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Time And Distance Do Not Matter


Engineer Ilango belongs to Tamil Nadu. He is living in America. He is a devotee of Guru Amma. Once, he lost his job in America and was trying to get a new one. He got an interview card from a company. While he was going to Washington, during the three hours, Sakthi Ilango was remembering Adigalaar Amma and mentally chanting Guru Potri. In Washington, when he entered the room for his interview, he saw a wonderful sight.

Yes! On the chair meant for the interviewer, our Amma was sitting with a red shawl on! When Ilango saw such an unexpected, wonderful sight, he fainted and fell down. The employees in the office came running and brought him back to consciousness. Now, when he looked at the chair, he couldn’t see Amma there! The American boss was sitting there, on the chair.

Our Amma, who is in Mel Maruvathur, was seen in Washington. How did Amma reach there at that time?


There is a young man, called Mariappan, in Nellai district, Sankaran Temple. He is a devotee of Amma and a Thonder (devotee, who does service).

Once, when Mariappan and his sister were walking through a forest, they had a frightful experience. Almost twenty feet tall, a very fat wolf came towards them, ready to attack! At once, Mariappan took Guru Amma’s Dollar, which was there on his neck, in his hand. Remembering Amma with great devotion, he said aloud, “Amma!”

At once, our Amma appeared behind Mariappan with a camphor plate in His hands and looked at the wolf angrily. That’s all! Immediately, that wolf ran towards the road nearby, fell down, and changed into a black cat! It ran away into the dense bush. Amma, who is in Mel Maruvathur... how did Amma come to the forest path at that time? Generally, the devotees may say that this is a miracle by Amma. Then, they would thank Amma and then, keep their palm on their cheeks.

What is the distance among the three places? Washington – Maruvathur – Sankaran Temple? How much of time will it take to reach these places? How can Amma reach there in time? Thinking like this, even the educated people may hesitate to believe this. For such people, I would like to give the following explanation:

An ordinary human being cannot do this. But, our Amma is the Incarnation of Divine Mother Adi Parasakthi. For Amma, these are simple things. Why? For Amma, God Himself, time and distance do not matter.


Time is a particular period, which cannot be seen by us. We cannot touch time. We can feel the wind, but we cannot feel time. Suppose a person is going fast by car; if the railway gate at the level cross is closed, he becomes restless and spends each minute impatiently. A person, who is fully absorbed in the work he is doing, may suddenly look at his watch and say, “Oh! How fast time passes...”

A man, who had been in a coma for four days, suddenly regains consciousness. He doesn’t know that four days have passed. Some people say that time passes very slowly and that they get bored. Some people say that time doesn’t pass soon, at all.

However, time doesn’t pass according to our will or wish. Time doesn’t pass either slowly, or fast. For everyone, time passes by in the same manner.


The brain of the person, who is waiting at the level cross, feels the passage of time very slowly. One, who is doing his work with great concentration, isn’t aware of the passage of time, at all. When our brain is conscious about the passage of time, we know that time is passing. When the brain doesn’t have a connection with the passage of time, such a person doesn’t know that time is passing.


Time doesn’t go or come. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all kinds of calculations. When the Earth rotates on its own axis, when the part of the Earth, on which we live, comes in front of the sun, we call it the ‘day’. When this part moves away from the Sun, we call it the ‘night’. It’s a fact that we cannot divide time into day and night. It is always the same. Similarly, in time, there is neither present, nor past. It is only for our convenience that we divide time into the past, the present, and the future. In this universe, there is no ‘above’, or ‘below’ (‘up’ and ‘down’). This, itself, is the principle of time.


God or Almighty is the Supreme Power. Hence, He is fully aware of time. The human beings do not know when time started, or when it is going to end! Time doesn’t have a beginning. It doesn’t have an end as well.

God doesn’t have a beginning. That power doesn’t have an end. God Himself created time. God alone, who created time, knows what time is.


Man exists in his physical form. His body has weight. Distance spreads all over the universe. Distance has neither beginning, nor end. Man considers science most superior. In science, distance and time have a lot of importance. In science, distance and time are calculated accurately. As man possesses a physical body, he needs time and energy to move from one place to another and cover that distance. In other words, in human life, time and distance have equal importance.


Distance does not affect God. If we think deeply, we come to understand that, for God, there is no ‘distance’. Why? God, the Supreme Power, is Omnipresent; He pervades everywhere. This means that God is everywhere. The saint-poet Thayumanavar says, “Wherever we look, You are seen.” Saint Kambar says about God, “You are seen in the pillar; You are there in rust; when an atom is divided into a hundred parts and one part is divided into two, You are seen even in that half!” It is clear that God is present everywhere and distance does not apply to God.


When he was in America, as soon as Engineer Ilangovan thought about Amma, Amma gave him darshan sitting on the interviewer’s chair! When Sankaran Temple Mariappan called Amma, when he was in danger, Amma came there and saved him! Washington and Maruvathur are far away from each other. A lot of time is required to reach there. An ordinary person cannot accomplish this feat, but for Almighty, there is no time and there is no distance! For this reason, as soon as the devotees called Amma, or thought about Her, Amma reached there immediately. Amma is the incarnation of God, the Divine Mother and hence, time and distance do not apply to Her.