Amma Has Come!

September 25th, 1998 – That Friday is memorable. Yes! It was on that day that it happened.

Friday morning, at about 8 ‘o’clock, my husband complained about having chest pain. He was admitted in a private hospital. As his condition was serious, he was transferred to the ICU. The doctor, who treated him, called me and said, “We may wait only for forty eight hours. It is better that you inform your relatives.” Soon, many of my relatives came to the hospital.

On Tuesday, till the evening, my husband was feeling better. Hence, the relatives went back to their respective places. It was almost 7 P.M. My husband’s condition began to become bad. He couldn’t breathe. They gave him oxygen. The pulse rate became less. The urine began to turn red. The lines on the instrument, showing his physical condition, became zigzag. My husband was sweating a lot. Two nurses came and gave him an injection. They told me to take care of him. If there was any problem, I had to call them immediately. They went back to their rooms. It was midnight. It was silent everywhere. Only the night lamp was turned on. I was sitting on a chair near my husband’s bed. For five days, I hadn’t eaten food and I didn’t rest. I wasn’t well both physically and mentally. Even then, I was reciting Moola Manthiram and 108 Potri. When I couldn’t control myself, I said to Amma, “Amma! It is festival season in Mel Maruvathur. Devotees may be pouring litres and litres of milk on You, in the form of Abhishekam. Amidst that, You may perhaps not see my tears. If You feel that I have true faith in You, Amma, You come to me immediately and save my husband! Bless me to wear kumkum ever, on my forehead!” I closed my eyes and prayed to Amma.

Then... I felt that somebody entered the room. He was walking slowly towards my husband. Though I had closed my eyes, I was able to see everything clearly. Do you know what I saw?

I saw our Adigalaar Amma standing there in red dress, with Neem leaves in His hands. Amma was looking at my husband. Forgetting myself, I said loudly, “Amma has come! Amma has come!” When I opened my eyes, there was no one. I looked at my watch. It showed that the time was 1 A.M. I could hear dogs and foxes howling. Hearing that, I was frightened! Only then did I remember that I hadn’t looked at the machine for a long while. I went near my husband. I saw that he was completely wet, due to sweat. I began to wipe the sweat. Suddenly, I shouted, “OH!” The reason was that the tube, which had been supplying him oxygen, had come out of his nostril! I immediately rushed to the nurse’s room, told them everything, and brought them to the room. We couldn’t believe our eyes! The lines, which were moving here and there on the monitor, had all become normal. The urine had become clear. The pulse and heartbeat were normal. Blood pressure, too, had become normal. The doctors said that, there was no need to worry. My husband had become all right. They removed all the tubes from him. I couldn’t say anything. Soon, my husband opened his eyes as if he was waking up from sleep! He looked at me and said, “Why are you standing like this? I don’t have any problem. You lie down for a while and take rest.”

In order to wipe my tears, Amma came from Mel Maruvathur, leaving everything aside during the festival season. Merciful Amma saved my husband’s life. Remembering Amma each and every moment, I am living today. This life of mine is a gift from Her.

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