Annai, Who Changed My Husband's Mind

I have been worshipping Amma for four years. I don’t know any Mantra. We are a Tamil family, settled down in France. My husband has suffered from several illnesses and it is my belief that our Amma only saved him from all those. This is the reason for my faith in Amma. My husband doesn’t believe in God. He would say, “If there is God, let Him come in front of my eyes! Only then shall I trust in God.”

My husband has a friend. He possesses several vices. There have been many difficulties that we had to face, because of his influence. I really had a hard time. The only thing I could do was to pray to Amma. I would say, “Amma! Please help my husband give up this friendship. Let him change his mind.” Every day, I would stand in front of Amma and pray to Her.

It was a Sunday... I had gone to the Mandram to join the Vaara Vazhipaatu. My husband was alone at home. Then, this friend of his, standing outside our house, abused him and shouted at him. Hearing this, my husband came out of the house and looked around, but he couldn’t see anybody there.

My husband immediately went to his house. He said to him, “You scolded me and rebuked me in such a manner, that I don’t want to continue this friendship with you anymore! Here are your keys! Hereafter, you may not even look at me!” My husband came back home. While coming back, he heard his friend’s words, “It is true that I did not come to your house today! The whole day, I was sitting inside my house. The Mother, whom I worship, knows this fact!” But, my husband did not want to continue his friendship.

That night, I went to bed early. My husband witnessed a miracle. He told me that, while sleeping, I said to him, “Pray to God. Worship Swami!” But, it was not my voice that came out. The words sounded as if my husband’s own mother was talking to him! Besides, he saw that my hair began to grow in length towards Guru Amma’s Thiruvadi photo! My husband said that, he was a bit afraid. He went near Amma’s photo and taking a little vibhuthi, applied it on his forehead and bowed in front of Amma sincerely.

Simultaneously, I had a dream. It seemed to me that different kinds of sounds echoed in my husband’s ears, as if they were coming from a telephone! I could clearly hear the sounds. I really shivered due to fear. Yes! I really feared.

That day, he complained to me that, he had indeed a problem of several sound waves entering his ears and they really troubled him! The next day, he went to the temple, worshipped God, and came back. Yet, those sound waves did not stop. Seeing him suffering in this manner, I stood in front of Amma and said to Her, “Amma! Why do you test my husband in this manner? Please stop the disturbing sound waves entering his ears and cure him from whatever he is suffering.” I also promised Amma that I would certainly write to Sakthi Olhi.

Soon, my husband became normal. I have read in Sakthi Olhi about the power of Amma’s Mantras and also, Her Miracles. Yet, we really become aware of the power and mercy of Amma, when we experience difficulties in our own lives. It is my prayer that each one of us gets Amma’s blessings.

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