Maruvathur Mother, Who Saved My Husband

I belong to a family that has been worshipping Annai and Amma for twenty three years. In 1988, I got married according to the traditional ways, at Mel Maruvathur. By Amma’s blessings, my husband, who had been working with the Central Government, got an opportunity to go abroad.

On each vacation, we would go to Mel Maruvathur and do Paada Pooja to Amma. While my husband had been away, each and every moment, Amma had been taking care of my son and me. After three years, my husband was given a promotion and transferred to Shimla. He had to be in Shimla.

During this time, on a Saturday, my mother and I went to Mel Maruvathur. When we entered the Arul Koodam, Amma said to me, “You have piety and a lot of devotion. You do service to Amma. For these two reasons, you will soon live together at the same place.” Amma continued, “Keep this carefully!” Saying this, Amma opened Her palms and gave something to me. I looked at it. It was kumkum (vermillion)! I shed tears of joy. Happily, we came outside the room.

The next day, Sunday, my mother and I went for Arul Vakku. Amma looked at my mother and said, “Daughter! I have saved the lives of your family members!”

We didn’t understand anything then. When we returned home, we came to know that my younger sister’s husband had met with an accident and was admitted in a hospital in Kovai! He was receiving emergency treatment. He had a severe head injury and hence, the doctors said that, a scan should be done. However, because of Amma’s blessings, his life was saved!

At the same time, I received a call from Shimla. My husband was very emotional. He said to me, “When I went to Jammu & Kashmir, there was a very big explosion! My life was saved amazingly! It is unbelievable!” This had happened exactly at the same time, when our Amma gave kumkum in my hands! My mother and I knew the meaning of Amma’s words. Amma really saved the lives of my husband and my sister’s husband.

When my husband is working abroad and whenever I have time, I do Amma’s service dutifully. Throughout our lifetime, we shall do service to Amma and remain most grateful to Her, for saving the lives of my family members.

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