The Good Results Of Mass Prayer

My husband is working in Madura Coats. They distributed among the workers a land that belonged to them. On that land, there are more than seven hundred houses. This place is situated between Vikramasingapuram and Ambasamudram. Five kilometres away, you can see River Thaamrabarani. Near the river, there is Paapanaasam Thirukovil. Beyond that, there are mountains. The epics say that, on the Pothigai Mountains, Lord Shiva gave darshan to Sage Agastya. Hence, our locality is known as Agastyarpatti. There are Adi Parasakthi Mandrams both in Vikramasingapuram and Ambasamudram, but they are three kilometres away. Neither my husband, nor I had gone there. Sakthi Bhagavathi Rajan was the Mandram President (Thalaivi) in Vikramasingapuram. He lives in our locality. He felt that it would be a good idea to conduct mass prayers in the houses, in our locality. His wife encouraged him. On 3rd March, 2002, the first Vazhipaatu was going to be done in the house of a Sakthi, called Subbalakshmi. I live near her house. On 3rd March, Subbalakshmi came to my house. She said to me, “Today is our Amma’s sixty second birthday. There is Vazhipaatu in our house. I have come to invite your family for the pooja. Please do come.”

My second daughter and I took part in a mass prayer for the first time, that day. Sakthi Bhagavathi Rajan and his wife, Shanmugasundari helped the Mandram conduct the prayer. That day, Sakthi V. N. Sivagnanam, Esq. talked about our Amma in very simple Tamil.

We have been having Koottu Vazhipaatu in all the houses, on Sundays. I had taken part in the prayers only thrice. By then, by Amma’s blessings, my second daughter’s marriage was fixed. In our friend’s house, their daughter’s marriage was also fixed. For these reasons, people in our locality began to have faith in Amma.

My daughter’s marriage was to be conducted on 20th June, 2002. My husband wanted to take a loan for the expenses, in connection with the marriage.

On 31st March, 2002, Siddhar Peetam Pulavar Sakthi M. Sundaresan came to our place. Sakthi Sundaresan gave us a spiritual discourse. Pulavar cleared many of our doubts. He explained to us why, in all the pictures of Annai, Adigalaar Amma can be seen. Such a picture tells us the importance of He, She, It – Guru Amma, Annai Adi Parasakthi, and Suyampu. This is called Mupporul Thathuvam. Sakthi Sundaresan said that, Divine Mother Herself had explained this to them.

In that Kootu Vazhipaatu, only I had taken part. My husband did not come. I came back and told my husband what Pulavar had told us. Although he was listening to me carefully, he did not say anything.

We had saved some money for our daughter’s marriage. With that, we bought jewels, booked the marriage hall, made arrangements for the reception, cooking, etc, and paid in advance to the grocery store. The wedding day was approaching. Invitations were sent to friends and relatives, but there wasn’t any money left for the marriage! My husband did not get a loan. Though he tried hard, nothing worked. My husband was very disappointed. Both of us were worried. Still, because of my faith in Amma, I consoled my husband by saying that, Amma wouldn’t let us down and that he would get the money.

On the previous day of the marriage, my husband went to Sakthi Bhagavathi Rajan’s house. I did not know the reason. When he came back, I understood that he had requested them to give him Amma’s Dollar. He was wearing Amma’s Dollar around his neck. I felt very happy. The next day was the wedding day. After that, we had to pay back those people, who had lent us money. We might need a lot of money. Moreover, we had to keep up our promise. We were worried about how we could do that. I told my husband, “Why do you worry? Amma will certainly help us. I am happy that you are wearing Amma’s Dollar faithfully! Now, we don’t need to worry at all! Amma will take care of everything.”

My daughter’s marriage went off very well. We had given an invitation to our postman. He, too, attended the wedding. After a while, he took my husband aside and said, “You have a registered post from the provident fund office. You come to the post office and receive it.” When my husband brought the registered letter and opened it, we found that they had sent him the amount he had requested. My husband felt very happy. In the right moment, Amma saved us from disgrace! This incident assured me once again that, if we have deep faith in Amma, Amma will always be with us. She will not let us down!

On every Sunday, mass prayer is conducted in each and every house in our locality. We have been doing this for twenty weeks, now. On other days, we have power failure every now and then, but on Pooja days, there has never been a power failure! I may say that, until 1st March, we were simply living. Even though we have eyes, we were blind. Though we have ears, we were deaf. Though we have a mouth, we were dumb. On March 3rd, when we attended our Amma’s sixty second birthday celebration, we became true human beings! My whole family has become devotees of Amma. Annai tells us in Her Arul Vakku, “She doesn’t exist without Him. He doesn’t exist without Her. He and She are one and the same. (Annai and Adigalaar)” On Amma’s birthday, all of us understood the meaning of this Arul Vakku! Guruvadi Sharanam! Thiruvadi Sharanam!

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