Is There Any Limit To Amma’s Mercy?

Last year, we were fortunate enough to participate in Amma’s birthday celebrations. That chance was a gift from Amma. Accordingly, I came to Mel Maruvathur. Two days after Amma’s birthday, we performed Paada Pooja. Amma asked me how our Canada Mandram was progressing. Then, Amma said, “I shall grant Canada a common Mandram. You take the responsibility and be the leader of the Mandram. You can get the registration done tomorrow itself! You take care of everything very well. I shall give you good people to help you. With the cooperation of all the Sakthis, you can run the Mandram very well.” I couldn’t believe what I heard! I asked Amma, “Amma! Do I have to?” Then, Thirumathi Amma, who was sitting near Amma, told me, “Yes. Amma means you. You can get the registration done tomorrow.”

At that time, Amma materialised Kumkum in Her hands, gave it to me, and blessed me!

The Mandram registration was done the next day. I went to Amma with my sister, to get Amma’s blessings. On that occasion, Amma told me that Amma was going to show several wonders in our Mandram and in the future, Amma will get a Sakthi Peetam built in Canada. Amma also told me to take up the responsibility of doing one of the services, during the festivals.

Accordingly, as the first step, during this year’s Adi Pooram festival, we distributed cool drinks and buns to devotees. It was our first attempt. For this service, Mr. & Mrs. Vijayan, Sakthis Muthu, Shanmuga, and Dinakar were a great help to me.

Now, Amma has found us a separate place for our Mandram and told us to celebrate the Navaratri festival on a grand scale! During the festival, we lighted Amma’s Akhanda Vilakku and celebrated Navaratri as well as we could. While making the flower garland for Amma, Sakthi Rani prayed to Amma, “Amma! In all the Mandrams, You perform many miracles. Please do so in our Mandram as well. Won’t this garland, which I am making, lengthen?”

What a wonder! The garland, which was put on the Divine Mother, became four times longer! Amma, the ocean of compassion and mercy, indeed showed a miracle! All of us exclaimed, “Amma! Adi Parasakthi!” Is that all? All the garlands that were on Amma’s photos and Thiruvadi photos and the Neem leaf garlands began to lengthen, as if they were competing with one another! We were at a loss for words to express our gratitude to Amma. The joy was indeed indescribable.

Just as Amma had told Mr. & Mrs. Bala, the marriage was fixed for their daughter. The marriage took place in our Mandram, exactly the way in which Amma had told us. They are in America, now. Sakthi Sukanthi was instrumental in conducting the marriage.

Not only these! Amma Herself has told several people with cardiac problems and the parents of a young boy, who was suffering from an incurable disease, to come to this Mandram. Amma cured the boy’s disease completely! Amma has shown several miracles in the life of each of the above mentioned people. Every week, during the Vaara Vazhipaatu, we can hear devotees talking about their experiences. The devotees gladly come forward to register their names to conduct the pooja. These are wonders that we can see in our Mandram and hear about!!


Besides, having heard that there is a Temple, where there is no male poojari and the poojas are done by women clad in red dress, the number of people coming to the Mandram increases day by day. Amma, there is no limit to Your mercy and kindness. In the form of Adigalaar Amma, You talk to us, bless us, and help us live a good life. You embrace each and every one of your children on this Earth. You show miracles. You did exactly what You have told me. Amma, we fail to know in which birth we have done such a lot of good things and earned merits! Amma, all that we can do is, do Paada Pooja at Your Divine Feet with tears of joy! We, the Sakthis of Canada Mandram, owe You everything that You have blessed us with!

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