Mother’s Compassion, At Mel Maruvathur

There is a Thonder (devotee, who does service) in our Mandram. In early days, he had been an atheist. After reading books and getting knowledge about Siddhas, he turned towards spirituality. There is a mountain, called Sundara Mahalingam, at our place. People here believe that, even today, Siddhas live on the mountain side. We can find rare fruits and medicinal plants in this locality. This devotee has spent fifteen days on the mountain. He has seen several kinds of black magic and such magicians in front of his eyes.

For several years, he did not have a child. His wife is a devotee of our Amma. Due to her compulsion, he would come to the Mandram. He has come to Maruvathur as well. Once, when he had come with us to Maruvathur, he performed Paada Pooja. Amma was observing mounam (silence) that day. As Amma did not talk to him, he became very angry. He told his wife, “What kind of a person is Amma? He did not say even a word. After a while, Amma stood up and went away. Look here! Hereafter, if you go anywhere saying Siddhar, Sami, Pootham, etc., you will come to know what I shall do!” The wife did not have courage to brush aside his words and come to the Mandram. She knew that he would beat her.

Three years passed since this happened. One day, I met him, but we didn’t talk. Recently, I had gone to visit them in their new house. I was surprised to see Adigalaar Amma’s picture stuck on their showcase! I came to know that he had spent thirteen thousand rupees to get such a beautiful picture to keep in their showcase! I wondered whether he was the same person. I couldn’t believe that he, who would scold his wife if she said Amma’s name, had spent thirteen thousand rupees. I asked him, “How did such a change take place?” He couldn’t answer. Instead, he looked down and I saw tears falling from his eyes. After a while, he said, “I do not know what to say. I always feel that I want to see Amma. I cannot explain the kind of peace and happiness we have now, in our life. When we go out, if we walk thinking about Amma only, everything happens well. I have gone to several temples. It is only in this temple that we do not have to follow any strict rules. If we like, we may worship! If we like, we may do service! If we have, we may put money in the donation box... I liked all these.” When he said all these, I listened to him rather confused. This is his story. Now, you may listen to another story.

This year, when we went for Sakthimalai Irumudi to Mel Maruvathur, all of us bought Amma’s photos. The Sakthi in this story began to weep. He said, “Amma, I really want to buy a big picture of yours, but I don’t have a place in my house to keep such a photo.” When he was saying this, he had been living in a rented house. The house was very small. After he came back from Mel Maruvathur, within two months, he bought a house for five lakh rupees. When the construction began, he did not have even five paise with him. But, all his relatives and many friends helped him. As if in a dream, the house was completed. He hadn’t even thought of building a house. Somehow, everything went off well. He has kept a separate room for worshipping Amma. Now, he wants to conduct a Velvi in his house.

A person should develop Bhakti (devotion) himself. If not, Amma must help him develop devotion. I don’t know which of these helped him. Amma’s ways are different in bringing each one of us onto the path of spirituality. There is no meaning in feeling disappointed by looking at people, who are richer. It is always better to think about all the good things Amma has done for us. We must develop devotion towards Mother and always remember how She has brought us to Her feet. We may not compare ourselves with others. The people in our locality have really changed, ever since they knew about Amma. I would simply ask them, “You are always saying, ‘Amma, Amma’ and worshipping Her. What have you gained from it?” They would answer, “You, too, worship Amma. In the same manner, we worship the Divine Mother and Adigalaar Amma.” This was the only answer I would get. I had to stop my question there.

I have gone to a house. There is a child in that house. His name is Bangaaru Amma. They say, “Bangaaru Amma ate food. Bangaaru Amma is sleeping. Bangaaru Amma is smiling...” They decided to call him Bangaaru Amma, until they would name him. Those, who have faith in Amma and Adi Parasakthi, name their children with ‘Sakthi’. Sakthi Kumar! Sakthi Dasan! Sakthi Shanthi! All Sakthi only! In olden days, when a baby girl was born, even the parents would feel unhappy. Now, we see the child as Divine Mother Herself! If the eldest child is a girl, they feel that she is an image of Mother. Everything has changed quite magically.

How did this change take place? Once, I went with our Mandram to Mel Maruvathur and performed Amma’s paada pooja. We requested Amma, “Amma! For each child, who is born on our soil, please be his kula deivam (preferred deity, ishta deva).” To our joy, Amma agreed that She would. It is the Golden Age for each one of us to be able to witness this, in this birth.

The people in our locality are really good at heart. They have good qualities, but are rather rough in their demeanour. Because of Amma, good changes can be seen among the people. Last year, when the fire star (Agni Nakshatram) rose in the sky, we didn’t get enough drinking water. It was very hot. Even now, in some localities, it is very hot and drinking water is scarce. However, in our place, we had rain three times during the month of Chittirai (April 14th to May 14th). The rain really began by the month of Vaikashi (May to June). Farmers have ploughed their field and started cultivation. This is because of Amma’s special attention to our land. Only the crying child gets milk. Amma listens to our heartfelt prayers. We do worship and perform poojas. Let others do the same.

This is what Amma told our Mandram, when we went to the Temple, “Those, who can understand Me, cannot experience Me. The souls that can experience Me cannot understand Me. Those, who understand Me as well as experience Me, cannot say anything! If you look at Me with knowledge, I become the personification of knowledge. When you experience My grace wholeheartedly, I seem to you as the Soul itself! When you search for Me with knowledge and experience My grace with your Soul, I really become that Soul. (I change into that Soul.)”

My knowledge is very limited in order to understand the meaning of Amma’s words. Do you understand? It doesn’t matter whether we understand, or don’t. If we have love and devotion towards Amma, that itself is enough. A person with devotion doesn’t need any philosophy. This is what Amma has said once in Her Oracle!

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