Service And Duty

We had heard Amma say in Her Oracle, “Only the service (thondu) and duty (dharma), which you perform, will accompany you.” 28th July, 2003 was the day I understood the meaning of these words!

I am one among the millions of devotees, who have experienced the depth of Amma’s grace and mercy. When I sat in front of Amma for Arul Vakku, Amma had told me, “Make sure that the divine glance of Adigalaar falls on you, as far as possible. Amma’s glance will wipe all your sorrows away, just as the sun’s rays melt the snow!” My soul was yearning to be in the proximity of Amma!

Amma had given me another Arul Vakku. It is as follows, “Daughter! This incarnation of Mine is to uplift women! In this world, son comes to Me for his mother. Mother comes to Me for the sake of her son. Wife comes for husband, husband comes for wife. Some people come for wedding, some come for children, some come for education, and some come for a job. No one comes to Me seeking salvation (mukti)!”

Divine Mother has said that, the purpose of Her incarnation, in this Kali Age, is to help people cross the wheel of life and attain salvation.

Amma continued, “Daughter! You may not ask Adigalaar for anything. Whatever you need, Adigalaar will give you at the right time.” Following Amma’s Divine Oracle the best way I can, I do simple services and worship Amma. I try to get Amma’s darshan as often as possible. Although Amma had told me to write a lot, I am often confused, for I do not know what to write. I would like to share an experience, which I had on 28th July, 2003, with Sakthi Olhi readers. On the New Moon day last, early morning, I was in a hurry to go to college. I had done all the work. Before going to bathe, I told my mother to prepare a little gruel (koozh), for I was fasting that day. My mother had come from our native place.

As the cooking gas had been used up, my father tried to change the gas cylinder. He was worried that I would be late for college. My mother turned the regulator on and went to get the match box. After lighting the stove, the matchstick fell on the ground from my mother’s hand. It wasn’t extinguished. As the regulator was loosely fixed, the gas, which was leaking, caught fire immediately!

Seeing the cylinder burning, my mother said, “Fire! Fire!” I didn’t know what the matter was. Thinking that some vessel had caught fire, I shouted from the bathroom, “Mother! Why are you screaming? Whatever it is, say ‘Om Sakthi! Om Sakthi!’. Cover the fire with something and put it out.” I came out, took out a woollen blanket, and gave it to my mother. I hadn’t seen what was going on in the kitchen. I went to change my dress. When I came to the kitchen, I was terrified! The cylinder itself was burning! When we covered the cylinder with the blanket, it, too, began to burn! I pulled the blanket from the cylinder and poured a lot of water on it. Somehow, we put out the fire. My mother was standing there, without knowing what to do. The news soon reached every house in our locality. People were afraid. All of them came and stood in the open, fearing that the cylinder would burst at any time!

It was only after fifteen or twenty minutes, since the cylinder began to burn, that I came to the kitchen. I, too, felt that the cylinder would burst very soon. We should have tried to come out of the house. Instead, I could only say, “Amma! I do not know what to do.” At once, I took the wet, woollen blanket and covered the cylinder with it. I was saying, “Om Sakthi! Om Sakthi!” I couldn’t believe my eyes! The flames disappeared at once! Still, the sound of the gas was coming out of the cylinder. The knob of the regulator had been burning and was very hot. Then, the principal of Amma’s Polytechnic College, Sakthi Arumugam, Esq. came forward, took a cloth, and closed the regulator. The gas stopped leaking. I expressed my gratitude to him.

This incident lasted for about twenty minutes. When I recollect the incident, Amma’s Arul Vakku comes to my memory. Amma had told me, “Only the service and duty, which you perform, will accompany you.”

I heard that our Amma had told His driver, “There was a fire in the house of our teacher, who is working in the college. A serious explosion might have occurred. Amma stopped it!” Whoever heard about this incident said to my father, “Sir! Please don’t lie. Any gas cylinder, which catches fire, will explode immediately. It takes a maximum of 5 minutes for a cylinder to burst! It is impossible that a gas cylinder will burn for fifteen minutes. Moreover, it is a new cylinder, which is full! We cannot believe it at all!” When we heard people talk like this, we understood how dangerous it had been. When we have surrendered totally, at the Divine Feet of our Bangaaru Amma, no sorrow can engulf us. Sorrow and happiness do not make a difference, when we have the deep faith that Amma will save us from danger!

Guruvadi Sharanam! Thiruvadi Sharanam!

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