I Trusted – It Happened

My husband and I lead a wealthy life. Even though we had immense faith in spirituality, we thought of Adigalaar Amma as an ordinary human being. We were not able to understand Amma’s greatness. Meanwhile, my husband, who had been healthy, became ill on December 27th, 1999. He was admitted in Mallayya Hospital. None of the organs below his waist could work. His legs lost their strength. Doctors conducted all tests. They found everything normal. His reports said the same.

My mother would regularly go to Vannarappettai Mandram. My mother got me archana kumkum and Sakthimalai Dollar. We gave them to my husband. My mother gave me a copy of Manthira Nool and told me to read all the manthras and pray to Amma earnestly.

That night... I couldn’t sleep. I simply closed my eyes and began to say Moola Manthiram.

Then... Adigalaar Amma, Who is the Personification, Divine Avataram of the Divine Mother, came in my dream wearing red dress. I saw Amma stepping out of the Puttru Mandapam with Neem leaves in Her hands. Suddenly, a bright ray of light emanated from Her eyes and fell on the upper part of my husband’s body. But, the light did not touch the lower part of his body. “Evil spell” – with these two words, Amma disappeared.

I told my husband and my mother about my dream. I prayed to Amma, “Mother! Kindly help my husband recover! When he becomes all right, I shall write a thanking letter to Sakthi Olhi.” In a few days, my husband became normal. Only after we knew Amma’s Grace, we brought a picture of Amma home and began to worship Amma. When we have something in our hands, we fail to know its value. When it was easy for the devotees to have Amma’s darshan, I didn’t know Amma’s value. Now, I yearn for Amma’s darshan. Amma never lets down anyone, who has faith in Amma.

I trusted – it happened.

This is a real experience.

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