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Amma, Who Opened The Inner Eyes Of The Artist

In order to draw a new picture of Arulthiru Amma, our Mandram gave rupees one thousand to an artist, Sri Divakar. He agreed. Thinking that Amma is an ordinary person, the painter began to draw the picture. Sakthi Mahendran was one among us, who chose Sri Divakar to draw the picture. When Divakar began to draw, Mahendran approached him and said, “When you have almost completed the picture, before drawing Amma’s eyes, please tell me. After I do drishti, you may complete Amma’s eyes.”

But, the artist forgot what Sakthi Mahendran said to him. When he had completed the picture, except Amma’s eyes, he took the paintbrush and slowly brought it below Amma’s eyebrows. However, his hands did not listen to him. They refused to draw! Divakar felt that all the Gods and Goddesses were standing around Adigalaar Amma! His legs began to lose strength. His hands didn’t move. He was thrown onto the floor! He became unconscious!

After a while, he regained consciousness. He came to Sakthi Mahendran and told him exactly what had happened, “I thought Adigalaar Amma’s picture is an ordinary one and began to draw it. Before doing the drishti, I began to draw the picture. When I tried to open Amma’s eyes, for a while, I couldn’t see anything. Then, I became unconscious! I lost my vision and my memory. If I had still tried, what would have happened to my vision? Oh God! This Adigalaar is not a human being. Adigalaar Amma is the Personification of all the Gods and Goddesses! He is the Supreme Being! I wouldn’t like to charge you a thousand rupees for the picture. It is enough, if you give me five hundred rupees.” He was in tears.

After that, drishti was done. The artist opened Amma’s eyes. Amma’s picture was kept in a palanquin at Jotipuram Mariamman Temple. Clothes, vegetables, sweets, etc. were kept in the palanquin as an expression of our devotion to Amma. The cut-out of the newly drawn picture of Amma was taken along the streets, in a procession. Thus, we reached the Mandram. At the Mandram, pooja and worship took place. Annadaanam was done. Then, fruits, clothes, sweets, and food items were taken to the United Physically Handicapped School at Kurumbapalayam. The students were served food. We returned home, with the satisfaction that we could do some social work on our Guru Amma’s birthday.