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The Mystery Of Life

There may be struggles in everyone’s life, but from the day I was born, my life has been full of struggles. I’ve had faith in God right from my childhood. That faith and devotion helped me come out of each struggle, successfully. After completing my education, I got a job. My father was not very responsible. It was my mother, who educated me by working hard. When I began to earn, my mother did not have any financial problem. We were living a very comfortable life. Our friends and relatives were amazed to see us prosper day by day. Soon, I got married. I lived a very happy married life without any difficulty, for twenty three years. He took care of my children and me and gave us all comforts. I may say that it was a golden time. I worshipped Annai Adi Parasakthi and performed pooja every day, thanking Her from the depth of my heart.

Before starting my work in my office, I would put flowers on all Divine photos and pray for a while. The girl, who used to sit near me, would also do the same. She had a lot of pictures on her table. Among them, I had seen Mel Maruvathur Amma, too. In those days, I hadn’t known much about Amma, but I had seen a movie about Mel Maruvathur. That was all.

One day, my colleague did not come to the office. It was a Friday. As usual, I kept flowers on the photos on my table and lighted incense sticks. I did the same on my colleague’s table, too. When I saw Mel Maruvathur Amma, I said mentally, “Amma! Everyone says that You are very powerful. Each and everyone sings Your praise. When will You give me a chance to come to You?” It was 9 A.M. Within 2 hours, at 11 ‘o’clock, my husband came to my office with prasadam from Mel Maruvathur Temple! He told me that it was his friend, who gave him the prasadam. I was really surprised. When I prayed to Amma, She sent me prasadam at once.

The next day, Saturday, I received a phone call from my brother-in-law in Chennai. My brother-in-law was not well. Immediately, my husband and I left for Bangalore. By God’s grace, he became all right soon.

Another brother of my husband was building a house in Chennai. He told us to accompany him to his house. While going with him in an auto-rickshaw, many cars passed us one-by-one. My brother-in-law pointed at a white car with garlands and asked me whether I knew, who the person inside was. I told him that I didn’t. He told me that He is Mel Maruvathur Adigalaar Amma! It was a pleasant surprise for me. I didn’t know that Mel Maruvathur Temple was nearby! I was eager to go to the Temple. I decided that I must go to the Temple before I returned to Bengaluru. We went to the Temple on Sunday. We stayed there. I heard that abhishekam would start at 3 A.M. I woke up at a 3. My husband was fast asleep. We had Manthira Nool with us. I felt that after washing my hands and feet, I may start reading the Manthira Nool. When I completed the Potri, it was 4:30 A.M. I was feeling very happy and peaceful. We had Amma’s darshan. While returning to Bengaluru, I could feel fresh energy within.

Trials and tribulations occur in the lives of all. I am not an exception. My husband, who took care of my family, passed away. I don’t have the courage, or strength to bear sorrow. My husband’s death was indeed a heavy blow to me, but Annai Adi Parasakthi gave me the courage to bear my irreparable loss. Fifteen days before my husband passed away, I had a dream. I was in my room. I could see a person sitting on a chair. I felt sure that I had seen Him somewhere. At once, He raised His hands and blessed me. I recognised Him! He is “Our Adigalaar”! I was very happy to see Amma. I woke up. I could remember the dream. When Amma blessed me, it seemed as if Amma was telling me that, in times of difficulty, Amma would be there to protect my family. When my husband was no more, I was worried about the future. Amma not only gave me courage, but also followed us like a shadow and stood by us. Even today, when I become sad and cry, I can sense Amma’s nearness clearly!

My mother had health problems. When she was ill, I feared that I would lose my mother, too. I became extremely worried. One night, I had a dream. Our Adigalaar Amma was sitting on a sofa. Talking to Amma about my husband, I began to cry. After listening to me, Amma told me that Amma is with my mother. Amma soon disappeared. My son met with an accident. His life was in danger. A few people, among the ones who gathered there, took him to the hospital. Somehow, only by Amma’s mercy and blessings, he is alive today. In times of happiness and sorrow, I pray to Amma with full faith. Amma is there to help my family. There isn’t life without sorrow. Amma gave me the mental strength to bear the loss of my husband. By undergoing sorrows and difficulties, I feel that the effect of my sins will become less! To me, this appears to be the mystery of life.