She Came In My Dream, She Slapped Me

I have been working in the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board as Junior Engineer, for twenty four years. As far as I can remember, from the days when I had been studying in the Higher Secondary School, I have not had faith in God. I grew up an atheist. Ever since I joined the Electricity Board in 1966, I followed the same path – an atheist. In 1978, I was promoted as Assistant Engineer. From 1979 till 1987, I had been consuming alcohol without limit. As a result, everyone despised me. I would feel sad. I would think, “There is no place for me in my country; there are no relatives at home; there is no one in my life; why was I born in this world?” I would keep away from everyone, because I knew everyone hated me. At the same time, I didn’t have the courage to commit suicide. I began to think that liquor itself would put an end to my life. I continued drinking.

In 1987, in the month of August, I saw Amma in my dream. Amma slapped me hard and said, “Son, why do you kill yourself? Come to My temple immediately!” Amma added, “Say Om Sakthi!” It was an order.

At once, I began to say, “Om Sakthi, Om Sakthi!” When I woke up, I looked around. There was no one. I did not know that the temple at Mel Maruvathur is also known as Om Sakthi Temple. I enquired of several people. They affirmed that it was our Amma Himself, Who had come in my dream.

The following day, my wife, my father-in-law, my mother-in-law, my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law, and I came to Maruvathur. We had Amma’s darshan. I was very happy to see Amma. I promised myself that I shall not touch liquor anymore. From that day, I changed completely and by Amma’s blessings, am living a peaceful life.

Unfortunately, we did not have children. Hence, we looked after my sister-in-law as our daughter. Whenever there is an auspicious occasion, I always keep the first invitation card before the Divine Mother in our pooja room. I had faith only in the Divine Mother. I have never bowed in front of Amma. In those days, I felt that Mother Adi Parasakthi and Adigalaar Amma were different.

Later on, when I was slowly developing faith and reverence towards Amma, a friend of mine suggested that we would perform Paada Pooja to Amma. When I was entering Amma’s room, I could hear Amma say, “What...? You have been My devotee for a long time. Yet, you thought of coming to Me only today.” I was amazed!

When I touched Amma’s Divine Feet, Amma said at once, “Isn’t it that you have come here praying for a child, for your foster daughter? I shall give her. Come to the temple with Irumudi!” I became happy.

The marriage of my brother-in-law had been fixed. I had brought a copy of the wedding invitation with me. I placed it at Amma’s Lotus Feet and bowed respectfully. Amma told me that Amma would help us conduct the wedding in a grand manner. Amma added that my brother-in-law, too, would be blessed with a child in a year.

I hadn’t asked Amma anything. Amma knew my thoughts and answered them. From that day, I assured myself that Adigalaar is Amma and Amma is Adigalaar! I was convinced. Today, I am totally a devotee of Amma!

Amma made a lot of changes in my life. It was our first Irumudi, when we went to Amma’s temple with our foster daughter. Amma has blessed her with a daughter! The child is named Sakthi Sree. My brother-in-law also has a daughter. Her name is Sakthi Priya. Amma kept up Her promise and blessed both of them, each, with a child.

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