Humanity, Which Transcends Religion, Is The Holiness Of Maruvathur

The villages, Wadaputhupattu and Keezhmurungai, are two beautiful villages blessed by our Amma. When we look at them, we feel as if a green carpet has been spread. On either side, paddy, sugarcane, plantain, etc. are grown. The sand on the banks of Palaru looks white. Ampur Sugar Factory is situated here. The villages, Wadaputhupattu and Keezhmurungai, are situated on either side of the river Palaru. The Chennai-Kallikkottai National Highway passes through this place. The beautiful Selva Vinayaka Aalayam (temple) is built near the road at the foot of Javvathu Mountains, Nyanamalai. The Selva Murugan Aalayam is built at the top of the mountain. There are almost six hundred steps to the temple. There, Lord Muruga is seen with Srivalli and Daivanai. Amongst these, near the Padi Mandapam, the Mel Maruvathur Suyampu Arulmigu Adi Parasakthi Siddhar Vaara Vazhipaad Mandram is situated. By the blessings of Divine Mother and our Adigalaar Amma, vazhipaad has been going on for nineteen years, spreading spirituality all around.

I used to participate in the temple services in both the temples. I was working in the sugar factory, Ampur. Sakthi V. M. Subhash, Esq. was my senior officer. One day, he gave me Amma’s book, “Mel Maruvathur Miracles” and asked me to accompany him, when he would go to Mel Maruvathur next. When I read the book, I was inspired by it. Whenever I would go to the district of North Arkadu, (now the district of Velur) I would go to the villages there and tell the villagers, the co-workers, and my friends about Amma’s miracles. I arranged a bus to take them all to Mel Maruvathur.

Within three days, the number of devotees grew large enough to require five buses. With almost three hundred devotees, I went to Siddhar Peetam and had Amma’s darshan. Later on, we were sitting in the Puttru Mandapam at Siddhar Peetam and talking about starting a Mandram. We approached the temple office and asked them about appointing the responsible people to carry out Amma’s Vazhipaad. It was decided that the seven people, who were currently doing the job, would continue to do so, but the senior officer, Sri S. K. Natarajan, Esq., said that, there are 170 members. Therefore, we would write their names on separate papers and would draw the names of the new management by lots.

As per Sri Natarajan’s advice, people were appointed by drawing lots. When we saw the list, we felt that Amma had really blessed us. The list was composed of those people, who would work with unity to start the Mandram and help it grow.

By Amma’s grace, we started the Mandram. We performed vazhipaad on every Friday. Two hundred to three hundred devotees would participate. The quick growth of our Mandram did not please certain atheists. They began to quarrel with us. There was confusion among the management. In those days, although I had faith in the Divine Mother, my mind was not mature enough to accept Amma. I went to Siddhar Peetam to attend the Common Arul Vakku (Oracle), which would take place once a month. I had the darshan of Divine Mother, Annai. Then, I went and sat in the Puttru Mandapam for the Common Arul Vakku by Amma. I sat there just as small children sit around their dear mother.

Amma, in the Divine state, came out of the Puttru Mandapam. My mind was really confused about the work related to our Mandram. Amma came near me and said in my ears, “Son, don’t be confused. I am there to take care. You do your job. I shall guide you.” I could hear the Divine Words very clearly. I looked at Amma with tears in my eyes. It was on that day, that Annai Parasakthi showed me, Who our Amma is.

There was acute shortage of water in the year 1992. In the temple, during festival season, a lot of money had to be spent on water alone. I had the ability to discern the flow of groundwater. By Amma’s grace, a devotee of Amma at Siddhar Peetam, Sakthi Nataraja Bhupathi pointed towards me, asking me to give suggestions to improve the water level in the wells, at Siddhar Peetam. This gave me an opportunity to acquaint myself with Amma’s sons. It was the time, when Amma’s elder son, Sakthi Sri Anpazhagan, had finished his studies and taken up the responsibility of managing the industries. There were only ten days left for the Navaratri festival. Utilising industrial engineering tools, we began the work of digging in the wells at Amma’s Thottam. By Amma’s blessings, water gushed forth from the four holes, which we had dug on the first day! There was no limit to everyone’s happiness!

That evening, our Amma looked at the water in the well and asked me, “Bai, shall we get water continuously?” (Because I am a Muslim, Amma would always call me ‘Bai’ affectionately.) I answered that, by Amma’s blessings, water will come. Amma smiled at me. There was a Shavukku tree nearby. Amma plucked a leaf from the tree and gave it to me, saying, “Take it.” I received it with both my hands. When I looked at it, the leaf had taken the form of the Moon! It was shining! I fell at Amma’s feet and received Her blessings.

I completed the work of two more wells. I had come on three days’ leave and had to go back. So, I went to Sakthi Maarimuthu, who was supervising the wells, and told him that the same kind of work can be done in the rest of the wells. I came back and two days passed. Sakthi Maarimuthu telephoned me from the temple and said,

“We couldn’t find water in both the wells, which we have dug in, in the last two days. We approached Amma. Amma asked me when and why we stopped the work of the wells, in the past. I told Amma that five years had passed since then. Amma again asked me why we stopped the work. I answered that, five years ago, although we had dug the wells to the required depth, we couldn’t find enough water. So, we asked Amma during Arul Vakku. In Her Oracle, Amma told us to stop the work. When the right time came, Amma would provide us the trident (shoolam / mukoot / instrument).

When Amma heard this, Amma said, “That time has come now. You failed to use the trident, which I have given. Call Bai and start the work once again. You will get water in those two wells.””

When I heard this, I was thrilled. I felt very happy that I was blessed by Amma, Who wanted to show the world that I was Her dear son. I took leave and came immediately to Siddhar Peetam.

When I reached the temple, it was 11 a.m. Amma was standing near the well at the back of the engineering college. It was very hot. When Amma saw me, Amma happily told the workers in the well, “Bai has come.” I was moved by these words. In the intense heat, ignoring Her own well-being, stood God, Who looks after mankind.

I ran towards Amma and fell at Her feet. Amma happily asked me, “Bai, have you already come? Now, you take care of everything.” Amma left the place. I was lucky that I could ask Amma Arul Vakku, every day. I got an opportunity to be with people in the Temple, teachers at the colleges, and other people and talk to them affectionately.

We started the work by making two wells in Amma’s Eshoor Pannai Nilam. We got plenty of water! That evening, Amma’s elder son came to me and said, “Bai! We have to go and bring water from the new wells for the Pournami pooja tomorrow.”

The next day, we went with Sakthi Maarimuthu to bring water. While we were going, Sakthi Anpazhagan said, “Bai! In the previous birth, we might all have been members of the same family. That is why, in this life, we have the fortune of serving Amma.” At that moment, I thought, “How good it would have been if Amma had come with us.” As it had been raining during the night, there was mud and water around the well. Those, who came with me, were all standing near the well. I went into the well with the articles for pooja, the plate for Deeparadhanai, and Kalasham. Inside the well, on the wall, I drew Divine Mother’s form in the form of Suyampu, while reciting the mantras. I performed 108 archana with kumkum. Then, I was about to fill the Kalasham with well-water. When I was doing so, I could see the full moon inside the water. In the middle of the moon, there was ‘Amma’ coming out, smiling. My mind and body were immersed in bliss! I stood forgetting myself. It was bliss! When I heard the people above calling me, I came out of the well. While coming back in the car to the temple, I told them the reason for forgetting myself. They told me that, as I had been sad that Amma had not come with us, Amma decided to grant me Her vision.

Having completed the work in two months, with a satisfied mind, I went to seek Amma’s blessings. At that time, a temple-security person was standing near Amma. Pointing to him, Amma told me, “By listening to others’ words, he has ruined himself. I am entrusting him to you. Take care of him. To solve problems with his family property, you go and see a certain person. I shall solve the problem being with you.” I followed Amma’s advice and the security person got back his property, worth Rs. 5,00,000/-. With immense happiness, I took him to Amma and told Her everything. I prostrated in front of Amma.

While prostrating, I remembered what my wife had told me at home. She said that, the neighbours are saying that I take friends and relatives to Amma, to get their children married and to bless the childless. However, I don’t ask Amma about my daughters getting married.

I told her that Amma knows everything and Amma will arrange our daughters’ weddings. Remembering these words, I stood up. Amma smiled at me and said, “You are doing very good service. You may go, Bai! Everything will go off very well.” Amma blessed me.

Although I did not ask Amma anything, Amma said that everything will be fine. I felt very happy, while coming back home. After three days, a family came to our house. They had come home a month ago, to see my elder daughter for their son. However, later on, they said that, as I (the father) am a staunch devotee of Om Sakthi, they didn’t want this marriage. Now, they told us that they liked my daughter and would like to conduct the wedding in fifteen days. Amma made the world know that, if we serve Amma, Amma will take care of our problems.

We perform pooja in our Mandram, daily. On Fridays, special poojas are done. In Her Oracle, Amma would say that, the Mandrams are the same as the temple at Maruvathur. If we perform the poojas the way they should be done, Amma’s blessings will fill the Mandram. In our Mandram, whatever the devotees wish for, Amma fulfils immediately. In the beginning, for Sakthimalai, there used be fifty devotees. Today, one thousand five hundred Sakthis participate in Irumudi festival. We observe the rite (vow) of fast and go to Mel Maruvathur by bus, or by foot.

In our Mandram, for daily poojas, Sakthi Devaraj Reddyar used to come. One day, Sakthis were decorating Divine Mother’s idol. Sakthi Reddyar and I were sitting outside, talking. Reddyar told me, “Sir, in Velur Ramakrishna Math, a Swamiji from North had come yesterday. He said that, God will speak and grant His vision to those, who perform worship daily.” He wondered how this is possible. I told him, “It is true, sir. Elderly people say so. If we do pooja with concentration, God will certainly grant us His vision. He will also talk to us.” We went home after the pooja.

The following day, after coming home from office, I took bath, lighted the lamp and incense sticks (agarbatti). While doing Deeparadhanai, I was wondering whether God will grant His vision to those, who perform pooja every day. With this thought in mind, I completed the pooja and went to the Mandram. I recited Moola Manthiram, Guru Potri, and Thiruvadi Potri and did archana with flowers.

While I was reciting Venduthal Kooru, 20 Sakthis, who were sitting opposite me, stood up with fear. Seeing them stand up, fifteen men, who were sitting with me, rose to their feet. All of them were looking behind me. Continuing the recitation of Venduthal Kooru, I looked back. One foot away from my left thigh, there was a serpent almost seven feet long. Its head was as big as our two palms held together. It had raised its hood. I did not feel puzzled, or afraid. I felt very happy as I do, when I see my close relatives.

After completing Venduthal Kooru, I told Sakthi Rajammal to do Deeparadhanai and Kumkum archana. When the archana was done, the serpent disappeared. After the pooja, we all stood up. Sakthi Reddyar ran towards me and embraced me. There were tears in his eyes. “Sir! When I came to this place (Wadaputhupattu), I asked several people if there is a temple here. They said that, near the mountains, there is a Vinayakar temple and an Adi Parasakthi Mandram. A Bai, wearing a red dhoti, would come in the evening everyday and shouts mantras. Today, I saw the real Vazhipaad, devotion, and Amma’s blessings fill the air.”

I came back to my senses. While I was doing pooja at home, I had wondered whether Amma would give me Her darshan. The dear Mother gave Her son darshan in the form of a naagam (serpent)!

In our Mandram, Sakthi V. G. P. Murugan had been bringing almost two hundred and fifty Sakthis to Mel Maruvathur, from the village of Utaiya Raja Paalayam. After completing Irumudi, he came to me and said, “Sakthi! A Sakthi, who came with us, lost her nose ring while doing utalvalam (circumambulating the sanctum sanctorum by rolling along the ground). I told her that she should certainly get it back, if she would search for it patiently. After a while, that Sakthi lady came to me with two nose rings. One was broken and the other was very new. She told me, “Sakthi! Amma has given me two nose rings!” I asked her which of them was hers. She told me that the broken one was hers. I told her to keep her nose ring with her and give the new one to the Temple authorities. She was very happy and told me that what I said was right. After completing our work at the temple, we came back home.”

However, this girl took the new nose ring home with her. She didn’t give it to the Temple authorities. She did not tell us either. Hence, until the next year, her family had to face several problems, like disgrace, accusations, poverty, and diseases.

The family members felt very sad. One day, they prayed to Amma, literally in tears. Our kind hearted Adigalaar Amma made the girl understand her mistake. The next day, she told her family that, Sakthi Murugan had told her to return the new nose ring to the temple. She didn’t do that. Instead, she brought it home. They came to me and told me their difficulties. They asked me what they could do with the nose ring. I said, “One year has passed since you got the nose ring. Anyhow, you have understood the mistake, which you committed. Hence, Amma will certainly forgive you. This year, when you go for Irumudi, remember to take the nose ring with you. For the wrong you have done, along with some money, put the nose ring in the donation box.” They did what I told them to do. Now, the family has come out of their difficulties and are living a happy life.

Sakthi Sivakumar belongs to village, Kulithikai. He would ask the village devotees, “What does your Bai give you? I see that, every now and then, you are all going to the Mandram and the temple in red dress.” His remarks were rather mocking. The same person, one day, asked Sakthi Mayilvakanam, whether he could accompany him during Sakthimalai Irumudi. He added that he was simply coming along. In the temple, when he saw Amma, a sudden change happened in his mind. The same day, he bought pictures of Amma with Divine Mother, Amma’s picture, Manthira Nool, etc. He brought them home and began to worship Amma every day, in his pooja room. By Amma’s blessings, while he does archana with kumkum, flowers fall one by one from the jasmine garland, which adorns Amma’s picture! On other occasions, the garland would slowly begin to lengthen. After these, he became a staunch devotee of Amma. He attends pooja regularly in the Mandram.

One day, while I was talking to him about his children’s education, I told him that, instead of becoming an industrialist and amassing wealth, it is better that he gives his children very good education. Education is an asset and a great wealth. Hence, as per my advice, he enjoined his children in college when they finished their school. The children studied very well. For higher education, as per my advice, Sakthi Sivakumar’s elder son sent an application to enrol in M.C.A., in Amma’s Adi Parasakthi College of Science in Kalavai. He was called for an interview.

That day, I accompanied Sivakumar and his son, Omkumar to Kalavai. In the written test that was conducted in the forenoon, he had third place among the list of successful candidates. The interview was in the afternoon. They were interviewed by Thirumathi Amma. Only the candidates in the first and second places were called for the interview. Although we wished we could meet Amma personally, it was impossible. Even VIPs were not allowed inside. Sivakumar felt sad.

After completing the interviews, at about 6:30 p.m., Thirumathi Amma came out. She was looking very pleasant. In the college campus, several Sakthis (devotees) were standing on either side to see Thirumathi Amma. Sivakumar and I were also among them. Thirumathi Amma looked at me very kindly. Happily, she came to me and asked me, “Bai, whose son is this?” I answered, “He is the son of a devotee in our Mandram. He has come for M.C.A. selection.”

Thirumathi Amma told me that we could have gone inside and told them. She regretted that the selection was over. Then, she said to the college authority, who was with her, “Sir, get the details from Bai. If any candidate fails to join within two days, allot that seat to this boy.” Thirumathi Amma went away. Just as Thirumathi Amma had said, the following day, I received a telephone call from the principal of the college in Kalavai. The voice of Thirumathi Amma sounds in my ears even now. She told me to enjoin Omkumar in the Kalavai college. By Amma’s grace, Omkumar is in the final year of M.C.A. By Amma’s blessings, Sivakumar’s younger son has joined M.C.A. in Mel Maruvathur Engineering College.

Sakthi Sivakumar had been reluctant, at first, to come to Amma, but once he came to Amma, he became Amma’s staunch devotee, very pious and very polite and involved himself in Amma’s service. Amma has been kind enough to bless his children with good education and his family with happiness.

In the year 2000, Velur district really suffered from lack of rain. Amma performed, in a very grand manner, Kalasha Vilakku Velvi Pooja in order to appease the Rain God. From our Mandram, one thousand five hundred Sakthis took part in the spiritual procession. Five families were taking part in the Velvi. I took them to Velur. As I was doing service to all of them, I accompanied them to the place where the Velvi was going to be performed (Yaagasalai). As soon as they saw us, Amma’s security ran towards me and told me that Amma was calling me! I became emotional with piety. I ran to Amma. Near the main Velvi kundam, I saw Amma, Thirumathi Amma, and a minister sitting. I fell at Amma’s feet. Amma smiled at me and looked at the minister. The minister stood up, came to me, took my hands, and enquired about me.

I became emotional. With tears in my eyes, I looked at Amma. Amma looked at me kindly and nodded Her head. There had been lakhs of devotees assembled for the function. Our merciful Amma showed me to the crowd by introducing me to the minister. I was filled with gratitude and happiness.

The minister gave a speech.  He said, “When I came to attend this function, I was amazed at the number of people, who had gathered here. Amma introduced a Muslim devotee to me. He said that, he has brought one thousand five hundred Sakthis from his Mandram. Only then did I understand that, for a function in which even people from other religions take part, there is no wonder that such a large crowd has assembled.” He added that Amma is the reason for all these and he bowed in front of Amma.

My younger daughter completed her schooling and joined Bachelor’s in Pharmacy, in a medical college in Thiruchi. I brought her to Amma. Amma blessed her. She completed four and a half years’ education and got very good marks. I made arrangements for her to join CMC Hospital, in Velur. Before she joined, I came to the temple to seek Amma’s blessings. My daughter and I went to Amma and prostrated. I told Amma, “Amma, by Your blessings, my daughter passed her B. Pharm medical exam.” Before I could continue, Amma said, “All right. Tomorrow, you may enjoin her in our Medical College. I shall talk to Thirumathi Amma.” I couldn’t talk anything about the CMC Hospital. I thanked Amma and my daughter and I came out.

The following day, Arulmigu Thirumathi Amma, Esq. met us at the entrance to the medical college. She greeted us affectionately. Thirumathi Amma told the principal, “Take this girl to the selection committee. Let her have an interview for the post of Clinical Lecturer. Send the research notes right away.” The principal took her to the Medical College Library. The principal told her to get the notes and be ready in an hour to give the lecture.

According to that, she took short notes and gave a lecture in front of the selection committee. She joined the Medical College as a lecturer, the same day. While working in the Medical College, she wrote the government selection exam for M. Pharm. She did well. With Amma’s blessings, she joined Madurai Medical College and passed the exams with first class.

“La Ilaha Illalah! Muhammadur Rasool Ullahi!” – There is only one God. There is none equal to Him. He resides in all beings. Prophet Muhammad is His Messenger. May God’s blessings be upon Him. One Mother! One family!! This is what our Amma says. According to Amma, the whole universe is one family and the Divine Mother is the Mother of all.



Discipline, humility, love, the maturity to do service, performing mass prayer (Kootu Vazhipaatu), helping the poor, wiping away the difference among the rich and the poor, upper caste and lower caste, the readiness among the rich to give away a portion of their wealth to the needy – these are all that Amma expects from us.

May all of us, who have faith in Amma, who follow Amma’s teachings (Divine words), those who are humble, those who do service to those people, who do service to Amma, those who have humility, love, affection, and discipline live happily in Amma’s spiritual world! May Amma shower Her blessings on all of us.

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