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We have been worshipping Amma for twenty years now. Before doing all important things, we go to Mel Maruvathur and seek Amma’s blessings. We don’t do anything without consulting Amma. Once, my daughter suffered from severe pain in her leg. It happened all of a sudden. The veins would pull her leg. She couldn’t bear the pain! While doing practical exercises in the school, she wouldn’t be able to stand. Hence, the teachers would ask her to sit and do the work. It was unbearable for my husband and me to see her suffer. Slowly, she began to bend on one side, while walking. We feared that she would continue to walk in this manner!

We prayed to Amma. We performed Paada Pooja and waited for Amma’s answer. Amma told us certain medicines. We gave our daughter those medicines. I decided that when my daughter gets well, I would send money to Amma’s hospital as a token of gratitude. Amma heard my prayers and gradually, my daughter became all right.

As soon as my daughter became all right, I sent Rs.5,004/- to Amma’s Hospital, where they are giving free treatment and medicines to the poor. Even today, we send whatever money we can to the hospital. Besides, we tell our friends about Amma’s hospital and their free treatment. Whatever money they give us is also sent to the hospital. Honestly, from that time, we have never had many expenses regarding our health.

Amma takes care of everything. We are thankful to Amma and seek Her blessings for everyone on this Earth.