Amma, Who Brought Back The Lost Life

I was born in a very small village in Thirunelveli District. Within the forty years of my life, I had to meet with several trials and sufferings. I got married in 1982. That itself is a big story. It was my aunt’s son, who married me. Many of our relatives did not agree with it. They were against the wedding. Still, the marriage took place. Hence, some of those relatives, who were against the wedding, did black magic on us! This was the result. My husband and I lived happily for just eight days! On the eighth day, I lost my consciousness! It was my relatives, who told me what happened later on.

Four years passed. Sometimes, I would become conscious. After these four years, by God’s blessings, a baby girl was born to me. I prayed to God to save my daughter from the ill-effects of the black magic. My second child is also a daughter. With great difficulty, we brought them up. My relatives did black magic, so that we would never have a son! That had its effect. The third child was a boy, but it was a miscarriage! My husband is a driver. Once, when he had to go to Chennai, he went to Mel Maruvathur. He prayed to the Divine Mother. While coming back, he bought turmeric, kumkum, and Manthira Nool and gave them to me. We hadn’t known about Guru Amma, so far! I didn’t know the way of reciting the Manthira Nool, but I read the Moola Manthiram. While reading the Moola Manthiram, it seemed to me that I was becoming physically strong and I was gaining courage mentally. Reciting the Moola Manthiram indeed brought a bright light into my life. I felt that a cool breeze was blowing in my life.

My father is also a driver. When going to Chennai, he would go to Maruvathur as well. He had brought a lamp, a bell, a plate, and other things for pooja. In a few months, I became pregnant. I prayed to Amma to bless me with a healthy child. It didn’t matter to me whether it was a girl, or a boy. I would pray to Amma daily. When I went to the doctor for check-up, she said that, it was doubtful whether the baby would be alive or stillborn! Hearing the doctor’s words, I felt very sad. Without giving up hope, I consulted another lady doctor. She began to treat me. By Amma’s blessings, in the eighth month, a healthy baby boy was born! The black magic did not have any effect, while Amma was safeguarding me like armour!

With Amma’s blessings, we bought a lorry. With my husband’s hard work, combined with Amma’s blessings, we began to lead a comfortable life. Those relatives did not like this. As a result, we began to suffer once again! This time, their black magic had its effect on me. They did everything to end my life! Later on, I came to know that it was our Amma, who protected me and saved me from all their attempts. I am fully aware that Amma is with me. Still, I had to face difficulties. After all, I am only a human being!

At first, I began to develop fever and severe headache. Gradually, I lost consciousness and ultimately became mad! My husband took me to doctors and good magicians, but no one could cure me. You won’t believe it! Very often, an inner voice would tell me to commit suicide. I, too, would listen to that voice, but whenever I tried to commit suicide, it was Amma’s hands that pulled me back! Once, when I searched for kerosene oil, I couldn’t find it. I took all the clothes in the house, lighted them, and sat in front of the fire! Seeing the flames, I could hear someone exclaim, “Alas! There is smoke in that room! That girl is insane!” Someone came running and saved me. When I looked at my body, there was not even a burn mark! I was not aware of what I had been doing. It was others, who told me what happened in those days. Saying that I had become totally mad, they tied me with a very strong rope. But, can such a rope break into bits, as if it had been cut with a sickle? Yes, it did! Those, who did black magic, wanted me to ruin myself. They wanted me to become mad first. They did succeed in their attempt! Whenever I would reach my end, there was our Amma to save me.

My husband brought magicians from Hindu, Muslim, and Christian communities. He had told them all that I did unknowingly. A Hindu magician told my husband, “A powerful magician has done black magic on this girl, for someone. She has been given sixteen days’ time. Only after that can I tell you whether she will live, or not.” Saying this, he immediately left the place.

My husband brought a padre from Thirunelveli and asked his advice. Seeing my condition, the padre said that, no human could cure me. He, too, went back.

My husband brought a great person from the Muslim community. It was at 2 ‘o’clock in the morning that my husband came home with him. He said, “Only Allah can cure this girl and bring her back to normal life! It is doubtful whether she will live, or not.” He did prayers in our house and went back.

Was I not given sixteen days’ time...? On the fifteenth day, they gave me a bath. They tried to untie my hair, but they couldn’t! My hair had become matted. Later on, we came to know that it was merciful Amma, who came to me with matted hair to save me! They removed the matted hair and gave me a bath. Immediately, I regained consciousness and could remember everything. When I was not well, Amma had kept away all the wicked spirits, which had come to kill me!

Medical expenses! Loss of job! Debts! House rent! Children’s education! Above all, the difficulties we had to undergo! Amma gave my husband strength to fight with all adversities. There was no end to the sufferings we had been undergoing, from 1988. People began to say that, it is after we began to worship Om Sakthi that our condition became worse. Only we knew how Om Sakthi had come and saved our family several times! They did not know! We kept deep faith in Amma and prayed to Her sincerely. We did not know what actually happened to us, but there was no one to save us except Om Sakthi!

It was at this time that the Adi Parasakthi Mandram, in our locality, conducted Kalasha Vilakku Velvi Pooja. I participated in the pooja and brought home a Kalasha. It was Amma, Herself, who came to our house in the form of that Kalasha.

The land, on which our house was built, was not good. The house was very old. Nothing did matter. We performed pooja and worshipped Amma every day. At night, we could hear the sound of Annai’s anklets! I would shed tears, when I would hear the sound. I knew that Amma was living with us in that rented house. When we could not pay the rent, the owner told us to vacate the house. For some reason, we were also uncomfortable in that house. In a few days after we vacated the house, the house collapsed!

Who was saving us, while we stayed in that house? Was it not Amma? Was it not our worship? Was it not that Velvi Kalasham?

All people wear Sakthimalai and carry Irumudi to Mel Maruvathur. Only we do not have money! With this thought, when I went to bed, I had a dream. It was a wonderful dream. Our Guru Amma had come to our pooja room! Amma was wearing many Sakthimalai on Her neck. Amma stood in front of Divine Mother’s photo and showed camphor. My husband, children, and I were standing near Amma and then, prostrated at Amma’s Divine Feet. At once, I woke up. I couldn’t forget the dream. It remained fresh in my mind. I, too, felt very happy the whole day. I was shedding tears of joy. I said to Amma, “Amma! You know that we are poor and cannot come to the Temple. We don’t have money! So, You came to our house wearing Sakthimalai. How great You are, Amma!” I prostrated in front of Amma. I did not know how long I remained like that! The following incident happened on 9th December, 2002. This happened right in front of my eyes!

That day, my husband did not go for work. It was on that day, that I knew that his life was to end! It was Adi Parasakthi and our Amma, who stopped him from going to work and made him stay at home. The whole day, my husband remained happy. He was very cheerful and was talking to everyone. Till 7 p.m., everything was fine. At 7:15 p.m., I saw that the dhoti, which he had been wearing, became wet and as red as kumkum! Actually, it was a new dhoti that he wore in the morning! I was surprised. I didn’t know what to do. He said to me, “I am not feeling well. I want to lie on the cot. Please give me a little water.” As soon as he stood up to reach the cot, he fell on the floor! He didn’t speak! He couldn’t breathe! The eyes rolled upwards. The jaws were clenched. My husband remained lifeless for twenty minutes!

My mother, my children, and I began to cry. Hearing our cries, the neighbours came running. We shook my husband. We sprinkled water on him. We tried to separate his jaws, but couldn’t. He was not responding to anything! For some unknown reason, nobody thought of taking him to a hospital. I ran to Amma’s photo. I said, “Amma! We hear that, when we say ‘Om Sakthi’, You come running! When we say ‘Parasakthi’, You come flying! Don’t You see my husband’s condition? This orphan has no one to save him. You are our strength! I have never asked You to give me property, jewels, or money. I am begging You to save my husband, Amma! Please do not disappoint me. You are the only one, who can save him!” I bowed in front of our Amma and Maruvathur Amma. Then, I prostrated on the floor and said, “Dear Mother Earth! Please take me, too, along with my husband!” I didn’t know what happened later.

When I stood up, I saw the wonder happen! Suddenly, my husband opened his eyes as if someone had woken him up! He looked around and asked us, “What’s the matter? What happened to me? Why are you all crying?” I ran to him and touched his body. I thanked Amma and the Divine Mother a hundred times!

Some evil force wanted to take away my husband’s life. Again, Amma came to his rescue and brought him back to life. It was indeed symbolic! In order to save my husband, Amma sprinkled kumkum water on his dhoti and changed it into a fortress, where no enemy can enter. Exactly sixteen days before this happened, my husband had a dream. In his dream, an old lady was seen. She was chewing betel leaves. She came near my husband and spit into his mouth! My husband hesitated to swallow it. There was someone standing near the old lady. My husband heard him say, “Son! All your sorrows will go away, only if you swallow this. All your difficulties will go away!” Murmuring that he has enough sorrows already, my husband swallowed it. At once, he had hiccups. Then, he woke up from his dream. My husband had told me about the dream, the next day.

But, neither he, nor I knew the meaning. Without our knowledge, several things are happening around us. Only the Divine Mother and our Guru Amma can understand the meaning. For me, my husband and children are everything! They love me very much. My husband works and feeds us. I cannot even imagine a life without him. How can my children survive? I would cry in front of Amma. I would worship Her. I have heard that, when the child cries, the mother runs to him or her. In the same manner, Amma ran to me. She saved my husband! I have started saving a little money, so that all of us can go to Mel Maruvathur. Even when we cannot go to the Temple, if we pray in front of Amma’s photo, our prayer indeed reaches Her. If our devotion is pure and our faith is deep, it is certain that Amma will run to us, when we call Her!

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