Amma In My Life

Tomorrow is the beginning of 2000 A.D. It was the eve of the New Year, 31st December, 1999. That night, at 12:00, when the New Year was beginning, I recited Guru Potri fifty one times. I prayed to Amma, “Amma, let more good things happen in this world! Let bad things decrease in number.” While talking about his experience, a Sakthi had said that in order to get our wish fulfilled, we may recite Guru Potri fifty one times. So, I, too, recited Guru Potri fifty one times.

I did not ask Amma anything for me. All that I wanted was, “Let the whole world live peacefully.” That might have been the reason Amma gave me a gift. Yes! My doctor told me that I am going to become a mother in a few months.

One night, I had a dream! Amma (Arulthiru Adigalaar) came in my dream. Looking at me, Amma was asking, “Did the doctors tell you that you have to undergo a surgery?”

I said, “Amma, no; the doctors did not. Shall I have to undergo any operation, Amma?” “You may have to,” replied Amma. Saying this, Amma told me two solutions –

“One: You must recite Sakthi Kavacham daily.”

I couldn’t remember the second solution, which Amma said. Usually, I do not read Sakthi Kavacham daily! As it was very important, Amma made me remember the Sakthi Kavacham clearly, even though I didn’t remember the second solution. I do not know.

After that, as per Amma’s directions, I would read Sakthi Kavacham daily.

The day of delivery was approaching. I had to undergo an operation. I was gifted with a baby boy. Dear readers, do you know in what all ways Amma saved me?

It was night. Suddenly, I began to develop labour pain and was taken to the hospital. They called the doctor immediately. At once, the doctor telephoned the staff and gave them instructions. On the following day, the telephone staff was on strike. Telephones did not work anywhere. Good God! Had my operation been on that day, what would have happened to me? Is that all...? In that hospital, there was only one operation theatre. When I was on the labour table, the nurse standing near me said, “You are fortunate. For some reason, they are going to shut this operation theatre from tomorrow.” In that condition, if I had to go to another hospital, I couldn’t imagine what would have happened to me!

Telephone staff on strike! Closing the operation theatre! Amma made everything possible without putting me in any trouble.

I had pain for four to five days, even after the operation. Afterwards, for fifteen days, I had pain only while getting up. After that, I became normal. My health also improved. Not only that, after my child’s birth, everyday, I read Sakthi Kavacham for my son’s well-being. After a few days, when I would recite Moola Manthiram and Sakthi Kavacham, my son would begin to smile as if he knew them. It is certain that because of this only, my child was very healthy. Even now, I remember.

Every year, I would go to Amma during Irumudi. That’s all! I have done very little service. When I could, I would do Vazhipaatu at home. If Amma has done so much for me, I wonder what it would have been if I had done Vazhipaatu daily; if I had gone to Adi Parasakthi Mandram every week; for every festival, if I had gone to Mel Maruvathur and done service in the Temple. I remember a song sung by Ravindranath Tagore. It is a song a beggar sings to himself. It is one among the songs in the poet’s collection – ‘Gardener (Thottakkaran)’. It is like this –

“Look! The shining chariot of the king is slowly advancing. With great respect, people stand on either side of the path. I, the beggar, stood on a side, paying respect to the king. The chariot stopped near me. What a surprise! The king slowly stepped down the chariot. Before I could guess anything, the king stretched both his arms and begged me for alms. I was amazed. Is the king asking a beggar for alms? I couldn’t understand. “Give me something,” said the king. The king has already asked me.

I didn’t have an alternative. I had a bag full of grains. It was the day’s collection. I put my hand in the bag. Reluctantly, I gave only three grains to the king. I felt rather ashamed, but put those grains in the king’s hands.

With a smile, the king went away in his chariot. The beggar that I am, I came back home and emptied the bag. What a wonder! Among the grains, I could see three golden grains! Alas! When the king asked me for alms, if I had given the whole bag of grains...”

Thus, ends the song. Amma didn’t even make me feel sad as the beggar felt. Amma showers Her kindness and blessings on me, day by day. Is She not our Mother?

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