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Maruvathur Annai, Who Cleared My Mind

I have faith in all Gods, but for a few years, I did not have faith in Maruvathur Temple or Adigalaar Amma. I was not involved in anything related to the Temple, but later on, it became clear to me that our Adigalaar Amma has the power and kindness, which can attract millions of devotees. The following is my experience –

When I was working in the Chennai office, a new boss was appointed in our branch. One day, I went to his cabin to get his signature in a few files. This officer would start his work, only after offering his prayers to a photo of our Adigalaar Amma stuck on his table-top. When I saw Amma’s photo, I said to my boss, “My son has been going to Mel Maruvathur for several years, carrying Irumudi. He would go to the Temple as and when he wished to. It is a pity that I haven’t yet had any faith, Sir.” My boss told me to sit on the chair opposite him. Then, he began to tell me about Mel Maruvathur, Adigalaar Amma, the greatness of His Avatar, and His kindness and compassion. He said them so convincingly that it really touched my heart.

I felt that I must go to the temple. I went to the Temple and had darshan of the Divine Mother. At about 11 o’clock, Adigalaar Amma came to the Temple and I had Amma’s darshan, while She was circumambulating the sanctum sanctorum.

The following day, I told my boss that I had gone to Mel Maruvathur. My boss said, “It is better that you buy flowers, fruits, rose water, etc., place them on a plate, go to Amma, and have darshan personally. The most important thing is that, when you do so, Amma’s Divine glance will fall on you.” Hence, I went to Mel Maruvathur once again. Just as my boss had told me, I bought things for Paada Pooja and kept them on a plate with coins (Guru Kanikkai). While I was standing in the line, when my turn came, I went inside wearing pants (later on, I felt sorry that I didn’t wear a dhoti). Adigalaar Amma was sitting on a chair and giving darshan to devotees. Folding both my palms, I paid my respects to Amma from where I was standing. I was looking at Amma’s Divine Feet. What a wonder! I didn’t see Adigalaar Amma there. Instead, I saw Divine Mother Madurai Meenakshi from Her waist to Her feet, in green colour! That very moment, my mind became clear and my doubt went away. I longed to see that sight once again. From Amma’s look, I felt as if Amma was telling me, “All these days, you didn’t have faith in Me. Did you understand My power?”

My mind began to change totally. I began to go to Maruvathur very often. There was a time, when I would just go away, when I saw Amma’s photo. Now, I stand and look at Amma, whenever and wherever I see Amma’s pictures. I do this with great respect and devotion. While travelling, or passing by any Mandram, I would look at Amma’s photo on the roadside and touch my cheeks with my palm respectfully. I chant the Moola Manthiram regularly. I chant the Moola Manthiram always. I read all the books of Sakthi Olhi. From my experience, it became clear to me that whoever has a desire to follow the path of spirituality, Divine Mother will guide that person in the form of Adigalaar Amma. Amma’s power and Her mercy are limitless and She is omnipresent! Amma guides us; Amma guards us!