The Mental Strength Gained By Performing Angavalam

One day, in 2002, when only four days were left for Chitra Pournami Velvi...

In front of our Temple at Maruvathur, there was a wordy battle between a devotee and the security at the temple. I approached them. The devotee told me, “Sakthi! You, too, live in this temple...! I have seen you several times here. I have come from Sri Lanka. I want to perform Angavalam. The security doesn’t allow me. You tell me what to do.” The security said to me, “Sir, you tell me! Preparations are going on inside the temple for Chitra Pournami Velvi! I told the devotee that he cannot perform Angavalam now. He doesn’t understand what I say.” I looked at the Sri Lankan devotee. He was almost in tears. He said to me, “Sakthi! I have come to Mel Maruvathur, determined that I must perform Angavalam. Please tell the security to allow me.” Instead of trying to convince him, I took him inside the temple and showed him the work, which was going on, on a large scale. I explained everything to him. He became calm and convinced.

After he left us, I began to think. This Sakthi has come from Sri Lanka with the purpose of doing Angavalam. How did he understand the importance of doing Angavalam on Maruvathur soil?

Even in our country, how many of Amma’s devotees may have known the importance of Angavalam? How many of us may have made use of the opportunity we have been given? My mind became filled with thoughts about Angavalam. I remembered...

A devotee asked Adigalaar Amma during Arul Vakku, “Amma! The rich give several things to the temple. They gain the blessings. They return with their wish fulfilled. I don’t have anything with me to give you. Amma, what shall I do? I have been put into such a difficult situation.” Amma answered, “You need not do anything. I know your state very well. You do Angavalam on My soil! Each of your circumambulations is equal to `10,000/-.” Even to the poor, Amma has shown a way called ‘Angavalam’ in order to get Her blessings. Our dear Amma does Angavalam on Maruvathur soil every year, before Adi Pooram. By Her Angavalam, Amma takes away all the sins, which the people have done so far and blesses them. One should consider himself the luckiest in the world for coming to Mel Maruvathur and doing Angavalam. What an easy way it is to become free from all our sins! It is on the soil, where twenty one Siddhas (realised souls) have attained Jiva Samadhi. Those, who have done Angavalam, often say that saying, “Om Sakthi,” they roll just once. That’s all! It is Amma, Who helps them do the rest. Amma rolls them till they finish their round. Amma tells all of us to do Angavalam each time we visit Maruvathur. Amma says that, this will help us get rid of all our sins.

After taking bath with wet clothes on, we need to stand in front of the Om Sakthi Metai (platform). Put some money as Guru Kanikkai in the donation box, according to our capacity. Then, we may go inside. Stand in front of the Sanctum Sanctorum (Sree Kovil) and chant the Moola Manthiram, or we may say, “Om Sakthi.” Then, start the Angavalam. Then, you understand the importance of doing so.

I had a desire to perform Angavalam in the Siddhar Peetham, 108 times. On 10th April, 2002, Amma did not come to the temple. Hence, I took bath and came inside, ready to do Angavalam 108 times. I started at 10:25 a.m. I completed 108 times at 5:05 p.m. In between, Amma’s elder son, Sakthi Anpazhagan came there and blessed me, too! It wasn’t easy to complete 108 times. How did I do that? I prayed to Amma for the well-being of everyone on this Earth. I am sure that was what helped me. This was what I prayed –

“Om Sakthiye, may Amma’s family lead a happy and prosperous life ever! May the virtues and importance of Sakthi Neri spread all over the world. Om Sakthiye, let the sorrows go away from everyone.”

I didn’t experience any difficulty while doing the Angavalam. My mind was filled with a kind of joy, which is hard to describe. Enthusiasm! The changes I could feel in my body! The mental strength Angavalam had gifted me! One should really experience these in order to understand the importance. It is my request that each devotee must perform Angavalam, whenever he comes here. His experience will reveal the truth.

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