The Holy Water From Paada Poojai Turned Into A Medicine

Whether it is a small photo of Annai or Amma that we keep in our shirt pocket, or it is a big photo that we worship in our pooja room, the prayer that comes from the bottom of our heart indeed reaches them. We can read several letters from devotees in the Sakthi Olhi, with the title “Your Letters” (Ungal Katitham). This, itself, vouches for the fact that Amma answers all our prayers and solves our problems.

I am happy to let the readers know that Amma relieved me of the severe pain, which I had been undergoing. I am sure that Annai Adi Parasakthi lives in the hearts of millions of Her devotees.

It might have been because of the sins, which I might have done so far, that on 21st August, 2002, I met with a road accident. One of my legs and hands were injured and I was admitted in a hospital. I had to undergo surgery and remain in the hospital for a week. When I reached home after being discharged from the hospital, I was undergoing treatment with my hands and legs tied! I was unable to stand or walk. I had to depend on others.

During this time, one night, I woke up from sleep, because of severe pain in one of my teeth (molar). There was a cavity in this tooth and it was filled even before the accident. The dentist had told me that this tooth needed a cap. It was my mistake that I didn’t pay much attention to what the doctor said.

The next day, there was no pain during the day. But, late at night, I couldn’t sleep, because of the unbearable pain. On these two days, I had poured a little of Amma’s Paada Poojai Theertham on the tooth and prayed to Amma, “Amma! I am lying on the bed, without being able to go to a doctor! When I am in this condition, this toothache adds to my misery. What shall I do, Amma? Only You can relieve me of this pain!”

My dear readers, from the third day, the pain stopped! I do not know where it went away, or what happened to the cavity! Our Amma is an ocean of mercy!! It is only Amma, who cured my toothache!

On another day, Saturday, my seven-year-old daughter, Divya Poornima, complained that she had severe stomach ache. The time was 9:30 P.M. When I couldn’t even stand, how could I take her to a doctor? Had it been evening, we could have taken her to some doctor, nearby. My daughter was crying, because of the pain! All that I could do was to send my wife and my nine-year-old son to a medical shop. With great difficulty, I reached our pooja room, limping. Standing in front of Amma’s photo with the Paada Pooja Theertham in my hand, I prayed to Amma, “Please cure my daughter’s stomach ache! She has been suffering from unbearable pain.” I decided to write to Sakthi Olhi, when she became all right. I wrote the letter “Om” with the Theertham, on my daughter’s stomach. My wife and son came back in five minutes. When we asked my daughter how she was feeling, she said that, the pain had gone away! We did not give her the tablet. She drank a little milk and went to bed, relieved!

She woke up in the morning. She went to school. She came back. She had completely forgotten about her stomach ache! I do not know why she suffered from such a stomach ache. Although I do not know the reason, I know very well that it is our Amma, who relieved her of the pain. Om Sakthi alone knows what the reason was! We only know that Amma helps those, who seek Her help, praying sincerely.

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