Sakthi Hen

For several years, I have been suffering from pain in my neck. I have gone to Ayurvedic doctors, Homeopathic doctors, and also Allopathic doctors. I underwent physiotherapy and also acupuncture treatment. None of them had any effect on me. I was suffering very much. Moreover, my age is sixty. By chance, I met a friend from Chrompettai Adi Parasakthi Mandram one day. She lives in our locality on the adjacent road. She took me to Mel Maruvathur. We were very happy that we got Amma’s darshan very well. My friend told me to perform Abhishekam and then, go for Arul Vakku. We gave our name for performing Abhishekam.

We performed Abhishekam on the given date. I was lucky enough to get Arul Vakku on the same day. We sat in front of Amma for Arul Vakku. Amma said, “Daughter! You come here on the Adi Pooram festival day and perform Abhishekam with milk on the Suyampu. I shall tell you medicine for your neck pain. Listen carefully! Get an egg from a young hen. Leave aside the yolk and mix the albumen with sesame oil (nallennai). Mix them thoroughly. Apply this mixture on your neck, shoulders, and wherever you have pain. After a while, when it dries up, take a bath using green gram powder. Heat a little wheat flour until it is warm. Apply this poultice wherever you have pain. You may leave now! (Utharavu)”

I followed Amma’s directions carefully and continued the treatment for a few days. I felt better. Now, we shifted to Ambathur from Chrompettai. We had to do that. After coming to Ambathur, I found it difficult to get a young hen’s eggs. Only ducks’ eggs were available. Hence, my neck pain increased. Whenever I couldn’t bear the pain, I would stand in front of Amma’s photo and cry. I would pray, “Amma! Where shall I go to get a hen’s egg? Only you can help me recover from this pain. Amma, I feel as if my life is going to end!” Every day, I would pray to Amma. One day, early morning, I found a hen in our backyard! Very near the hen lay its egg! I was surprised. There wasn’t any hen in our neighbourhood, so far. I wondered how this hen came here.

It was amazing! This hen would come to our house between 7 and 8, every morning! It would lay its egg on the portico at the back of our house. It would walk around our garden for a while and then, go back. We named this hen very dearly, Sakthi Hen. We would feed it with grains every day. It would eat everything and go back. We did not know where it would go. It would return in the evening by four ‘o’clock. While it would be walking in our garden, many people have made attempts to catch it, but the hen would fly away. In this way, the hen was with us for almost one and a half years! It was indeed a blessing. Day by day, my pain decreased and when it totally went away, we have never seen that hen again! It came to us all of a sudden. In the same manner, it went away! Before Amma told me the medicine, I had suffered greatly, because of that pain. If I went anywhere by bus, scooter, or auto, even while breathing, the pain would be severe. Hence, I wouldn’t go anywhere.

Now, I can go to Mel Maruvathur without any difficulty. I don’t fell giddy. I do all the work at home. These are all Amma’s blessings only! Amma has told me, “Do service to Amma!” I try hard to get medicines from several sources, like doctors, medical representatives, and medical stores and bring them to Mel Maruvathur. I firmly believe that Amma is always with me! Did Amma come to me in the form of a hen...? Or, did Amma create a hen and send it to me...? I shall never forget that Sakthi Hen in my life!

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