The Pain On My Knees – The Medicine Amma Told Me

In December, 2001, all of a sudden, my legs became swollen and the pain became unbearable. I could neither sit, nor walk. I really suffered. Although I went to several doctors, their medicines, ointments, or painkillers did not have any effect on me. I went to Mel Maruvathur and performed Amma’s Paada Pooja. I told Amma about my pain. Then, Amma told me the following medicine,

“In a little, warm Neem oil, mix a little camphor. Add a little pepper powder and apply this mixture wherever you have swelling, or pain. Make a paste of Nochchi (Hindi - Nirgundi, Sanskrit – Sambhalu, English – Five-Leafed Chaste Tree, Chasteberry, Monk’s Pepper, Cloister Pepper), Tulasi, Bilwa, and leaves of Nilgiri Oil (Eucalyptus Oil) and apply this on your body. After half an hour, take a bath using Sheekkai (Soapnut). Then, apply poultice using wheat bran. Every day, do meditation for half an hour, in sitting posture! If you do not get Nilgiri Oil leaves, buy Eucalyptus Oil and apply it. Continue this treatment seven times, with an interval of two days between treatments. Then, you come to Me.”

I followed Amma’s advice. Once, when I went to the Temple, a Sakthi came to me and said, “Sakthi, we wish to perform Amma’s Paada Pooja. It is the first time that we are doing it. Will you please come with us and help us understand what Amma says? Will you please come?” My husband and I felt very happy that, unexpectedly, we got a chance to see Amma very near. We didn’t want to lose the opportunity. We accompanied them. Amma had wanted me to come only after completing the treatment seven times. On that day, I had completed the treatment only five times. The pain hadn’t become less. I didn’t want to ask Amma anything, as I was accompanying someone, who wanted to get Arul Vakku. I felt it improper. But, Amma knew even my thought. After giving Arul Vakku to those Sakthis, Amma looked at me and said, “While mixing the leaves, you may not add water. You are mixing water and applying that paste! Hereafter, mix camphor and pepper powder in Gingelly oil (Sesame oil, or Til oil), make it warm, and apply it. Just as I had told you before, make a paste of the leaves I had mentioned without mixing with water. Apply the paste. When the paste becomes dry, take a bath using Sheekkai. After that, take the water used for washing rice and mix a little tamarind in it. Mix it well by hand. Slowly and carefully, pour this water on your legs. You will become well very soon!” I was surprised at hearing Amma’s words. When I had done a mistake unknowingly and when I did not ask Amma anything, Amma corrected my mistake and thus, made me become all right! Dear Sakthis, when Amma prescribes some medicine, listen to Amma carefully. Do exactly what Amma says. You will certainly find the result and remain healthy! I have written about my experience. There are thousands of devotees, who remain healthy and happy with Amma’s blessings.

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