The Strength Of Amma's Photograph

Our family has been living a good life with the blessings of Adi Parasakthi and the grace of Arulthiru Adigalaar Amma, for the last twenty three years. We have undergone several trials and difficulties, one after another. Yet, Amma has been kind enough to help us overcome those difficulties. It is Amma, Who protects us. I would like to share my experience with the devotees, in order to make them aware of the greatness of Amma’s photograph.

In 1982, my new house was built. As per Amma’s directions, we performed Velvi. The housewarming function went off well. We named our house ‘Om Sakthi Illam’.

In 1997, in our locality, six houses away from ours, there lived a person, who considered himself religious and spiritual. All of a sudden, one day, sitting in his house, he began to create flowers, fruits, sugar candy, the sacred ash (vibhuthi), kumkum, etc. and distribute them to people. Hearing this news, people in our locality assembled in his house in large numbers. My relatives, who stay opposite our house, told me to go with them to his house and get vibhuthi from him.

I trusted only Mel Maruvathur Divine Mother and our Arulthiru Amma. I told my relatives that, apart from Amman and Amma, I wouldn’t go to anybody. However, my relatives forcefully grabbed my hand and made me accompany them to this magician’s house. They introduced me to this person as a devotee of Mel Maruvathur Amma.

Hearing this, this person brought out a shoe flower and gave it in my hands. In the same manner, he gave others flowers, fruits, etc.

Suddenly, he looked at me and said, “I must come to your house.” Saying this, he took all the people present there with him and came to my house. He sat there.

In our pooja room, we have the photo of Divine Mother and Adigalaar Amma. We decorate them with flowers. Both in the morning and evening, we light Kamakshi Vilakku (lamp).

A person among the people, who came to my house, told the magician to materialise something. Smilingly, that person moved his hands. Nothing came out! He couldn’t materialise anything. “In this house, there is a God stronger than my powers,” he said. He went straight to our pooja room and lighted camphor. He held the burning camphor in his palm and performed Deeparadhanai. When he couldn’t bear the heat of the burning camphor, he threw it on the floor and went straight to his house.

That night, my wife had a vision of Amma. Amma told my wife not to allow these kinds of unwanted people inside the house and then, disappeared. My wife woke up and told me about the dream. From the following day, we have never allowed these kinds of people to enter our pooja room.

From the day he went back from our house, the above mentioned person couldn’t perform any kind of magic in front of anybody! Hence, he vacated the house and went to another locality. Still, he cannot materialise anything. Everyone in our locality totally understood that, wherever there are Amma’s and Adigalaar Amma’s photos, magicians may fail to show their tricks. Hence, everyone has these pictures and all of them join in performing pooja in the Vaara Vazhipaatu Mandram.

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