Those, Who Were Separated, Met Again

I got married in 1993. Ours was a happy family with my father-in-law, mother-in-law, and brothers-in-law. We lived happily for one and a half years. In 1995, a baby girl was born to me. After that, within three or four months, there were differences between my family and my husband’s. The initial rift between the families began to widen. I was compelled to go back to my house with my child.

My husband filed a case against me in the court. My husband had been very good to me and I didn’t know for what reason he wanted to take me to the court. We were separated. I found it difficult to live separated from him. A relative of mine is a devotee of our Amma. When he came to know about what happened in my family, he came to me. He said, “Don’t worry! You trust Divine Mother Adi Parasakthi. Do service to Amma! Certainly, your husband will change his mind. There is going to be a grand Velvi on 26th July (1996), in Mettur. You join the Sakthis!” I took part in the Velvi pooja. I would go to Mel Maruvathur very often, during the festivals and do service in the temple.

Once, I did Paada Pooja to Adigalaar Amma and waited for Amma’s Oracle. Amma said, “Be patient! The dispute will end very soon.”

Every year, during the Kartikai (December) Pournami festival, I would go and do service in the Karuvarai. During such days, I would wait for Amma’s Arul Vakku. Amma would be observing silence on those particular days. Merciful Amma, with Her eyes and hands, would talk to me through sign language – “I shall take care of it. Do not worry!”

Three years passed. Every day, in front of Amma’s picture, I would ask Amma, “Why am I in such a state? I haven’t wronged anybody. I haven’t committed any sin knowingly, in this birth. Amma, please change my husband’s mind! Please do not separate my husband from me, forever. He should come back and live with my child and me. I need Your blessings, Amma!” Before going to bed and when I woke up in the morning, I would say Moola Manthiram.

Once, in Sakthi Olhi, it was written that, according to Amma’s Oracle, the year 2000 would be good for women. On 1st January, 2000, I had gone to Mettur Sakthi Peetham to worship the Divine Mother. When I was coming back, I came to know that, in a shop where vessels are sold, the red dress on Adigalaar Amma had turned yellow! I ran to the shop. It was true! On the New Year’s Day, I felt very happy that Amma has shown such a wonder. I felt Amma wouldn’t let me down. My inner voice told me that Amma will not leave me alone!

When I was reading Sakthi Olhi, I saw that, if we say 108 Guruvadi Potri thrice before going to bed, our wish will be fulfilled. A Sakthi with experience had written that. From the New Year’s Day, I began to follow that. I recited 108 Guruvadi Potri three times, before sleep. From the New Year’s Day, I began to write 108 Potri Thiruvuru for 108 days.

Meanwhile, Amma’s birthday was celebrated on 3rd March, 2000. Along with our Mandram, I came to Mel Maruvathur. It was a big crowd. Certain important people came near Amma and got Amma’s blessings. I said to myself, “Amma! I am not as fortunate as these people are... Amma! I am not lucky enough to come near You and touch Your feet. I am not lucky...”

What a wonder! I don’t know how to explain that. Two Sakthis, who were doing thondu (service), came near me. They told me to give them my badge (badge for those, who are doing thondu). They added that I may stand in a separate line and have Amma’s darshan! They took me to a separate line. My happiness knew no limit! The thought, which was deep in my mind, reached Amma. I wondered how Amma comes to know so easily, whatever we think and whatever we do.

I bowed in front of Amma, touched Amma’s feet, and slowly raised my head to see Amma. I felt as if Amma was telling me that everything will be all right. I knew the meaning of Amma’s glance. Among the lakhs and lakhs of devotees, Amma called me near Her and answered my prayers. With Her glance, Amma gave me an answer, too! I felt very happy. I felt certain that Amma will make my husband join me soon. I came back home. It was the 104th day that I wrote 108 Potri. Four more days were left. I told myself, “Amma! I haven’t received any news from my husband so far.” I began to weep. That night... it was 10:30. The phone rang. I woke up. What a wonder! It was my husband, who was speaking. We talked till early morning. It isn’t easy for me to explain how happy both of us were. After a day, on 17th March, 2000, my husband came to my house! Tears welled up in my eyes. I said to Amma, “Merciful Amma! How am I going to express my gratitude? What am I going to give You in return? It is all Your blessings!” Two years before, it was the same husband, who had told me that he wouldn’t ever look at my face again. Amma changed his mind!! Amma gave me back my lost life.

My husband does not do any worship! Still, I take him to Mettur Sakthi Peetam. I would pray to Amma, “Amma, make my husband Your Thonder (devotee, who does service). We seek Your blessings ever.”

My husband retracted the case. I had promised myself that I would write to Sakthi Olhi, when my husband joined me. From 1st September, 2000, we have been living in a separate house. We live happily. It is all Amma’s grace!

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