Amma's Diwali Message, 2013

Om Sakthi! By the grace of the Divine Mother, Annai Adi Parasakthi, Sri Arulthiru Bangaaru Adigalaar, our beloved Amma, Angel Grove Studio is proud to bring you Amma's Diwali Message for the year 2013. Please find the video and its corresponding English translation below. This video has been brought to you courtesy omsakthi YouTube channel. Please let us know, if you are facing any difficulties, by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Om Sakthi, Adi Parasakthi. Deepavali best wishes for all devotees, people, those who serve the Divine Mother, and Raj TV viewers. Om Sakthi.

Deepavali worship doesn’t become complete without the five words. Deepavali is celebrated by lighting lamps! Dee – lighting the holy lamp. Pa – showing affection. Va – inviting affection. Li – light. We celebrate Deepavali with crackers. We invite relatives, neighbours, and dear ones and celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm. We worship nature during this festival. From the time of our ancestors, we have been worshipping nature. The ocean, water, earth, sky, the sun, and the moon are eternal. They never perish.

We are born human beings. We have been living as human beings. We need to think only good thoughts and do only good deeds. The field must be tilled well and made ready for sowing seeds. We need to cultivate crops properly. We need to respect farming as well as farmers. If you stop doing it, the food that we eat will lose its taste. It will also lose the good smell. When we do so, the monsoon gives us rain and does its duty very well. When we do our duty always, nature also gives us ample rain. If we do not do so, the rain also stops within a few months. We need to worship nature. When you recite ‘Mazhai Vendal (Seeking Rain)’, you need to pray with a feeling that all the rivers, wells, deep waters, and ponds need to become full with water. Whatever work you do, whatever labour you do, you need to think about nature always. Then only can you complete the work with the blessings of nature.

From time immemorial, duty and righteousness have been prevailing. Whatever we can do, we need to do it with a pure mind and with loving words. We sow seeds in the soil. The seeds do not become grains at once. The sprout becomes gradually fit for consumption, through different stages. First, it turns into a small plant, grows gradually, and bears fruits. A paddy seed becomes mature and then, turns into paddy. From raw paddy, we get rice. In this manner, we use it as food. We make other confectionaries, too from rice.

During the festival days, we invite our parents, friends, and relatives and celebrate it happily. When a film is telecast through television, the whole world watches it. In the same manner, when you do righteous deeds, the world itself comes to know about it. They praise you. For the same reason, they praise your generations, too. They, in turn, praise you and respect you. When you do good deeds, the world bows in front of you. They look at you as the visible God Himself. Whenever there is a festival, you need to remember your friends and relatives with great love and respect. You need to develop this habit. If you do so, even when they have relatives nearby, they certainly come to you first. When they visit you, welcome them happily and feed them. You need to take care of them and make them happy. You should strive to develop this habit.

When we do good deeds, we need to do it sincerely and wholeheartedly. We need to work well. When videos are shot and telecast, it reaches everyone. In the same manner, when you do righteous deeds, your actions reach everyone. The world praises you as a philanthropist and a dharmic person. The world bows before you. Always respect your parents. The members of a family need to live with love and affection. Whenever festivals like Deepavali arrive, all members of the family who live inland and abroad, arrive to participate in the celebrations. When they celebrate the occasion with a feeling of love and affection, the festival will be celebrated very happily.

Hunger is the same for all of us, irrespective of whether the person is rich or poor. When we eat food to satiate our hunger, it tastes good. When it enters the stomach, we don’t know the taste. The properties of the food we ate will be retained. Similarly, when we do something good, we get the result later on. In the same way, if we do anything unrighteous, we get the results gradually. The good heart, the good thoughts, and the good deeds remain forever. They speak about us to the whole world and praise us. When you worship God and sing hymns, it can be done in any language. You can do it in whichever language you know. It isn’t necessary that you need to do it in a particular language. You can use any language.

You can neither steal knowledge, nor destroy it. In the same way, you can never wipe out dharma. The past is golden. We do not know what is going to happen today and tomorrow. Only God knows, but we can change them into a golden time, if we try. It is only in our hands, whether today and tomorrow is going to be good. It depends on our thoughts as well. It depends on our actions. Above all, it depends on the righteous deeds that we do. There is knowledge in spirituality as well. There is knowledge in science also, but in science, there is destruction. There are people, who are blind and deaf. We also hear in science, culture becoming ulcer. Most of the things in science have proven useful to us. When destruction occurs, whether it is a gas cylinder or a television set, it proves to be dangerous. There are so many other examples. It can be a long list. We need to seek elders’ blessings. We need their relationship to last long. The world progresses in the direction of science, but it seems science is moving in the direction of destruction.

If we follow the path of spirituality, we can find love and affection. We can live peacefully. We can find happiness. The happiness that we get through science, is temporary. It isn’t everlasting. We see day and night, because of the rotation of the Earth. When one side of the Earth experiences day, the other side experiences night. Day and night can be seen one after the other, but the Earth doesn’t change. Nature doesn’t change. Wind doesn’t change. The ocean doesn’t change, whether it is day or night. In the same way, it is necessary that the mind and thoughts of people do not change. They must always be good. They must be as bright as daylight. It will be easy for everyone to understand. Our thoughts and our minds may never be black as darkness.

Night must be used for rest. Day must be used for work. Night must be used for sleep. A person who works twenty four hours to earn money, cannot find satisfaction. Such a person will have to face problems. Some lose their eyes, some their ears, some their intelligence, and some their power of memory. Such a person loses all relationships with others. He won’t be thinking of anything other than work. He cannot recognise his mother or sister. When he meets with sorrow and ill health, because of this, he doesn’t know what to do. All that he can do is pray to the Lord to help him in such a situation and move forward.

The ocean water moves backwards. This means that destruction is imminent. As far as a tiger moves backwards, it moves forward at once with the same speed. Similarly, when we see that the waves move backwards, we need to understand that in some corner on Earth, there is going to be some destruction. Science cannot foretell in which place and direction the storm is going to occur. When the ocean waters move back, the wind blows forward. The speed even reaches two hundred kilometres to five hundred kilometres per hour. This happens in the ocean. This can be controlled only by God.

All rivers reach the ocean. All souls reach God. Our duty is God. We need to remember that we must work hard, be good to others, and love them. Do righteous deeds. We must remember that it is indeed our duty. Let us all live with love and unity. On this auspicious day of Deepavali, let us all speak good words, love everyone, and live happily. Amma’s blessings to all the red dressed devotees, Raj TV viewers, and all devotees. Om Sakthi, Adi Parasakthi. On this auspicious day, let us talk to everyone with love, affection, and friendliness. Om Sakthi, Adi Parasakthi.


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