“Don’t Be Careless”

Among us, there are several devotees, who wear red dress and feel proud that they are devotees of Amma. Some of us remain careless, thinking that Amma will take care of everything. If we are not well, there are several ways to cure the disease. There are doctors, medicines, and medicinal herbs. If the disease is not very serious, it is enough if we go to a doctor and take the prescribed medicine. We shall become well. If we remain careless, the same disease will become worse and bring about adverse results. Hence, it is wise to consult a doctor, when we feel that we are not well. Because of his carelessness, when a person suffers, some people may talk thus, “He has been doing service without rest. Look! How he is suffering now! Doesn’t the Divine Mother see him suffer?” We may not give a chance for others to talk in this manner about Annai. We need to remain thoughtful.

As an example, I would like to tell you my husband’s experience itself. Last year, my husband stayed at Mel Maruvathur for forty days, doing service to Divine Mother, during the Irumudi season. This happened at that time. On his left heel, he saw a small tumour. He had been having severe pain, because of this. The other Sakthis told my husband that it would be better to go to Amma’s hospital and consult a doctor. My husband told them that Amma will take care of everything. He didn’t care at all! Within three days, his foot became swollen and he was unable to walk. The Sakthis were kind enough to call an ambulance and accompany him to the hospital. On January 14th, my husband underwent an operation.

My two children and I were in Kovai, at that time. It was when we came on 17th January for Thaipoosa Jyoti, that we came to know that my husband was admitted in the hospital. We ran to the hospital. My husband was lying on the bed with a bandage on his leg. I asked the doctor, when they would discharge my husband. The doctor told us that they would be able to tell only after the wound had healed. We came back to the Temple. The next day, I stayed at the Temple. My children went to the hospital. When the doctor came to the room, my children asked him whether it was serious. The doctor simply smiled and said to them, “Do you want to see the wound on your father’s leg? You may see it, only if you feel that you have enough courage!” The doctor removed the bandage and showed my children the wound. My children stood there speechless.

The next day, they told me, “Mother! The wound on our father’s leg is very big! Between the heel and the foot, there is a very big hole! It seems to us that there is no connection between the heel and the foot. We could see only the bone! Mother, it is indeed a deep wound! It is big, too! We may go back home, only when the doctor says so. We may not ask the doctor to discharge father soon.”

I thought it might have been a small tumour. The operation might have been a minor one. Hence, I was not very worried. But, when I heard what my children said, my heart began to beat fast. Every day, when I went to the hospital, I would do drishti with a lemon and recite Amma’s 1008 Potri. One day, while we were saying the Potri, our Amma came there. Amma said to us, “Read ‘Sakthi Kavacham’, too. Amma is with him.” Saying this, Amma walked quickly. While the doctor was changing the bandage, he told me, “It has been four days, since the surgery was done. The wound had not begun to heal. Because of the drishti, 1008 Potri, and ‘Sakthi Kavacham’, I can see considerable change. The wound has begun to heal! It is amazing!”

While we were in the hospital, our district president, Dr. Bhanumathi, came to see my husband. She consoled me and encouraged me. She told the Sakthis in all the Mandrams, in our district, to pray for my husband’s recovery. The drishti, 1008 Potri, the prayer of all the Sakthis at all the Mandrams, and above all, Amma’s blessings and limitless mercy helped my husband recover fast. On the 10th day after the surgery, the doctor told me, “Amma! Till yesterday, the wound was healing only with the speed of a tortoise. But now, it is healing as fast as a rabbit! I do not know how this change took place. Only Amma can do such a wonder!” My husband had to stay in the hospital for twenty days. On the 21st day, while he was being discharged, the doctor told him, “We, doctors, did not expect at all that the wound would heal so soon! I shall tell you one more thing. Listen carefully. If your husband had delayed in reaching the hospital, we would’ve had no choice, but to amputate his leg! Look after him very carefully.”

While my husband was in the hospital, the doctors and the nurses treated him very kindly. I would like to express my family’s gratitude to all of them, through Sakthi Olhi. Dear Sakthis! We do not know who is going to suffer, from what kind of disease, and at what time. Even the food, which we consume, may have poison in it. The chemical fertilisers and insecticides can make the grains and vegetables poisonous. There is adulteration in everything. As science advances, the environment becomes polluted. Our Amma prescribes several medicines to several devotees. Think about how many of us follow Amma’s directions carefully!

Amma says, “Say the 108 Manthiram every day and have a Neem leaf.” Amma says, “Do not eat anything cold, which is taken out from the refrigerator.”

Amma says, “Cook wheat, raw rice, and Ragi (Finger Millet) in a thick, paste like form and have it once a week. It is good for health.”

Amma says, “Once a month, prepare juice from ginger, tulasi, and lemon. Mix them together, add honey, and have it daily. It is good.”

Amma says, “It is good to include bitter gourd and turkey berry in the food. The bitter taste can cure even cancer.”

Amma says, “Reduce salt, tamarind, and chilli in your food. Tomato is not good.” Amma says, “Cook corn and Ragi in the form of a thick paste and have it. It is good.”

Amma says, “Don’t watch T.V. very often! Don’t allow children to watch T.V. It may affect their vision.”

It isn’t after losing the vision that we may perform Surya Namaskaram (prostrating in front of the Sun)! How many of us listen and follow the food pattern suggested by Amma? If we remain careless, it leads to ill health. There is no meaning in saying that, “Amma didn’t care about me!” It is totally meaningless!

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