The Greatness Of Mangala Kumkumam

Sakthi Balasubramaniam belonged to Veeranam village, in Nellai district. He is the village officer in Thuthikulam, a nearby village. His wife, Sakthi Visalakshi, is a staunch devotee of Annai (Divine Mother) Adi Parasakthi. She attends every Vaaravazhipaad (weekly pooja). Balasubramaniam doesn’t go for pooja, but he doesn’t stop his wife from attending the vazhipaad (pooja). Once, Sakthi Balasubramaniam and his wife went to Selam after performing the Sakthimalai Irumudi, at Mel Maruvathur. When they came back to their house from Selam, Balasubramaniam developed fever as soon as they entered the house. His face became swollen. He became weak and tired.

Sakthi Visalakshi works as a nurse in the nearby village of Aalankulam. Seeing her husband suffering from fever and a swollen face, she became worried. At once, she took him to Thirunelveli and admitted him in a well known hospital. Dr. Shanmukhasundaram checked him up. The x-ray pictures showed that Balasubramaniam’s stomach and chest were filled with water. The Monto test showed that he was suffering from tuberculosis. His kidneys were not working. His liver had become swollen. His whole body gradually became swollen. The amount of urea increased in his blood. The sugar level, which should be between 90 and 120, was only 55. The heart beat was only 35 beats per minute. If the doctor gave him medicine for the kidneys to function, it would affect his heart and liver. If he was given medicine for swollen liver, the kidneys and heart would be affected. Hence, the doctors did not give him any medicine. No treatment was given.

There was a nurse called Thamizhselvi working in that hospital. She was a close friend of Sakthi Visalakshi. Bala’s condition became still worse on 24th January, 2000. The doctors lost hope. One of the doctors asked Thamizhselvi, whether she had told Sakthi Visalakshi about Bala’s condition. They told her that his condition was very bad and it was doubtful whether he would survive. Thamizhselvi answered that Sakthi Visalakshi herself was a nurse and that she knew everything very well. Balasubramaniam and Visalakshi belonged to different castes. They had property worth several lakhs. One of the doctors knew that in case something happened to Bala, his relatives wouldn’t give any property to Visalakshi. He was Bala’s close friend. Hence, he asked Bala whether he had written a will nominating Sakthi Visalakshi as his heir. To such an extent his health had worsened!

When Bala was in the hospital, Sakthi Visalakshi had a dream one night. In the dream she was coming out of her house. At that time, there were heavy showers accompanied by thunder and lightning. A very bright flash, accompanied by thunder, came towards her head. As soon as it came near her head, it went upwards. In its brightness, the street lights and the lights in the houses became dim at first and then, very bright. On the following night, she had another dream. In this dream, Balasubramaniam went to worship at a temple opposite the hospital. While he was circumambulating, someone was calling him from one side. At once from the opposite side, Arulthiru Amma called him and said, “Come to me here.” When Bala went near Amma, Amma embraced him.

After exactly four days, the doctors found that Bala’s condition had become all right. He began to pass the required amount of urine. Hence, the fluid in his body became normal. The amount of sugar in his blood became normal. The swelling also subsided completely. It was a pleasant surprise for the doctors. On 31st January, 2000, they examined Bala once again. There was no more swelling in the liver. There was some problem left in the kidneys. Hence, they gave him half a tablet daily. When the doctors had not been giving him any treatment, Bala became normal. They kept him in the ICU for another two days and discharged him.

The doctors had asked him to go for the next check-up on 7th February, 2000. They found that the kidneys were functioning normally. All the organs were functioning well. On 12th February, 2000, Balasubramaniam and his wife were sitting to perform Paada Pooja. While coming to Arulkudam, Amma looked at both of them up and down. When they were performing pooja, Amma told them, “What you have suffered is enough. I was watching everything. Hereafter, you will have good times.”

At last, I asked Bala a question, “When most of your organs had stopped functioning and the doctors had given up hope, how did you become all right?” It was Sakthi Visalakshi who answered, “Sir! From the day he was admitted in the hospital, I had been applying Amma’s kumkum on him, specially on his chest and stomach. I would recite 108 and 1008 Mantras in such a way that he could hear them.”

“Without any treatment, it is Amma’s blessings alone that have cured him and he is alive today,” she said, shedding tears of joy. “According to my horoscope, I am 44 years old. When I was admitted in the hospital, that age came to an end. Now, I am 46 and still alive and healthy. When I was coming back home, it was a new lease of life given by Amma. So long as I am alive, that life will be what Amma has given me,” said Bala to me. At that time, Bala’s wife took out the x-rays of his liver, heart, kidneys, and pictures of his scans and showed them to me.

Flowers, garlands, turmeric, and vermillion are considered to be auspicious. Bala is still alive, because his wife applied Amma’s kumkum on his body. Isn’t that kumkum that of Mother Adi Parasakthi!

“Om Sakthi Ammave, Sharanam Amma!”

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