Spreading Amma’s Message Solved My Problem

In order to set one’s foot in the path of progress and move towards success and victory, there is a factor that encourages us. It is called ‘recognition’.

When a student works hard and passes the exam, scoring the highest marks, that success is recognition for his hard work.

When the boss praises an employee with an open mind, that praise is recognition for the employee’s skill.

Amma gave me a work. The work was spreading Amma’s message. I, too, got recognition for doing the work successfully. Do you know to what kind of a person Amma gave this job? I’m a person, who stammers while talking. To such a person, Amma gave this work and also the capability to fulfil the task. That, itself, was the recognition I got! Please do not think of me as blowing my own trumpet. All the credit goes to Amma only.

My mother had a son at first. That child had health problems and passed away at the age of five. After a few years only, I was born. I have heard that my mother was really worried. “The first child is no more! How am I going to bring this child up carefully? God, please take care of everything!” She would always pray. Till I was ten years old, I, too, had health problems. Besides, I didn’t talk till I was five years old. I spoke only two words, “Amma! Oooo!” My parents were really worried that I hadn’t started talking. They were sad! They went to every Temple and prayed. They worshipped all forms of Gods. They took me to several doctors.

My mother is very pious and religious. Naturally, her prayers were answered. Somehow, I began to talk. But, I would stammer. When I was studying in school and college, I would stay away from other students. The reason was that I had an inferiority complex! When I started working, I behaved like that even in my office. It was during this period that I began to take part in Amma’s spiritual work. I did service as well as I could, when new Mandrams were coming up in our Thirunelveli district. Early one morning, I had a dream. I saw that I had been giving a speech, during the Mandram festival. On the 10th day after the dream, I received an invitation card for the inauguration of the Thirunelveli Town Women’s Mandram. It was printed on the card that the spiritual speech would be rendered by me.

When I was unable to give even a simple speech, it was printed that it would be a very special speech. I didn’t know what to do. I telephoned the Mandram president. I said, “Om Sakthi! What have you done? You know that I cannot speak easily! I have never spoken in a public programme. What have you done? There are many people, who are well-versed in Tamil. Please invite one of them to give the speech.”

The Mandram president said, “Invitation cards have already been given to all the Mandrams. I am afraid we cannot change that. Do not worry. You are not going to talk. Instead, it is our Amma, who is going to talk through you! Please do come.” She kept the receiver down. The Mandram inauguration was to take place on a Sunday. Before starting from home, I stood in front of Amma’s photo and prayed to Her, “Amma! Since I was born, I have never attended any public programme. I have never given a speech. These are truths known to you. It is for the first time that I am going to talk about You. Amma, whether people praise me, or ridicule me, it isn’t going to affect me. Just as the Mandram president said, You remain within me and talk through me! Only You can talk, Amma!” I left home.

I joined the procession. I took part in the Kalasha Vilakku Velvi pooja. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. My mind was confused. It was filled with fear. I was worried about how I was going to talk! The celebrations began. When the time for my speech came, they called my name and introduced me to the audience. Instead of saying that I spoke on the occasion, I had better say that Amma spoke for me. That is the truth. It was a wonder! I didn’t know where stammering went away...! It was nothing but Amma’s mercy! From that day, on every occasion, all Mandrams in our locality would invite me to give a discourse. I have heard that there was a person, called Moogan. He was dumb. Divine Mother Adi Parasakthi showered Her blessings on him and made him a poet! I, too, didn’t talk in my childhood. Later on, I stammered whenever I spoke. Our Amma made me spread Her message everywhere and to everyone and thus, gave me the ability to talk clearly. I had gone to Amma twice for Arul Vakku. I did Paada Pooja twice. On each occasion, Amma would tell me, “Talk about Me!” Last year, when I went for Paada Pooja and told Amma about some of my problems, it seemed to me that Amma sat as if She wasn’t listening to me. Finally, Amma said, “Continue spreading my message everywhere! That is enough for you.”

It became clear to me that spreading Amma’s message, itself, is the solution for all my problems. By Amma’s blessings, I do this service as well as I can. I am very happy as I know that Amma is pleased with my work! It is my wish that I may continue this service (Thondu) till the last day of my life. Amma has recognised my work! When a child begins to talk, even if the words are not clear, its mother becomes happy. My humble service is a similar one! The credit goes to Amma only!

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