Amma, Who Saved Him From Death

This happened when Amma came to Madurai district on a spiritual journey. There is a police officer in Madurai. His younger brother met with an accident and suffered severe injuries. The treatment, which doctors had given him, was in vain. He went into a coma.

The doctors felt that they wouldn’t be able to save him. His condition became worse. All relatives were informed. A friend of the police officer, who is a devotee of Amma, came to him and said, “Our Adigalaar has come to Madurai now. Somehow, you go to Amma and tell Amma about your younger brother’s condition. We will see what Amma has to say. It isn’t easy to get Amma’s darshan. Yet, as a last resort, you go to Amma. Amma can save your brother. Amma has to do that. It depends on how you are going to approach Amma and tell Him in detail. I can tell you only this.” The police officer had been very sad and wanted to bring his brother to normal life. He wanted to save him somehow. Hence, he went to the place, where Amma was staying in Madurai.

He could meet Adigalaar Amma’s driver, Sakthi Kathiresan. He told him everything about his younger brother and was literally in tears. He added that he wanted to meet Amma somehow and requested Sakthi Kathiresan to help him in this regard.

Sakthi Kathiresan said, “It is very difficult to meet Amma. Amma is very busy, because of the spiritual journey. It isn’t proper for me to go and tell Amma! I cannot talk to Amma. Amma is staying in the children’s welfare home near the pond. You may come there. When Amma comes out of the welfare home, you may stand outside praying to Amma. It is likely that Amma already knows your difficulty and Amma may look at you. You may come to the welfare home tomorrow morning.”

The police officer came to the welfare home. There was a large crowd waiting for a glance at Amma. It was the time, when Amma came out of the welfare home. The police officer was standing at the doorstep with tears in his eyes and folded hands. While coming out, Amma looked at the police officer and walked past.

Sakthi Kathiresan was standing there. He came to the police officer and told him, “There is a Kumbhabhishekam tomorrow, at Ottansathiram. You come there.” Saying this, he walked fast to reach Amma. Unfortunately, the police officer couldn’t attend the Kumbhabhishekam. Hence, he came to Sakthi Kathiresan and told him about his problem. Sakthi Kathiresan consoled him, “All right. Don’t be disappointed. I have the sacred water from the Kumbhabhishekam. I have the Uyirppu Nool (sacred thread). I shall give you Amma’s prasadam too. You may make your brother drink a little Kalasha Theertham. You may tie the Uyirppu Nool on his wrist. The lemon, kumkum, and Neem leaf that are in the prasadam must be kept under his pillow.” The police officer did exactly what Sakthi Kathiresan told him to.

Meanwhile, the paternal uncle of the police officer came from Vizhuppuram to see the patient. The miracle happened then!

Yes! The patient, who had been in a coma... the patient, about whose condition the doctors had lost hope and felt that he cannot be saved... sat upright on his cot! As soon as he drank Amma’s Theertham, this happened. He looked around in wonder. He asked his uncle, “What is the matter? What happened to me? Why are all of you sitting around me?” His uncle saw the miracle happen right in front of his eyes. As soon as he came back to Vizhuppuram, he telephoned Sakthi Kathiresan at Mel Maruvathur and told him everything that had happened. Miracles still happen!

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