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Everything Is A Gift From Amma

In 1985, my house was burnt by our enemies. All that was left were our lives and the clothes which we wore! We struggled hard and with great effort, we built a house in the same place. Meanwhile, a good alliance came for my elder sister. The boy and his family were staunch devotees of Mel Maruvathur Amma. Actually, they had decided to choose the right girl from among several girls, by a draw in front of the Divine Mother. The lot fell on my sister! Hence, they requested my family to give my sister in marriage to their son. Though a few of our relatives were against this marriage, it went off very well by Amma’s blessings.

It was at that time, that my elder brother got admission to B.A. degree. My father’s income wasn’t very high. We had to repay the loans. Each day went by worrying about all these. There wasn’t peace. We decided to sell our house and repay debts. Many people came to see our house, but there wasn’t a buyer! Two years passed. Problems increased up to our neck. We even thought of committing suicide, all together!

It was then, that a friend, called Kumuthavalli, came to our house and told us about Mel Maruvathur Amma. Before this, we had only heard about Mel Maruvathur. She told us that Amma is very powerful and equally merciful. It was Kumuthavalli, who actually sent us to Mel Maruvathur. She had specially told us to do Velvi for the well-being of the whole family. Somehow, we managed to perform the Velvi.

It was a wonder! Within a few days, we got a buyer, sold our house, and repaid all debts. Ever since we sold our house, there was a change in the approach and attitude of our relatives. Till then, they had preferred to stay at a distance. I began to hate people and specially, relatives. To me, the only solution, to come out of such a state, was to surrender myself totally at Amma’s Divine Feet. My family felt the same. All of us prayed to Amma, “Amma! You may throw us into a deep well! You may place us at the top of a mountain! We are ready to accept whatever You do, Amma! You are the only companion! Amma, You are the protector!” We had matured ourselves enough, to accept whatever Amma had in store for us.

Even after completing the B.A. degree, my brother was jobless. He was very sad. He feared that he would become mad! In 1999, we went to Amma for Arul Vakku. Amma said, “I shall take care of your education, marriage, job, and everything! I shall send you abroad. All the family members need to come for Adi Pooram Kanji Vaarthal. Everything will be fine!” We did what Amma told us to do.

Within just a few weeks, my brother was chosen for training in shipping! We came to know that it is very difficult to get this chance, even if one is ready to pay more than two lakh rupees. It is only by Amma’s blessings that my brother was chosen for training! Just as Amma said, he got a very good job abroad!

Before going to Amma for Arul Vakku, I had written the exam in the government employment exchange. My brother would often remind me that I should indeed get a job, if I really wanted to regain the respect of our relatives. Because of his compulsion only, I wrote the exam.

I have passed only tenth standard. I heard that there were five lakh candidates! Many of them had passed B.A., M.A., and such degrees. I was very doubtful whether I would succeed in my attempt.

My brother told me that, if I had full faith in God, if I was ready to try, and if I would work hard, I would succeed in my attempt. I really felt that it was Amma, who was talking to me through him. I worked very hard. I worshipped Amma every day. On not even a day did I fail to pray.

The results were announced. Among the five lakh candidates, three thousand two hundred were chosen. Among them, a thousand were women. Among those thousand, I was one! I got the job exactly in the category I wanted to. We were thirty five in the same department. I was first among them! I couldn’t believe it at all. Amma made me stand first among the brilliant! In the interview, the superiors had asked me, “Very young age (twenty one), minimum qualification (tenth standard)! How did you succeed in getting this job? How much of money did you give?” I answered, “Except for books, I didn’t spend any money, sir! We are not rich enough to pay anyone a large sum of money.” “Oh! Is that so? You are indeed very lucky!” said the superiors.

I am working under the Tamil Nadu government. I am an assistant in the training department. I am pursuing higher education. My younger sister, who had to stop her studies, has begun to attend classes. Everyone in my family has been attracted towards Amma, because of Her mercy and compassion. We do service to Amma. We attend all festivals at Mel Maruvathur. If we have full faith in Amma, Amma will help us solve our problems and show us the right path. Our future is safe in the hands of our Amma. We worship Her with full faith and thank Her from the depth of our heart.