"I Have Given You A Rebirth! Come With Irumudi!"

Three years ago, we were living in Thenkasi Melakaram. We were doing service at the Vazhipaatu Mandram, there. We have been worshipping Amma for ten years. Now, we have come to Perumalpuram, Thirunelveli. My daughter is living in Quatar with her husband. It was only by Amma’s blessings that she got married.

My son’s name is Subramanian. He has a wife and two daughters. In October, 2002, he became ill. It was rather serious. He had severe pain in his abdomen and was unable to pass urine for three days! He was admitted in a hospital. The doctors took an x-ray and a scan. They said that, there was a blockage in his intestine. His condition was serious and they couldn’t say, if he would survive! They felt that it was better to perform an operation. That was the only alternative. He might live only by God’s blessings! They didn’t say more than that.

Praying to Amma and seeking Her blessings, we agreed to what the doctors said. He underwent the operation. Through a hole in his waist, a tube was inserted. Through the tube, the waste matter came out. They did bypass surgery in his intestine, but the condition of his intestine became worse.

Our relatives told us that, we had better shift him to Chennai Stanley Hospital, because it was convenient for us. When the doctors heard this, they said that, my son was not in a condition to travel even up to Madurai. They told us to do whatever we were doing, carefully. They took his blood samples to the lab. Meanwhile, I telephoned my sister, who is living in K. K. Nagar, Madurai. She is a devotee of Amma. As soon as she heard this, she went to Mel Maruvathur, did Paada Poojai to Amma, and told Amma about my son. Amma said to my sister, “Daughter, do not worry. I have given him a new life, a rebirth! He will become all right. Then, you tell him to come to the Temple with Irumudi, wearing Sakthimalai! Ask him to come to me, at that time.”

Amazingly, it was exactly at that time that the doctors had brought the blood results, from the lab. They found that certain salts were less in his blood. Because of that, there were complications. Hence, they began a new treatment. Soon, we could see improvement. The doctors said that, they couldn’t believe it at all. Our Amma gave my son a new lease of life! This is his rebirth! The Sakthis at Annanagar Mandram and Perumalpuram Mandram had been praying to Amma for my son’s recovery. We are ever grateful to them. We were reciting Guru Potri and Sakthi Kavacham nine times. Through our experience, our relatives understood how powerful they are! We are ever grateful to Amma. Guruvadi Sharanam! Thiruvadi Sharanam!

In Developing A Spiritual Toolset

By practising the teachings of the Avatars, we are able to preserve and promote a spiritual toolset, which we know to be vital in life in any world.


For The Soul

The vedic prayers of the Avatars, written by Their divine guidance and blessings, are wonderful catalysts to connect with our true selves. They are essential steps and guides on our journey backwards.



Practise To Win

Chant, do, detach. The 'DO' is to be found in sadhana, also glibly called spiritual practice. The toughest step in the beginning, because rarely does one fancy doing, here are some nice ways to DO.



Look Into 'I'

And see the real 'I'. Question, evaluate, and transform. Be good, do good, see good, and all that wonderful, fluffy goodness. The final step in being divine, or as close as you can make it.