I Saw The Light, I Saw The Trident

In Canada, there is a place called Morkam. There is a Vaara Vazhipaatu Mandram there. Srimathi Gnanamma Thirunavukkarasu is the president of the Mandram. The work at the Mandram and the services by the devotees go off very well. My husband and I go there, regularly and do service.

This year, we decided to celebrate the Navaratri festival from 6th October, 2002. On the first day, we did all the poojas and the Akhanda Deepam (Eternal Lamp) was lighted. That day, many of the devotees saw many wonders on Amma’s photo! To me, it appeared that a pair of eyes was looking at me from everywhere, from every photo! This was my experience. The pooja continued. On the seventh day, it was Sarasvati Pooja. All of the devotees were singing devotional songs in chorus. Suddenly, a flower fell from Amma’s photo. Following that flower, four more flowers fell! Our Mandram president was very excited. She said, “Amma has come! Amma has come! Amma is giving vibhuthi, sandalwood, and kumkum to everyone. All of you may come and look!” All of us went there.

On the picture of the Divine Mother with our Amma and Suyampu, we could see dots of pure white vibhuthi below Adigalaar Amma! Slowly, yellow coloured sandalwood powder could be seen. Later on, we saw that kumkum began to fall gently from Adigalaar Amma’s head. All of us were very happy and said, “Om Sakthi!” aloud. After this, during Navaratri pooja, the same kind of kumkum would fall from Amma’s forehead! Besides, the flower garland, which was put on this photo, began to lengthen! We were all very, very happy and said aloud, “Om Sakthi! Om Sakthi!” That day, all of us went back home. It was Vijayadashami the next day. All of us would come back the following day. The next day, all of us took part in the pooja. When we reached home, it was 10 P.M. My husband told me that he would extinguish the oil lamps in the pooja room and come back. He went downstairs to the pooja room. Soon, I heard him call me. When I went to the pooja room, my husband, pointing to one of the lamps, said to me, “Look! The flame in this lamp looks different. Only in this lamp, the light is very bright!” I told my husband to turn the electric lights off and he did that. Then...

The Om Sakthi lamp, which was lit in front of Adigalaar Amma’s photo, shone like a bright star! Later on, the flame slowly took the shape of the letter ‘Om’. Soon, this light spread throughout the room. We felt that we were indeed seeing a light (Jyoti). I exclaimed, “Amma! You have come to our house!” As soon as I said this, the same flame became a thin, golden rod, rose to a height of three feet, and spread itself in the form of a trident! Seeing this, my father and mother said, “Om Sakthi! Om Sakthi!” My husband said, “Today is Vijayadashami! It is today that Divine Mother goes to wage war, carrying the trident! Amma has clearly shown us everything!” The next day, I went to the Mandram and told everyone the miracle, which we witnessed in my house. Is it enough, if only we knew this? No... No! All the devotees of Amma need to know about my experience. My Mandram president told me to write it to Sakthi Olhi. I have done it!

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