Faith Is The Best Medicine

Among the crores and crores of people, who live in the shadow of Divine Mother and Guru Amma, I am also one. I am a student in the Engineering College and am studying Information Technology. By Amma’s blessings, I am studying very well. When the second year started, in a few days, I began to develop pain in my backbone. When the pain increased, I went to the doctor. Even after taking medicines, the pain didn’t go away. I prayed to Amma that, if the pain decreased, I shall write to Sakthi Olhi. In a few days, the pain decreased! Gradually, I became completely all right.

After two months, the university exams began. I was staying in the hostel and I studied well. I wrote the first three exams very well. Suddenly, the trial began! I began to suffer, because of high fever and shivering. As we had leave for three days, I came home from the hostel.

The same night, I was admitted in the hospital. My temperature was 104 degrees Fahrenheit, which did not come down. The blood test was done. The doctors said that, I had typhoid fever. The doctors told me that I wouldn’t be able to write the exams! My parents were near me. They felt very sad. I had Amma’s picture with me. I started reading 108 Amma Potri and 108 Guru Potri continuously. Although I was given saline from early morning, there was no decrease in my temperature. I did not give up hope. I felt that, by Amma’s blessings, I would certainly write the exams.

The next day, our Mandram president came to the hospital to see me. He felt sorry for me and consoled me. He gave me Neem leaves and a lemon. The following day, fever decreased. I had to go to write exams the next day. The doctors told me that, I may certainly not go back to the college, because I needed rest. If they discharged me at that time, my life would be in danger. Although I was physically weak, Amma gave me mental courage. I remained calm.

I decided that I must write the exams. Hence, my mother and I left the hospital. We went to our relative’s house, which was very near my college. We stayed there. As I was given saline through the needle fixed on my right hand, I couldn’t even hold the pen to write with. With the firm belief that Divine Mother and our merciful Amma would be with me, I wrote the exams.

I don’t have words to thank our Amma. From the time we came back, till the exams were over, I did not have fever at all! I did the exams well. Afterwards, I went straight to the doctor, who had treated me. The doctor examined me and said, “No one can walk like this, when he is suffering from typhoid! Hence, I am surprised that you went and wrote the exams. The God, whomever you worship, has stood beside you! That’s all I can say.”

When the results came, I had obtained very good marks. The doctors had given me several medicines, but the medicine that really cured me is the deep faith I have in Amma.

Even when we do hard work in order to get good results, we need God’s blessings. In order to get that, one must have faith in God. This is indeed a fact each one should know. I am thankful to Amma.

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