Irumudi On The Seashore

It was 12th December, 1997, Friday. My cousin sister and I sat in front of Amma, to get Her Arul Vakku about her (cousin sister’s) wedding. Before we asked Amma anything, Amma said, “On 20th December, the function of Sakthimalai Irumudi is going to be conducted on the seashore. You come there; wear Sakthimalai and come to the temple with Irumudi. I shall find a very good groom for you!”

It was the Divine Mother sitting in front of us. She is Adi Parasakthi. She is Almighty and She is the God of all Gods! Forgetting all these for a moment, unknowingly, I said, “Amma! There are eight more days for the 20th. We have to bring the Mandram Sakthis with Sakthimalai Irumudi, to Mel Maruvathur. After that comes Thaipoosam. How can we come to the seashore on 20th, Amma?”

Amma laughed, “Son, don’t talk like a fool! Many people ask Me different things. I can show them the way to reach their goal. I cannot go along with them. I can only show you the way. A son asks Me for food. I may give him rice and other things, which he needs to prepare food. Can I cook the food and feed him? God shows; God doesn’t feed.”

Amma continued, “Do as I tell you! The girls, who have obstacles in the matter of their marriage, couples, who do not have children, and those, who have problems in their lives and families, need to come to the seashore, wearing Sakthimalai. You ask such people to do that. You may leave (Utharavu)!”

After the Arul Vakku, I told all the Sakthis in our Mandram what Amma had told me. On 20th December, 1997, all of the Sakthis in our Mandram came to the beach and wore Sakthimalai and took Irumudi.

It is my habit that I ask Amma Arul Vakku very often. I went again to ask Amma about my sister’s wedding. Amma said, “Son! These are the days, when people wear saffron coloured clothes, take Kavadi on their shoulders, and drink liquor. This is Kali Yugam! Don’t be in a hurry for the wedding. Let the right time come. She will get a very good groom.”

I said to Amma, “Amma! When will the right time come? Our neighbours and relatives talk ill about her. They make fun of us.”

Hearing this, Amma said, “In order to get her married soon, if you give her to an unworthy person, after a month or two, he may beat her, he may kill her, and then throw her in a ditch, or in a basket! Such things should not happen. So, be patient. You may leave (Utharavu)!”

My sister and I came out of the room. After doing some service (Thondu), we sat near the Naga Peetham, ready to sleep. In those days, in Siddhar Peetam, we had the permission to stay and sleep inside the temple.

We had to start for home the next morning. Some people, who had come with me, wanted to go to a temple nearby and worship there. Hence, we decided to go to that temple the next day and then, proceed from there. These Sakthis wanted to light ‘Maavilakku’ in that temple. Hence, they had prepared the dough, which was needed for the lamp. Before sleeping, we opened the pot to see how the dough looked. It was in good condition. We closed the pot and went to sleep.

My mind was confused. I didn’t know, if it was right to leave Maruvathur Temple, without lighting ‘Maavilakku’ for Annai Adi Parasakthi. I felt that it wasn’t right. Amma is everything for all of us and our beloved Deity! I consoled myself. Amma knows everything! If She wanted us to light ‘Maavilakku’ in this temple, she will certainly take away a portion of the dough. I slept.

The next morning, we went to the temple by bus. In order to light the lamp, we opened the lid of the pot containing the dough. What a wonder! Half the dough had been taken, as if by cutting with a knife! Exactly half of the dough was left in the pot. We looked at one another in wonder. We made the lamp with the dough, which was left. Then, we returned home.

Earlier, I told you that, on December, 20th, 1997, all of the Sakthis from our Mandram went to the beach and wore Sakthimalai. While I was leaving home, I didn’t take my younger sister with me. From my family, only I wore Sakthimalai. When my sister asked me, I told her, “It is enough, if one person from a house goes to the seashore. You may go to the temple with the Sakthis from our Mandram. You wear Sakthimalai at the Mandram and I shall do it on the seashore.”

After nine months, I went to Mel Maruvathur. A girl from our Mandram was sitting in front of Amma to hear Arul Vakku. She told me, “Sakthi! This is the first time I am sitting here for Arul Vakku. I have heard that Amma speaks very fast and that we need to listen carefully. Please accompany me!” Both of us sat in front of Amma. Amma gave her all the answers, which she wanted to know. Then, Amma looked at me and said, “Son! The dough was very tasty!”

Only then did I remember. It became clear to me that half the dough had been taken by Amma! Amma continued, “Son! It is the hungry, who should eat. It is the thirsty, who should take water and drink. If you want your sister’s marriage to take place, it is she, who should wear Sakthimalai on the seashore!” Inadvertently, I said, “Amma, she wore Sakthimalai at our Mandram. She brought Irumudi to the Temple along with the other Sakthis.” Amma replied, “Son! What did I tell you? I told you that your sister needs to wear Sakthimalai on the seashore. It is on this seashore that the five elements (Panjhabhuthangal) meet! Each one should try, himself, in order to wipe away his obstacles. I can show you the way only. Depending on how hard you try and obey what I say, I shall come along with you.”

Following this Arul Vakku, my cousin sister wore Sakthimalai on the seashore and her marriage went off very well! My younger sister also got married. Today, we serve at the temple with the whole family.

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