mattu Pongal. In olden times, it was said, “The one who works hard, lives a good life.” In those days, there were only cows. They were used for ploughing the fields. Nowadays, farmers use tractors to plough their fields. Yet, there are farmers who still use cows. These farmers use this opportunity to worship cows. There are people among us, who think that they should work hard to feed themselves. This thought has taken root in their mind. Some people do not like to work hard. They want to lead a lazy life. This may be the result of their actions in their previous birth. Because of this laziness, they follow the wrong path throughout their lives. They fail to control their senses. As a result, they dig their own grave.

We must treat our parents with great respect. We must love them. We may never think that they did not do anything for our sake. The time gone by was golden. The time yet to come is filled with difficulties. There won’t be peace. There will be storms. There will be rain. This has already been said. When it is said that, there will be storms and heavy rain, you need to be thoughtful about it and must be well-informed. You need to take this seriously and be prepared to do the needful beforehand. This is in your hands only. In some places, people get enough rain, whereas there will be a drought in another place. The place that gets rain will be fertile. Life will be comfortable. People in drought-affected areas may find it difficult to live there. This has already been said and that is what we see today. Whatever has been said now is a repetition of what was said during the festival of Pongal and Deepavali, but you do not take it seriously.

As time advances in science, you say that you are getting bored. Nowadays, even if you dig a bore well, you find it difficult to get water. Even when science advances in the world, you complain that you get bored. This kind of life is indeed not a real one. In this kind of life, you don’t get peace at all. We can see people struggling without being able to advance in their life. This is the state of human life today. You need to know that there is no one other than your own mother to love you so dearly and take care of you. You must be aware of this truth.

We are born in this world, because of our actions in the previous birth. We must know that the soul inside us is itself God. The soul does not have a form. Similarly, God doesn’t have a form, but we can perceive God in nature, water, clouds, wind, the sun, and the earth. God lives in them. We need to remember this always. Your actions need to reflect such good thoughts. You must be aware of this. Whatever a man does reflects his true nature. Because of his good actions, everyone remembers him and he can remain immortal even after his death. That kind of an experience itself is what we call life. No one can live with the help of an atom bomb. He cannot work with it. However, a person who learns from his experiences, does live a good life. May all of you be blessed with a good heart and good experiences in your life. Blessings to viewers, red-dressed devotees, everyone, and mothers on the occasion of Pongal. Om Sakthi, Adi Parasakthi. May all of you live well ever, with good thoughts. Om Sakthi.


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