All That Amma Says Is Arul Vakku

My wife and I went to Chennai on 9th August, 2000. We went to my son’s house. From there, on the same day, we went to Sakthi Peetham at Maruvathur and came back to Vikramasingapuram on 30th August, 2000. My friend, Sakthi K.M. Subramanian told me very happy news. His only daughter was going to get married. I was very much surprised. I asked him why the marriage was fixed in a hurry. His only answer was, “All because of Amma’s blessings!” I told him to explain.

On 13th August, 2000, Sunday, my friend had gone to Mel Maruvathur with his wife and daughter. They performed Paada Pooja. Pointing to my friend’s daughter, Amma told them that Amma would tell them a piece of good news within fifteen days. His daughter was studying in a college. She was in the second year. If Amma was going to say that she had done well in her exams, it would be good news; but the exams had not yet begun. For a girl, who is not yet married, it would be good news if Amma said that, she was going to get married. She wanted to complete her graduation and further study for post-graduation. She was young, too.

Wondering what Amma was going to say, they returned on 14th August, 2000. Only three days had passed since they had come back, when a friend of theirs came to their house and asked for this girl’s horoscope. They thought that, there is nothing wrong in giving the horoscope. They would need to go further, only if the two horoscopes agreed with each other. However, the very following day, the boy’s parents came to their house and said, “The horoscopes totally match each other. So, your daughter is going to come to our house as our daughter-in-law. When can we fix the engagement?” My friend answered, “My daughter is studying. She has to complete her graduation. Moreover, I am not in a position to conduct the wedding.” The boy’s parents said, “We do not expect anything from you. It is enough, if you agree to the marriage.”

At once, my friend remembered what Amma had said during the Paada Pooja. He felt that this must be the good news, which Amma wanted to convey to them. Hence, he agreed. Thinking that it is Amma, Who has arranged this wedding, the girl also agreed. Just as Amma had said, within fifteen days, the marriage was fixed and they were married on 13th November, 2000, Monday, in a very grand manner.

Even when the marriage was fixed, my friend did not have enough money to conduct the wedding. The marriage expenses were almost four lakh rupees. How could he manage? However, the wedding went off very well. This, itself, is Amma’s blessings! We Sakthis have already understood.

“Whatever Amma says is Her Oracle.”

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