“Amma, Who Changed Me With Just Her Smile”

Six years ago, my husband had suffered from chest pain. At once, he was admitted in a private hospital. By Amma’s blessings, the doctors said that, he was safe and he had to take complete rest. Besides, we may not disturb his mind with any alarming news. We came back home.

Our Mandram was on the upper floor of a building. To worship Amma, my husband had to ascend the stairs. Remembering the doctor’s advice, I was a bit hesitant to let him climb the steps. Hence, when I went to Mel Maruvathur, while doing paada pooja, I asked Amma what my husband may do. Amma said, “Don’t stay upstairs. Come downstairs.” Saying this, Amma advised me a few medicines. I began to give my husband the medicines, which Amma had said.

I had to take care of my husband and complete the responsibilities of our Mandram. I began to find it difficult to do both at the same time. Meanwhile, the Chennai district president (Thalaivar) gave me a few books to collect subscriptions for Laksharchana and told me to collect money from devotees. I told him about my difficulty. He told me kindly, “Amma is always with you. You do Amma’s work! Amma will take care of your husband!”

Only a month was left for Navaratri to begin. I distributed the subscription books among the devotees, in our Mandram and told them to invite everyone for the Laksharchana. It is certain that everyone, who participates in the Laksharchana, is blessed by Amma.

Only a week was left for Navaratri to begin. Half of the books were returned with full collection. The other half were incomplete. I was sad. Moreover, another surprise awaited me. My husband was transferred to Kovai! He was asked to join duty on Monday. On one side, I was worried that the Navaratri collections were incomplete! On the other side, I was reluctant to send my husband alone to Kovai! Navaratri began on Sunday. I didn’t know how to manage both. All that I could do was stand in front of Amma and tell Her my problem. I was literally crying.

My husband told me that he could understand my problem. He consoled me by saying that, he would pay the total amount of all the books. He said that, Amma will take care of everything.

I didn’t want to worry my husband by telling him about the hospital charges, family expenses, etc. I, myself, went for collection on Friday. I went everywhere I could!

A friend of my husband came to see him. He had heard about his transfer to Kovai. He told me that an amount of `10,000/-, which was due to him from their company, had come to the bank. The bank would be open till noon the following day. He told me to go and collect the money.

By Amma’s blessings, all the preparations were made for the Laksharchana. I was worried about sending my husband alone to Kovai. I prayed to Amma and said to Her, “Amma! I don’t want to undertake Mandram work anymore. I don’t like to shoulder any responsibility. This is my last service to You!” I told Amma angrily. When I came out of the pooja room, I saw my husband standing there. He said, “Why are you angry with Amma? My sufferings are the result of the sins, which I might have done. You may not scold Amma. You go to Mel Maruvathur and do Amma’s work! Don’t worry about me! Amma is there to take care of me.” As per my husband’s words, I left for the Navaratri festival celebrations.

That day, all the Sakthis from our Mandram were happily doing service at the Temple. My mind was restless. Unwanted thoughts began to occur in my mind. My anger began to increase. I was sent to make Ladoos. I was immersed in my work. Devotees from all Mandrams, who had gathered there, went for Amma’s darshan, but Sakthis from our Mandram completed our work and went to sleep. The next morning, at 3 ‘o’clock, the Sakthis from our Mandram were cleaning the Temple. We heard our district president call us, “Chennai M.M.T.A. Mandram devotees may kindly come to the Sanctum Sanctorum from wherever they are!”

I was really afraid! Did we commit any mistake? Why are they calling us? I walked towards the Temple, filled with fear. Our district president was standing there. He said to me, “Sakthi! We had given you the work at the Sanctum Sanctorum. You were supposed to complete the work last night. Where are the Sakthis from your Mandram? Why didn’t you come forward?” His words sounded rather complaining. Anyhow, he told me to stand in front of Amma’s Temple and gave each Sakthi a work. I felt that my breath was going to stop at any moment!

Trying hard to free myself from anxiety, I looked at Annai inside the Temple. Then... the Divine Mother was looking at me with a smile on her lips! How can I describe that? I am at a loss for words! At the same moment, all my anger, grief, complaints, and hatred went away from my mind. I said to Mother, “Amma! I was angry with You. My mind was filled with anger, sorrow, and hatred! Whatever I have said is wrong! There are thousands of devotees, who do service, completely surrendering at Your Divine Feet. There are Sakthis from hundreds of Mandrams, who do service at this Temple both day and night, during the Navaratri festival. I am only one among the millions of devotees all around the world! You chose me to stand in front of You like a prisoner, binding me with Your love and affection. It is with Your Divine Smile that You have given me punishment for what I have done! In which birth yet to come, am I going to experience this bliss?” I was extremely happy and emotional.

Amma showed miracles not only to me, but also to my husband!

My husband is working in a government office in Chennai. A case has been going on in the court for ten years, in relation to the settlement of his salary. On the day of the verdict, my husband prayed to Amma and left for Kovai. The trial lasted for three hours. My husband was sitting there, reciting Moola Manthiram mentally.

At last, when the judge was about to give the verdict, my husband took off his spectacles and placed it on the table in front of him. Saying the Moola Manthiram, my husband prayed to Amma, “Amma! You know that in this case, the justice is on my part. If You leave me, I don’t have anyone else to approach! With Your mercy, please help me get justice.” When he looked at the judge, my husband did not see the judge on his chair! On that chair, he saw our Adigalaar Amma giving the verdict! Amma had a big kumkum mark on His forehead. As expected by my husband, the verdict was favourable. With tears, my husband told his friend, “If I had lost this case, they might have deducted three thousand rupees from my salary, every month! Not only that, they might have withheld fifty thousand rupees! I was sure that Amma would help me with the right verdict. Above everything, Amma appeared in front of me on the judge’s chair and blessed me!”


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