A Little Thondu, A Lot Of Mercy

We have a Vaara Vazhipaatu Mandram in Thali. Near the Mandram, there is a Kali Amman temple. I regularly go to the temple on Tuesdays and light a lamp using a lemon. In those days, I hadn’t known about Maruvathur Amma. When I would go to the temple, I used to meet our Mandram Thalaivar (President), Sakthi Selvavel Esq. and his wife, Sakthi Rasathi. They would tell me about Amma’s miracles and request me to go to the Mandram and participate in the pooja. Afterwards, I began to attend the pooja regularly. At that time, it was only a few days since I was married. My husband did not stop me from going to the Mandram. In 1999, I went to Mel Maruvathur with my mother on the Chittirai Pournami day. We were very lucky. When we reached the temple, the Velvi pooja was over. Still, we were able to get Amma’s darshan. We happily returned home. When we were staying at Mel Maruvathur, it was very hot. The heat in the month of Chittirai (mid April – mid May) was unbearable. Hence, we drank cold drinks. As a result, I suffered from severe fever, cold, and cough after returning home.

We went to several doctors at Udumalai; still, I didn’t feel better. I was bedridden. Ten days passed. I could neither walk, nor stand. I couldn’t speak at all. While coughing, the chest pain became severe. The cold was even worse.

After ten days, I had a dream. It was a wonderful dream. I saw a very big Mandapam (hall). There were very long steps. There were two pillars made of stone; between them hung a big bell. I was sitting with a few people there. Slowly, the number of people increased. From the Mandapam, a twenty year old girl came running. She was fair in complexion and wore a white sari. She came and stood near the pillars. She looked at the crowd and asked, “Who called me? Who is the child, who couldn’t bear her suffering?”

The girl asked repeatedly. I ran towards the girl and prostrated at Her feet. I looked at Her. Now, I couldn’t see the white sari! Instead, She was wearing a red sari! She sat in front of me. She smeared the sacred ash on my forehead and said to me, “All your sufferings have come to an end! From today, your health will improve. I shall ever protect you! No need to worry.” The girl disappeared. I woke up from my dream.

As a result of very high fever for ten days, I was almost thrown into a state of madness. The next morning, when I woke up, I couldn’t believe that I was able to stand! My fever, cough, and cold had all gone away! The cough had become less frequent. I understood that it was Amma only, Who came in my dream and cured me! I felt very, very happy. This was my first experience. I had another dream related to Amma.

I saw a very big crowd of Sakthis in red dress. They were standing in the shape of ‘Pa’ (the alphabet) in Tamil. I was also there among them. The Divine Mother in our temple was seen in the standing form! There was no decoration (alangaaram). On Her head, there was a very big, red lotus! Some of the Sakthis began decorating (alangaaram) the Goddess. The others were standing, watching them. I was sitting among them. I could see a fair and beautiful child on my lap! The child looked two months old. The child began to talk to me. The child called another Thonder (a person, who does service) and talked to him. Then, the child called each one of us, who was engaged in decorating the deity. The child was asking us whether we completed the work, which we were given. I was surprised that the child was talking just as Amma does! Just like Amma, the child was asking me. The dream faded.

When I had this dream, I was five months pregnant. I was very much aware that Amma was with me, taking care of both my child and me. By Amma’s blessings, on 29th June, 2000, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. It was a Thursday. It is said that, for a woman, delivery is a rebirth. My delivery was a normal one. I had unshakeable faith that Amma would help me. As soon as the child was born, I had a pleasant surprise! The baby, whom I saw in my dream, was lying on my lap – the same child! Even on the labour table, I was very calm, but thinking about Amma’s blessings, my eyes became full with tears. The service I had done to Amma was very little. However, Amma showed me a lot of mercy!

In Developing A Spiritual Toolset

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