Is Writing Alone Enough?

We belong to Thangamaapuripattinam, in Mettur. We have built an Adi Parasakthi Mandram, here. We do spiritual as well as social work, here.

Sakthi Sellamma lives in Periyaar Nagar. She is a devotee of our Amma. Her husband, Paramasivam, had been working in a factory. He is retired. Their son did not have a child, although he was married for five years. They have gone to all Temples, praying for a child. They have gone to almost all doctors.

Sakthi Muniamma came to our Mandram and told me about that couple. I told her, "Sakthi! Divine Mother, at Mel Maruvathur, and our Adigalaar Amma listen to the prayers of all devotees. They find a solution for all problems. There is a hospital that gives free treatment to all people. It is heard that, every day, the hospital spends `2,00,000/- for the treatment of the poor. You may please tell them to send donation to this hospital. They may send whatever they can. You may also bring the money here and give it to me. I shall send it by money order."

"If we send money order to Amma, if we are lucky enough, we may get the receipt signed by Amma. They send Amma's prasadam by post. As soon as they get the prasadam from the Temple, let them apply Amma's kumkum, at once, on Sakthi Sellamma's daughter-in-law's forehead. Pray to Amma to bless this girl with a child. Your prayer will certainly reach Amma. Amma will take care of the rest." Muniamma went back.

Muniamma told Sellamma everything and she sent a donation through Muniamma. At once, I sent it by money order. In the space given for writing the address, I wrote thus:

Uyarthiru. Aanmeega Guru Arulthiru Adigalaar Avargal,

Adi Parasakthi Siddhar Peetam,

Mel Maruvathur - 603 319

It was amazing! On the line provided for writing the sender's name, I had written Sellamma's name. Within a week, Sellamma received the money order receipt with Amma's signature, written by Adigalaar Amma Herself! Sakthi Sellamma applied kumkum on her daughter-in-law's forehead, praying to Amma. The daughter-in-law, Rajeswari, conceived the very next month! All of them were very happy. Last month, she delivered a healthy baby girl! She is very beautiful. Her name is Sakthi Shanmugapriya.

Sakthis! Most of us promise that, as soon as our wish is granted, we shall write to Sakthi Olhi. Certainly, Amma solves their problem. Devotees are happy and they say, "I have written to Sakthi Olhi." That is a way of expressing our gratitude, but is that enough...? Amma spends `2,00,000/-, every day, for the treatment of the poor. It is indeed a noble act, if we send whatever we can, as donation, to the hospital. It is good to do so, as it may earn us a few merits. May we think that Amma is going to tell us to send donation, to the hospital? No, we may not. Giving alms to a beggar, feeding the poor, and helping the needy will certainly save not only us, but also our children from danger. We need to know that these kinds of good deeds follow us, as our shadow, and protect us. Hence, whatever donation we get in the Mandrams may also be sent to the hospital. This money reaches the hospital. Besides, we get Amma's prasadam. We feel good and satisfied!

Sakthis! Devotees! As far as you can, tell everyone about the mercy, kindness, power, and compassion of our Amma. May the whole world be blessed by Amma. Make use of all the opportunities that come our way, to do service to Amma. Divine Mother, Herself, has said this in Arul Vakku.

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